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joe_mnNovember 9, 2011

have older dell 6000 notebook. winxp. online scan says it should have pc2-5300 or pc2-6400 ram. it had (1) 512mb pc2-3200 in it. was slow. put in a 2nd stick of pc2-5300 @512mb. ran better. today i pulled the 3200 stick and put in a 1gb 5300 stick. so i have 1.5gb now. if i had access to 2 sticks of 1gb 6400 stuff i might try it but its old stuff and i dont really know anyone who has any laying around.

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According to this site your computer uses DDR3 PC3200 RAM.

If that is the capacity of the motherboard then using higher speed will have no effect, the RAM will be accessed at the speed of the motherboard's capabilities.

Reviews are from mid 2005 so yes, it is an older machine. But that is not to say it may go on for years yet before giving up.

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i did a system scan and it said to use 5300 or 6400. so if i only have 5300 stuff now and it says i can use 6400 than i must have a later processor or bios. i dont plan on putting in 6400 stuff. this is it for upgrades on this thing

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owbist; your post you mentioned DDR3 uh uh, his computer has DDR2 SDRAM - 400.0 MHz according to the link you max of 2GBs

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Wow! Thanks Gene, yes of course it is DDR2. Big fingers, little keys again I s'pose.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I always rely on Belarc to tell me exactly what is in the pc so I know for sure what I have.
Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit

I know in some older ones they had to be exactly matched pairs too.

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belarc says what the computer has. it does not say anything about what the computer should have. seems the early dell 6000 machines had 3200 ram. my scan says i should have 5300 or 6400. it has 5300 now and is running fine.

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probably 3200 the manufactures have no reason to make it anymore as the 5300 & 6400 are backwards compatible.

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well my point is, that scan says computer can use 6400 stuff. there is no 6400 stuff in computer now. scan says use 5300 or 6400. it says nothing about using 3200 so i assume my MB is latest version which wants 5300 or 6400 stuff.

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If it came with 3200 from the factory.. its bus speed is 200 or less. The higher buss speed rated memory adapts to the slower speed.

You can download Speccy, a free tiny program from the people that make Ccleaner & see lots of hardware info.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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famous last words. i found a seller who had 2 sticks of 1gb 6400 stuff. had to get it. works. maybe i will keep it. got a 36" hd tube tv for $10 also. simple cheap stuff makes me happy.

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