Question about vacuum food savers......

bryansdaAugust 8, 2006

Are there any brands out there that will seal any kind of bag? What I mean, can chips be resealed in their bags or do they have to be moved to the saver's brand of bag? Years ago I had a sealer that I used all the time, but then couldn't find bags for it so got rid of it. If I remember correctly I could reseal bags that chip, cookies, etc. came in with no problem.

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The vacuum food savers will seal any bag such as chips. But it won't vacuum the air out of those bags. I press down on those bags before sealing to get as much air out of the bag as possible.

I was explained by a representative of one of the vacuum sealer companies that the reason you must use their bags is that a regular sandwich type bag's thickness won't be able to withstand the vacuuming strength of the machine. That's why they use those special bags when vacuuming and sealing foods.

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Vacuum seal chips? When the air will be taken out, all the chips will be crushed!

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You are correct, re: crushed. But they DO have canisters, or you can use mason jars to store chips in without crushing. BTW, from personal knowledge, it will CRUSH FRESH fruit like strawberrys, blueberries, etc. Please DONT ask, lol

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I think all the Food Savers have a 'sealing strip' for folks who use the rolls. One cuts off what length is needed, seals the bottom of the bag, fills it with food, and then inserts the top into the vacuum channel to remove the air. We have sealed potato chip bags this way - no air is sucked out, just the bag top is 'melted' together.

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