Lodge 12' Frying Pan - Bottom???

pellicanssAugust 31, 2005

I ordered a 12" Lodge logic Frying pan on-line at the start of the summer to go in my new kitchen. This pan has been on back order since June.

I finally received it yesterday and was severely disappointed to discover that I received a special Boy Scouts of America (BSA)Pan. This pan is different that the rest of Lodge' pan as it has a raised BSA emblem on the bottom of the pan. The raised portion of the emblem is about 1/4" high and will keep the pan about this high off the stove. This means that this pan will have horrible heat transfer.

I'm planning on returning it today. I am really, really bummed out that I need to return it since it took so long to get.

Don't all cast Iron pans had flat bottoms? Or am I missing something?

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Unfortunately, when purchasing from a catalog or off the internet, the pictures don't usually show the bottom of the pans. This means shopping in person for cookware for me.

Cooking on a smoothtop range has made me very cautious when purchasing any pot or pan. It must have a flat bottom. I have some cast iron skillets that I have owned for years and they have flat bottoms. I recently purchased a cast iron stew type pot with a handle and lid and it has a flat bottom. I ran my hand across all of them on the shelf to find the smoothest bottom and to make sure there are no carbon bumps that could scratch my cooktop.

Were you given any clue that the raised emblem would be on the pan? 1/4" is really very high. I have never seen any pan with that high an emblem. Given the weight of a cast iron pan, I would ask them to pay the return postage charges if you choose to return it.

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