Grain mills

patty4150August 28, 2005

I looked for a canning/preserving forum, or a sustainable garden forum - no luck! I don't know if this forum is the best forum for my question or not, but here goes.

We are growing our own grain for the first time, just a few pounds of this and that, for fun. I now have corn ready to mill (maybe ten pounds) and will have some wheat next. We mioght try growing other grains (oats, etc) in the future.

I need a good quality mill for home use, that can mill one or all of these types of grains. Any suggestions?

Is a different forum better for asking this question?


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If you want a good selection of various types, check out the link below. Lehman's markets to traditional Amish and Mennonite communities. I have bought several items from them--great service and products.

My own grain mill is an electric one, but if I had the $$$ I'd love to get a Diamant. The "Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book" recommended it highly.

If you have or if you're going to be using a KitchenAid mixer to mix dough, they have a grain mill attachment for their mixers which I hear works pretty good for small quantities of grain.

The Corora type mills are a great value for the dollar but you have to disassemble them for thorough cleaning, and it's an effort to grind enough flour for baking. If you want to make enough flour to bake your own bread it's certainly worth getting a good mill.

And freshly ground corn meal makes the absolute best corn bread in the world.

Here is a link that might be useful: grain mills from lehman's

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I have a Whisper Mill and it is the greatest. I do usually do wheat, but it will do other things and I love it. On the Lehmans site, I just see that it is no longer being made. First I knew that. I saw another that they are recommending that looks good.

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I have a Back to Basics hand cranked model. I recommmend buying an electric one, unless you have nothing better to do than sit around cranking. I don't even use ours any more. I even tried to get my kids to do it be telling them it was "fun, and really cool to make your own flour!" but they only bought that for about 2 minutes. If they had been any older than they were, they wouldn't have bought it for a second.

the Cranky Cranker

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