electric teakettle recommendations

carolj79August 28, 2013

I am looking for recommendations for an electric teakettle. I had a very inexpensive plastic model which was fine but finally quit after about a year and a half as the switch wouldn't work. Replaced with same product but couldn't get the horrible plastic taste and odor out of it so returned it to the store. I boiled three pots of water to remove odor, threw in baking soda, and even dish soap but nothing worked. As I am a big tea drinker, I would like a kettle that is BPA free, easy to fill, cordless, jug style, switches off on its own, and perhaps has different temperature settings for the various types of tea. I do not want another plastic kettle or glass, so that leaves stainless. I have looked at the Cuisinart that has multiple temp. settings; priced at approx. $100, a bit pricey. Anyone have a kettle that they are happy with that is reasonably priced...? Thanks!

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Amazon.com has a huge selection to browse with reviews.
This one has worked well for me, but as mentioned, the brand is a "zombie" brand made in China for the successor to Black & Decker and like so many others these days it has no relationship to the original English made item.
You can get your hand inside to clean it which is good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Russell Hobbs Elora

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My first electric teakettle was an (old) Russell Hobbs. I got it because I'd seen electric teakettles in England and everyone swore by them.

Then, I had a couple of Krups plastic teakettles.

I'm currently using a Breville stainless, which I like a lot. I believe there are several brands, including Breville, that do feature several temperature levels so that you can brew tea to your satisfaction. They all cost more than the one temp models. What I can say is, I'll never be without an electric teakettle again! So handy. I even keep a spare in the closet in case my current one dies a premature death. And no more boiled dry melted tea kettles on the stove. (Oops. Once was enough. Thank goodness the electric coil stove had yank-out-and-replace burners!!! Don't know what would happen with a glasstop).

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