? re Secunia, updates or not?

sue_vaNovember 16, 2011

HP Media Center XP SP3

Today I checked on FF updates and now I have FF8.

I ran Secunia for the first time ever, and the results tell me there are some insecure programs. They are listed as: Apple Quick Time 7x,, Adobe Flash Player 10x, Sun Java JRE 16x/6x, Macromedia Flash Player 6x, and Safari for windows 3x.

I did a search here about whether or not to get those updates One thread said they are sometimes false positives, another said to always get them.

The one that concerns me the most is Safari. I didn't even know I had Safari. I looked on Add/Remove and it is there. I don't use it. Can I just remove it?

About the others, update or not?



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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes you definitely want to do those updates, adobe, flash, java etc those are all security updates and they do them often so it is important to keep up with them and make sure you have the latest version. You should not have the old versions just the latest.

If you do not use safari sure you can remove it.

You should use this program to remove all your old bits and pieces of java the old ones left on your system leave you vulnerable.

I recommend using the secunia scan about once a month to make sure you keep fully updated plus of course do all your windows updates.

For flash you will need to get a version for each of your browsers if you have IE use IE to go download the IE flash version with firefox use firefox to go download the NON IE version of flash etc.
this would be the NON Ie version
Flash Player (Non-IE)

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RC, Having a couple problems.

I remember some time ago, not being able to click on the INSTALL button for Flash Player. Same problem this time.

Also I did the Java Ra and now getting a message that there may be a problem. Doesn't tell me what to do about it though.



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Helped a neighbor with an inability to install Flash Player. This was the problem so I have to ask.

After downloading Flash Player the install window appears. Did you check the accept box on the left so the radio button becomes active? It is somewhat inconspicuous.


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Hi, DA

On the Blue/Red Installer box there is the line re: read/agree and Read the license here line. Below and to the left is the QUIT box; to the right is the INSTALL box which is barely visible. Clicking that doesn't do anything.


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I agree with DA that it is inconspicuous. In the red and gray install box there is a gray square to the left of 'I have read and agree to the terms...'. You have to click that small gray square to agree before you can install.

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I just put the cursor in that area and wiggled it around, clicked a couple times and Eureka! There it was, the INSTALL box so that it could be seen.

Why in the world would otherwise smart people design something like that?

About the JavaRa. The message says something to the effect that if you are sure JavaRa is installed, continue. It is not in Add/Remove.

What now?

Thank you so very much.


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JavaRa runs from the desktop. There is no installation folder. So it would not show an an installed program or be listed in the add / remove list.

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Zep, very good. Thanks for that info. There is no end to this computer learning curve, is there?


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Just for a casual read take a look at the link on my last post on the Adobe Update thread.


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DA, done.

So much Computerese is "too abstract for me to comprehend," but between Google and you good folks here I am pretty well keeping up. May not always comprehend, but I trust the messenger.

Thanks to all the helpers here.


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Good for you. Now you have a working knowledge of the most common leaky applications, and the reason why security updates are so important. I am certain you learned more than you realize.


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