cheese grater-what do you have?

mariendAugust 12, 2009

I love grated cheese and like to make some up in advance. What brand--type do you like and is good. I know the old fashioned square ones are the best, but I do grate knuckles a bit. Any ideas and/or help is good.


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Best graters are made by Microplane, and there are a lot of sizes available.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microplane

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I agree and the little knuckle guard really helps to keep from grating your knuckles.
But If I am going to grate a lot of cheese I use the fine grating disc on my cuisinart.
Linda C

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I like the graters from Ikea, a two pack with two size graters, two bowls and two tops.

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I like the Microplane but I also like the Zyliss. Using the microplane feels better and easier, but the Zyliss works a little faster and you don't wind up with little leftover nubs of cheese.

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