WANTED: Really Special Delivery From Peppi!

mustangs81November 12, 2007

First-It has not gone unnoticed that AnnT is strategic when matching up partners!

I put DH on alert to check the front door each day while I was gone to PFPP as I didn't want my partner to have to wait for validation that I received the package. Little did I know that I was walking around the package for two days in our cabin. It was a very large blue gift bag at the bottom of the stairs. I thought it was someone's contribution to the Greed Game that we were going to play.

When everyone was sitting in front of the fireplace in our jammies, I was very surprised when Peppi presented the large bag to me. Nothing is better than getting your swap package in person!

Peppi gave me: Everyday pan: When Peppi and I were in Houston earlier this year, we were shopping for an everyday pan because she loves hers. We used the pan to cook a few of the meals at PFPP. I'm hooked and will be using this pan to replace my most used pan. Silicone spatula: I have several silicone utensils but the silicone piece has ended up in the pan because it falls off the handle. Not with this one! It's sturdy and completely covered with silicone. Decorative rectangular platter: The platter is to die for. It's good size and will be used for entertaining.

How totally unfair that my swap pictures include me in jammies sprawled on the floor and no makeup! In my defense, I didn't have room in my luggage (imagine that) so Peppi was kind enough to take my treasures home with her and will be mailing them to me.

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Love the platter! And the jammies!! And the fire behind you :)

How fun!!

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Looks like a Christmas morning picture!

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How nice that your package was delivered in person! I absolutely love that platter. And you can't go wrong with another pan!

Nice job Peppi!

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It really does look like Christmas morning! The platter is wonderful, and the silicone spatula is so useful. What's an "everyday pan"? Or what makes a pan an everyday pan?

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Oh goodness that platter is spectacular! ( love the jammies too ! )

Great picks Peppi-- nothing like a great useful tool like a silicone spatula--& what's not to like about a good pan.

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LOL nice pictures..LOL

That platter is gorgeous!

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What a lovely platter, and the pan looks great too. And so nice to get it in person!!!Enjoy your gifts, and great job Peppi!

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Very nice platter. Silicone spatulas are wonderful and who doesn't need an everyday pan. Nice swap box, Peppi.

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That looks like such fun! A beautiful platter and nice pan. I adore my silacone spatulas, they have almost replaced my flat wooden stirrers.

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I agree granjan, that looks like fun! What a special treat to get it in person! What a great selection of favourites, and I must agree the platter is gorgeous.

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Really beautiful platter! Love the everyday pan as well. I love my silicone spatulas, so I know you will too! Another great swap package.


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Cathy, on the advice of Annie, I bought the same spatula at Russo's during Canny Camp. I can't tell you how often I use it! You'll love it and the platter and pot too! Good job Peppi!

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Ellen, I must not have been paying attention--I missed that spatula at Russo's.

Alison, As I understand from Peppi, the Everyday Pan is an all-purpose pan used for searing, browning, and sauteing vegetables and meats. It also works well for making paella, jambalaya, and all-in-one meals that you can bring right to the table to serve. The lack of a long handle makes it easier to store. Peppi also mentioned that the lack of handle will be safer when cooking with Beau and Lily...now that's what's really important!

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That platter is beautiful. The pan looks like a good size one. I love my silicone spatulas too. Looks like everyone had fun at the PJ party!

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I love that picture! It does look like Christmas morning ;-)

Cathy and Peppi, It was so much fun seeing this wonderful exchange in person. I love my everyday pan...and use it almost everyday. Great package!

That spatula makes a darn good Roux, eh?

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Cathy, the best part was seeing your face when I gave you teh gift bag. That was priceless. Here we were in our jammies talking about the swap when I mentioned that mine was being delivered that day! I also told Cathy that this was a tough one as she had been sucha good freind to me over the years, but I stuck to my kitchen favorites.

The everyday pan is just that, you use it everyday. No more turning the pan to get the long handle out of the way, easy to put inthe sink to clean and in a pinch it can go right to the table like a paella pan. When my first cheapy one died, I had a new one ordered in 24 hours, I knew I could not be without one. And do we ever have enough spatulas? Or just the right platter for that certain something?

Enjoy as I did choosing it for you.I hope my favorites become yours.

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Really great, from beginning to end. Loved the pictures, how you got a truly special delivery and the items themselves. Wonderful stuff.


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Cathy, love the special delivery that you received, what a surprise. What a really pretty platter, great pan. Love the fire in the background, too! Great job, Peppi.


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Your PJ's just make it more Christmasy looking. I know you are going to enjoy your gifts. You did good Peppi!


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Ellen, I have that spatula, and I got it from Jessica, which is why I gave it such a good recommendation at Russo's! I love mine.

I also have one of those everyday pans, mine is Calphalon and a gift from Elery, he HATES my pans except my cast iron, LOL. I really like that pan, although I forget I have it.

I love the platter, all those things are so useful, and great choices. They are sure some of my favorite things too!


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

How cool to get your gifts in person! Enjoy, Cathy! Love the platter! Great favorites, Peppi!

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Glass lids on pans is something I've been lusting for. Great one to put on the wish list!

Yeah spatulas make great...toys...

And that platter will be PERFECT in Cathy's kitchen, I think!

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i missed this one originally...how nice is that to get your items in person! enjoy!

you two look to have matching pajamas? and who's reflections are in the mirror????? (inquiring minds want to know). looks like a nice house/cabin too.


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Yes, it was wonderful to get my delivery in person!

The reflection shows May/Lowspark taking the picture and David/Lakeguy to the right.

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