silicone baking mats...any difference?

sighAugust 18, 2005

I've heard a few people mention silpat silicone mats for lining their cookie sheets but I was wondering if there was any real difference between the different brands? I came across a stack of the Kitchenaid version on clearance yesterday priced at 7$ each or 10$ with "jelly roll pan" and nylon spatula. Since all of my cookie sheets have been trashed (when I bake I do so on pizza pans) & full sheet pans don't fit in my oven the pan & mat set seemed appealing but if the mat isn't any good it's just another waste of money.

I'm new to the world of silicone baking mats but they seem like a great idea, reusable parchment paper-esque.

Thanks very much for your help!


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I have Silpat but I don't think there are any differences in brands. They are great for anything that sticks but I don't use them for traditional butter/sugar cookies. i don't think the cookies brown or crisp as well. I bake lots of cookies and only have 2 mats but lots of cookie sheets. I love the mats for meringues and stained glass cookies.

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Thanks, granjan! I started trying to read up on the silicone mats & the lack of browning/crisping was mentioned. I was thinking that they would also be ideal for something like a King's Cake which always seems to bubble out some cinnamon & sugar no matter how well I seal the sections...the slower browning on the bottom would actually be a plus (at least in my oven) for something like that. So they'll never replace parchment paper, sounds like.

And I like the idea of being able to use them to roll out dough on for those days when I don't feel like toting out my bread board.

Thanks for your help!


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