KatieC impressess me even more than usual

lori316November 8, 2007

Katie, you rock!

So yesterday I got home from work and headed straight to the garden because it's getting cold out there and I had to save the rest of the tomatoes before last night's hard frost. As I'm picking tomatoes, I ask Bob for a big box. A lightbulb goes on over his head - "Hey you got a box today." (screw the garden. LOL)

It was from one of my CF idols, KatieC. Katie, I've always been a big fan of yours because of your wealth of knowledge, great recipes, generosity (boy, is she generous) and your work ethic - take a break, girl! LOL

As I said in my thank you letter last night to Katie, I sure hope she took pictures because I don't have a camera right now. If not, I will borrow my sister's because I want everybody to see my cool stuff.

The first thing I found was a bottle of local wine. Really the only wine I drink is Pinot Gris and that's what this is. Cool, cool, cool, with a pretty label. Bob and I will toast Katie with it this weekend. WooHoo!

Next was definitely one of MY favorites - a garlic press. In fact, it's identical to the one I used to have but mine broke and I've never found one I like more than that one. I'm thrilled to have it again. We love garlic in our house and this will get used often.

A tragic thing happend as Katie was packing the box. Some homegrown garlic accidentally fell in - a couple of different varieties, no less. Can you imagine?! Fortunately, I am the lucky recipient of this mishap. Thank goodness she didn't cheat, though.

Next, Katie read that I enjoy baking, and my favorite cookbooks are ones with lots of pictures. Let's face it - I need them. LOL She sent me The Taste of Home Baking book. It's huge with lots of quick and easy recipes that I know I will use. These will be great to let the kids experiment with too, on their own, as my 12 yr old is really starting to get an interest in baking (it's all about the chocolate). We will get alot of use out of this book, especially with holiday baking coming up.

As Katie said, the book has "down to earth recipes by real people." And ya know how she knows that? One of HER recipes is in the book! It's her garlic-herb bubble bread (monkey bread, which we love). It's right there. In my book. MY book. Now THAT'S cool.

One other thing I forgot to mention: Katie sent a postcard of her area with a note. When I get my sister's camera, I HAVE to take a picture of the view from my house. (as I said to Katie, the similarities are amazing.)

Katie, I hope you got my thank you letter last night. I know how Gweb mail can be sometimes. Thank you again for everything. You did an excellent job researching the way I live and cook (love to get the family involved, but usually quick meals on the go).

As I said, I've always had so much respect for Katie's talent. You're The Bomb, Katie! Thank you again!

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You know how one of the listers found out their dog had torn into their box? That would have been my husband doing the tearing if it was a box with home grown garlic in it. How very cool! Katie, it sounds like you did a fantastic, thoughtful job. Lori, I can't wait to see pictures. It sounds like a true delight.


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Very nice swap gift! Hope to see pictures soon.


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oh that sounds great-- a good garlic press is an essential and I bet it's one of favorite things alot of us will admit to-- and a good bottle of wine probably makes that list too.

I just love the Taste of Home cookbooks-- real people cooking for families-- you'll get lots of us from that. And how cool that it has one of Katie's recipes.

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Homegrown garlic, that's so much better than the stuff we get in the stores that has been sitting around for a couple of months, what a tragic yet happy accident. LOL

I saw that cookbook at Sam's Club, Amanda really likes the TOH books and magazines. And katie's recipe is in there? Now that's really cool....


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Sounds like a great package. I love TOH stuff..it's like real life recipes. LOL

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MMMMMMMM!!! Great! And what a sorry thing that homegrown garlic for the garlic press fell in!! How cool that Katie's recipe is in the cookbook, too! AWESOME!!

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Sounds like the CF equivalent of a great date: "A bottle of wine, a garlic press, and thy recipe beside me"!

Great job Katie; enjoy these favorties for a long time, Lori!

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How cool to have a cookbook with your swap partner's recipe in it! And home grown garlic is even better than a garlic press! And something to toast your swap partner with! A very cool box.

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WOW...fresh garlic and nothing is better then fresh garlic! What varieties were in the box?

Ahhhhh Wine! What would I do without my wine and I've been having a glass almost every night lately. Must be the weather...LOL!!


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I didn't even think to take a picture....sorry!

I'm glad that bottle made it unscathed...I always worry.

The garlic was part of a set (with the press, dontchaknow?)So very legal. hehehe.

I hope you find good things in the book, Lori. I haven't thoroughly checked it out yet. It was a little strange to be standing in Costco thumbing through it and seeing my recipe in there.

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Lori, aren't you glad that Katie used garlic instead of packing peanuts! What a great package, Katie.

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lori, sounds like a fun box and to get a few varieties of home grown garlic, just excellent!!!! how great that your cookbook from your swap pal contains one of her recipes? how special is that!

enjoy it all. great job katie!


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WHAT NO PICS!!!Michelle....Send her a "Skeleton" Diana55 Okay I will...........

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

An excellent box of gifts, and very cool that Katie's recipes are in the book! Love that! Looking forward to the pictures! Nice going, Katie! Enjoy, Lori!

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Katie, Great job! I know that Lori will enjoy your recipes...I sure did!

Lori, you are one lucky lady! Enjoy!

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Lori, my swap buddy and soothsayer extreme, I love your swap box. I know you will enjoy the Taste of Home baking book. Neat that you needed a new garlic press, with fresh garlic, too! Great wine, great book....that works! Perect box, Katie.


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That sounds like an amazing package! I'd suffer the tragedy of the lost garlic! Sounds like you got some goodies you'll truly use and enjoy!

Nice job Katie!


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I'll join Diana in the 'wine' for pictures.

Oh to have homegrown garlic...I now have to search labels for Gilroy or any USA grown stuff. Too much from China!

Lori I know you love picture cookbooks, grin! Enjoy everything, its perfect for you.

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