Needs some advice on hanging my cookware on a rack.

davejnhAugust 27, 2004


I was hoping someone would have some advice on the best way to hang my Calphalon Commercial Nonstick pots and pans on an overhead rack. The rack is a Calphalon 20x56 oval and not up yet. This might sound funny, but I'm not sure if there is a proper way to hang this stuff :). I know I need to purchase additional hooks but there are a lot of different kinds ( single, double and space saver). I have 6 various sized covered pots (stock, sauce and saute pots) and 8 flat non-covered pans ( Griddle, omlete and fry pans). I was looking at the double hook and trying to figure out how to hang the pot and cover, each way seemed not right.

I like to cook and took advantage of the deep discounts on the Calphalon Commercial line, just have to figure out how to store them properly :). Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



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Try sliding the cover down on the handle of the pans with long handles, then hang pot and cover on a single hook.

Also, take the shortest/smallest pot and hang it up first, before you adjust the chain. If you can comfortably reach the smallest or shortest pot, then you know you can reach the longer ones.

When I had a pot rack, I hung the bulkier items, stock pot and sauce pans, on the inside and the flatter omlete/frypans on the outside. You might want to hang the pots you use the most where they will be the easiest to get to.

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Hi Dave, I've never had a kitchen where a rack would fit very well, but I'd just love to! It must be terrific to just reach up and put your hand on what you want.

I can only think and suggest that trial and error will determine how you should place your equipment on the rack. You'll probably change it once a week (or maybe more often) as things go on, until you find the pattern that works for you, depending on how often you cook and what you use on a daily basis. Just do what comes naturally and if you're not smiling when you're reaching for a particular pan, then its in the wrong place and you need to change it.

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put the lids in a cabinet and just hang the pots. you will find that a few lids serve many different pots and you won't need every single one.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Beautiful pots, HappuCooker! And well maintained too!

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This is to HappuCooker: Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pot rack hanging over the sink (an idea I might just copy). I've always wanted a pot rack, but didn't think my kitchen could accomodate one. May I ask where you got yours?

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seaswirl, thanks for the compliment. my potrack was made by an artisan in a shakepeare company, he forges swords etc. he made it by hand and each pot hook too and when he delivered it the rack fit perfectly to the space. not a centimeter off. and it cost $150. unbelievable? my husband HATED it at first and was really pissed with me and now he has come to adore it too. and it's so easy to grab something - or better yet, hang it up and let it air dry. Can you imagine all the space those pots would take in cabinets?

So while you can't go out and buy one like mine you can contact anyone who fabricates with iron or steel and come up with a plan. you can find forgers if you look under wrought iron door manufacturer's or if you have a largish theatre company or tech college where student do welding near you, ask the tech crew if anyone does sideline work.
hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The expanse of your window looks huge. The window over my sink is just 'average' but I only have an 'average' number of pans, too. Is your pot rack affixed to 2 cabinets on either side? I'm just trying to picture how I'd hang it. I'm fascinated by this forum (cookware) and I'm in the market for some new items. Any opinion on cookware?

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for an average span I had a copco rack which was attached to the cabinets at either side. it consisted of two metal flat strips hang paarallel to each other. The hooks dropped infromthe top and had large flat tops so they didn't slip through the slots. It used to come in different colors and I have seen then on ebay occasionally in a chrome finish.

my window expanse is about 9 feet and yes I have amasssed ALOT of pots and pans. but in all fairness I cook almost every night. we only eat out about once every other week.

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I took your advice and just hung the pans on the rack. I don't have a huge kitchen so we nixed the kitchen table and went with an island. We were really needing some extra counter and cabinet space. I built the island on castors so it can be easily rolled out of the way if needed. Now after hanging up the cookware, it really gave us a lot more cabinet space. Now just got to finish up all the trim and patching in the kitchen :).

Here is a link that might be useful: Pot rack and island

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Dave, That looks absolutely beautiful !!!
I love when a kitchen looks like a work room for the joy of cooking and your pot rack and cookware is fantastic looking. Congratulations and thanks for posting that pic.

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Great job on the island. The pot rack and cookware look fantastic.

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What brand of cookware is hanging on your potrack over your island? It really looks terrific.

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Hi Seaswirl,
It is mostly Calphalon Commercial Nonstick, I like it alot. I did add some of the Calphalon One Anodized and an Emerilware 12qt stockpot.

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HappuCooker, i am in love with your backsplash! Can you give me details? Would it happen to be from American Tin?

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Hi there, I used to use the name happucooker but got a new one when I renewed. Thanks for noticing the backsplash. It's stainless steel and was found at a architectural supply site i learned about on the kitchen forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: stainless steel backsplashes

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