pots & pans for wedding registry

elisabeth28August 24, 2005

Hi! I am trying to decide what brand/type of pots and pans I should register for. My fiancee has a Kitchen Essentials by Calphalon pan that is very nice to use, but it is less than a year old so I don't know how long it will hold up. Basically I'm trying to decide whether to get more of these Kitchen Essentials pots & pans, or if I should spring for the much more expensive Calphalon One pans. Is the difference in price really worth it in the long run? We are not gourmets, but we do enjoy cooking and we cook evey day. Any thoughts on this would be very helpful! Thanks!

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I guarantee you that won't be sorry if you go with the Calphalon One. I think the Kitchen Essentials line has a 10 year warrantee and the Calphalon One definately has a lifetime warrantee. I've had several pieces of the C1 for about a year and a half and I absolutely love this stuff.

All-Clad is usually considered the standard for aluminum cookware and it is indeed very good. I have a lot of All-Clad and I like it a lot but I actually prefer the C1.

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I recently got several C1 pieces for my wedding registry and I absolutely love them. Cooking with great quality cookware is so much easier than with cheaper pieces I used to have - no more uneven cooking, burnt spots, etc. The best part about these pots/pans - for me - is how comfortable they are to handle. The handles are ergonomic and make carrying them so easy - plus, these handles actually really do stay cool! They need to be handwashed - so decide if that is something that bothers you. I cook & my fiance cleans...so it doesn't bother me!

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I have top-of-the-line Calphalon from 15 or 18 years ago, and I'm phasing it out.

Why? Bcs it can't go in the dishwasher. I'm really tired of *having* to wash pots and pans by hand.

And the handles on my Calphalon are the restaurant handles--too long (they're in the way, and plus if you want to put a handle cover on them, the handle cover is all the way out at the end, wher eyou have no leverage) and they get too hot..

And the pans themselves are heavy--that's another thing I'm tired of. I sort of don't care anymore if they cook that great; I want to be able to carry them when they're full--and when they're not!

I used to think I'd get the dishwasher-safe All-Clad, but I've realized I just don't have the patience to own such heavy cookware. And the handles are those long ones that cause such trouble for me.

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