Double burner griddle pans on smoothtops

TwinkledomeAugust 16, 2005

I was doing a search on finding a double burner griddle pan that has grids on it this morning and came across In all instances with the exception of the infused anodized Calphalon type they said the pans could not be used on a smoothtop. This included All Clad and several other Calphalons.

I have been using one of the Calphalons they rate as not for smoothtops occasionally and have had no problems. Am I courting disaster? Does anyone have any knowledge or experience regarding this. Thanks.

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Smoothtop owner's manuals recommend not using oversized or odd-shaped pots because the glass beyond the heating ring can't take the heat and will crack. IMHO, you're courting disaster. Why not buy an electric skillet for $30 or so to use on your countertop?

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Thanks for the info. Do you think the glass is of a different consistency beyond the element portion? I do have a bridge element that joins the front and rear elements together with triangular elements that make one long element. I think I will forget upgrading to a ribbed griddle and go for a ribbed pan in the regular frying pan size.

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The glass beyond the heating areas must be different. Since you have a bridge, maybe a griddle will be okay. Perhaps you can check in your owner's manual. If you don't have the owner's manual, maybe you can find one at the mfr's web site. Hope this helps.

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My bet would be if the bottom of the outside of the griddle is flat and you have a bridge and it is close to the size of the two burners with the bridge it would work fine. A ribbed pan as in a grill pan with the inside deeply ridge work if the outside is flat. I know people that use LeCruset and Lodge cast iron grill pans.

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eandhl: I use cast iron pans and Le Crueset on my regular elements with no problem. I am going to check the manual the mfr sent with the range. It is the first thing I should have done. Thanks

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