Teflon recoating

nancy1340August 8, 2008

I have a heavy set of Henckel cookwere and love it. The teflon is starting to peal off. They are 7-8 years old. The outside is still perfect. Is there anyway to have it recoated? Their not cheap and I hate to toss them.

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I'm afraid there's nothing you can do when the teflon starts to peal.
The name of the game is to consider non stick cookware as disposable. 8 to 10 years is about tops. I like to buy fairly good quality on sale....don't we all??? LOL!
Linda C

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Does your cookware have a lifetime warranty? I've had very good luck with Calphalon replacing nonstick cookware. At least contact Henckel and see if they'll replace your cookware.

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