who re-coats teflon cooking pans?

woodswormAugust 2, 2008

Has anyone had experience with a company that recoats teflon pans?

I use mine rarely, only for omelets, and I don't want a discussion of the pros and cons of teflon.

Thanks very much, and happy cooking.

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I haven't had any experience with a firm like that, but I did some searching around and found a place that will recoat your 12" pan or skillet for 18 bucks plus shipping.

At that point, why wouldn't you just replace your Teflon pan when you start seeing wear? I just toss my worn-out non-stick pans in the recycle bin, and pick up another cheapie pan at TJ Maxx/Marshall's/HomeGoods/etc...

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Joe, I spent about $500 on my Henckle and love them. Heavy weight pans cook so much better than lightweight.

I'd love to have the name/address of the place you found that recoats pans.


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