Anyone else hate their Bosch dishwasher?

mmblzNovember 9, 2009

We did hours of research on some appliances where there didn't seem to be any consensus on what was best. For dishwashers, absolutely everyone seemed to love the Bosch line, it seemed to be "the dishwasher" to get. We got the SHV98M03UC which I think was the top of the line.

This is the only appliance I regret choosing.

First the good - it is integrated, which we definitely wanted, and narrowed down the options a lot. And as everyone says, it is very quiet. It will go for 5 or 10 minutes where you can't even here that it is on. But it will make a few soft noises at times. I had heard so much about how quiet it was that even these minor sounds surprised me a little, but really they're not much if you don't have the expectation that it will be 100% silent.

On to bigger problems though.

First, the racks and configuration inside are awful. Our last dishwasher was just something cheap, but we could fit way more in it. On the bottom of the Bosch, we can't even fit two plates side by side if one of them is a regular dinner plate and the other is small. So the space next to dinner plates is partially wasted, only bowls will fit alongside them. The top tray is confusing as well, it seems like every "row" is either too narrow to even fit most cups, or two wide for anything other than bowls, resulting in wasted space. The silverware basket has some compartments that are fine, but then has compartments in the middle that for some reason are not as deep as the others, so they are not terribly useful. Based on the design, there was no reason they had to be like that.

Next up, waiting for this to finish a cycle is like watching paint dry. I haven't timed it precisely, but a normal wash takes on the order of 2.5 hours. This is fine if you run it overnight or before leaving in the morning, but any time you actually need the dishes, it is painfully slow. Apparently this has to do with the high efficiency. I like the idea of high efficiency, but not at the expense of having something useful.

Off and on, the inside of the dishwasher will smell absolutely awful. Much worse than just food sitting out. It's unclear exactly when this occurs or what makes it so bad.

Finally, the actual "washing". Quite often, dishes don't get clean - we've reached a point where we practically wash them by hand before putting them in the dishwasher. It seems that a quick scrape and rinse just isn't enough based on what the dishwasher is able to do.

"Rinse Aid" - had never heard of it before this dishwasher. Without it, the cycle finishes and dishes are soaking wet. Adding it helps... But then sometimes glasses will come out with a slippery/soapy sort of film on them.

So all in all, it's integrated and pretty quiet, but everything else about it pretty much stinks.

I'm really surprised I had not heard any of this before buying it. Does anyone else have theses same complaints???

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We just ordered a new mid-range Bosch for our new house. We are disappointed at how they have changed the racks from what our current model has, which we love, but decided we would have to live with it.

Rinse aids have been around a long time. Unlike most dishwashers, the Bosch requires the rinse aid, which assists with the condensation drying. Use only the liquid variety, and load it into the rinse aid dispenser.

The Bosch dishwashers do take a long time to run. There is no denying that. We got used to it pretty quickly, though.

It is important not to over soap the dishwasher and to use only quality powdered dishwasher detergent. Leave the rinse aid setting at the factory default. If you must adjust it, do it cautiously in small increments.

We do scrape our dishes, but not excessively. We do not prewash them. We occasionally have an item that doesn't come completely clean, but I think you will find that with any dishwasher.

I have no idea what is causing the smell. We have never experienced it. I do recall it being mentioned in some recent threads. You might do a search for it.

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Just out of curiousity, I Googled around for threads on the smell and found a few. It seems it has been traced to improper installations. The drain hose needs to be looped high per the instructions that came with the machine. If that isn't done, dirty water washes back into the machine.

It sounds like yours might not have been installed properly.

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couple of things

ALL euro DW's take a long time to cycle. Even domestic models are lengthening their times. If you need dishes quickly for a party you either need a second unit or need to wash by hand.

Smell: have you checked the filters and do you clean them regularly? You should also check the drain hose to see if it has a "high loop" in it and also that the drain it's connected to isn't partially clogged somewhere.

Use as little soap as you can and dial down the rinse aid setting a notch at a time to see if that clears up your glasses.

With euro racking the user must conform to the program in order to get the most out of it. You may just have to stack all plate in a row rather than side x side but these units are just not that much smaller than their domestic counterparts so it should hold the smae # of plate or more than your former unit. They will be in a different arrangement perhaps even one you hate , but that's different than not having the capacity.

Cleanability - these units with the lower water consumption are prone to complaints about dirt left over when they are stacked tightly on top of one another like many domestic machines are loaded. The euro models tend to need the space between all the stuff to clean thoroughly. This may not fit the end users style but is not strictly a fault of the machine.

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Several years ago, I had a Bosch that replaced my old, really good Kenmore Ultra wash. Like you, it was a disappointment and a daily annoyance for every reason you've mentioned.

It was replaced with a Kitchenaid after 2 years of misery. The Kitchenaid was great. We built a new home and installed another Kitchenaid. They have racks and baskets that are thoughtfully arranged & accomodating to work with a varity of dishes, pans, bowls etc.

We looked at the Miele, but in my shopping experience it too way entirely too fussy and cramped. More for fine china. Like the above message states........euro style. Well, kitchen is in the USA. Not too interested in trying to do work arounds......better things to do with my time.

The Kitchenaid cleans and dries thoroughly. But for best results rinse aid is necessary. The drying heat is low for energy savings. So the Jet dry supplements the dry cycle. Its in the manual.

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i will check the drain for sure, would be nice to get rid of the smell

re: plate arrangement... the bottom rack has two "rows" for plates. i can only put plates side by side in both rows if they are BOTH small plates. every other dishwasher i've had could accommodate one large plate and one small plate next to each other, so you actually use both rows.

yup, it's fine that we need to use rinse-aid - and we do. maybe it just needs adjustment. only annoying i suppose that it is one more variable that i need to tweak and try to get right

if i were choosing again I would definitely choose something that does more of what a dishwasher should do. For now I'll just have to live with what I have...

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charlyinfl, LOL (well hello, my kitchen is in the USA) :) Mine too! and I'm very pleased with my new KA KUDE60.
I set out to buy a Bosch. Never read anything negative about them. But, when I got to the store and saw how small the interior space was and the rack configuration, that was the deal breaker. I'd taken some large items with me to the store and it was clear, they weren't going to work with the Bosch. I went to my original first choice...the KA. THEN I started finding the unhappy Bosch owners :o Maybe they've made some changes in the last year or two??
Love the rack/tine configuration of the KA. I'm still finding new ways to configure the tines and get more in there :) I know of twice I've had some food not come off but both times I was "pushing" it and not surprised to see it.
I've never had an odor problem that wasn't due to milk or some other food left on the dishes.
I don't use the dry cycle and DO have to use Jet Dry and crack the door open to aid in drying.
My KA cycles are longer than I expected too. Runs longer, saves energy, hummmm. I DO have a 1 hour wash tho and have used it a few times. I didn't expect it to but it seems to clean just as well as the normal cycle in half the time. KA does say that it uses "slightly" more energy.

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Christie Ingram

We have a low end Bosch and we pretty much hate it. We also have to almost "wash" dishes before we put them in, it holds very little (we too cannot have two dinner plates side by side) and our bowls are very round and they take up a ton of space. It is now starting to make a whining sound (it is 3 years old) and I think we will replace it with a Kitchen Aid.

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I have two top-of-the-line-four-years-ago Bosches and I love them. They are gentler on my dishes than other dishwashers I have had and much quieter. I went through two KitchenAids in two years several years ago. I had been a delighted KitchenAid owner previously, but now I avoid everything made by KitchenAid. We have had no need for service with the Bosch, have no odor problems, don't object to the wet plastic items that remain, and can load as many dishes as I used to. I didn't overcrowd my old dishwashers, either.

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Can anyone tell me whether the Bosch always beeps at the end of its cycle? Does it stop beeping on its own or do you have to go and open it/turn the beep off? We have a Bosch clothes washer that beeps and does not stop until we go turn the beeping off at the end of cycle. My DH says that if we let it beep long enough, it will go off (as in after half an hour or an hour - he's not sure, because I cannot stand the beeping after even 15 seconds).

So - does it beep briefly (I can handle that, I like that) or does it beep constantly for more than 15 seconds?

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We hate our Bosch as well. All the little pieces that hold the dishes in place are broken and we are reduced to holding them up with plastic pieces. The tray that holds the dishwasher detergent and rinse aid do not open so we have to do it manually after water heats up and a little while later we add rinse aid.
We have started using the combination detergent and rinse aid in a little block and that seems to work well.This replaced a GE Monogram that was in our new condo which only lasted a year.

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beeping - you can turn it off entirely. but if the volume it on, it beeps a few times, then waits some number of minutes, then beeps a few times, then waits, then beeps.... as far as i know it probably does this forever. one night we waited and waited and after the 10th time or so finally got out of bed to make it stop.

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I have a Bosch dishwasher and never add rinse aid but use the 2 part packets-- Cascade action pack

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just installed my mid range Bosch. I'm not having problems with dishes side by side, and i think my dinner plates are pretty big. I am having troubles with the top rack. Too much "open" space on the left side. i'm not really sure how to arrange that rack. i haven't had a problem with food not coming off or with glasses being slimy. i do find that the there is a slight odor, but i wouldn't say it smells "awful". I do wish i would've paid closer attention to the rack set up. never looked when I purchased my old dishwasher, but i guess i was used to the way the glasses and bowls fit on the top and that's why i'm having an issue now.

I don't think my DH probably even notices, and he loads the DW often enough. I'm just trying to "let it go"....

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We've had our Bosch...mid-line Integra I believe....for a month and it's been great overall!

Pros - quiet, dishes are very clean, love the adjustable rack positions for the upper rack, also uses very little detergent

Cons - the bottom rack configuration is odd. I finally took out half of the silverware holder and stuck that in the area with the smaller tines. Overall this dishwasher holds a lot. I have noticed that we handwash 1/4 or 1/2 of what we used to.

It's only been a month....but if no problems develop in the future I would definitely get a Bosch again.

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We just got the SHX68E15UC (I think this is the #), which is the latest model released. My priorities were energy efficiency and quiet. It is taking some getting used to as far as loading, but I've only had it a week and each time I feel better about how much I can get in there.

I really love this thing. When we turned it on for the first time we thought it was broken because we couldn't hear anything.
No, I can't put my large plates side by side, but I have more than enough room on the first row to accomodate dinner party numbers. The back portion of this level I use for larger items like high chair tray, platters and pots/pans. I have a cutlery rack on top so we've removed the basket. I think this is why I have more flexibility. The middle rack is unusual, but I've become more inventive with where things go and I do have a lot of options as far as tine and shelf configuration. I've just had to use my imagination a little to get the most out of my setup.
I've had two items not get completely clean, but it is because I didn't place them correctly.

I can understand that having to learn a new way of loading can be frustrating, but I've read that this is par for the course anytime you get a new model of any dishwasher. Your smell and cleaning ARE probably related to the install of the drain hose and hopefully that will be an easy fix. That, more than anything, would hack me off :) Did you also check to make sure that your shut-off valve is completely open? When replacing our broken DW, we discovered that our valve wouldn't open completely which contributed to the dishes not getting clean previously.

As stated earlier, all of the new dishwashers recommend Rinse-Aid and our previous one did from the early 90's.

I can understand why you are unhappy with your laundry list of problems but if the other issues are resolved, then the loading issue you have can be overcome.

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I have a 10 year old Bosch and today it has quit. The on switch has been "funny" for a few months and today it won't start. The repairman says that it will cost $250 plus labour for a new part. So, given its age, it's time to buy a new d/w. I like the quietness of the Bosch, plus the wood panel in the door. Don't like the inside config, and have had problems with the rubber gaskets throwing black specks on dishes (had one replaced a couple of years ago). Given the number of people who have answered this thread, could you give me the benefit of your research and tell me what I should replace my Bosch with please?

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i've been fiddling with different ways of loading for 4 months now. i've been able to squeeze a little more in after figuring out a different way, but space is still limited and I don't hold much hope that I'll have any further revelations.

asking builder/plumber about installation issues...

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Wow've got the million dollar question...which one should you replace it with? I've scoured these boards, and there is not an answer to that question. Every dishwasher brand has problems and issues. It comes down to what's actually important to YOU. I've decided I'm not spending a lot on a dishwasher. I don't need the stainless steel interior...there's no way a dishwasher nowadays will outlast the plastic tub, so what's the point of stainless steel? I'm not going to put $1,000 or more down to find that it won't even last 10 years, or that I hate it. So I'm looking at rack configuration, and other features that are important to me. I've narrowed it down to the Frigidaire Gallery, I believe. I can get the most bang for my buck. And I will pick an appliance store who takes pride in their installation, which is another important factor in a dishwasher. If it's installed wrong, you've got problems. Just waiting for the "Cash for Appliances" program to kick in before I pull the trigger....Good Luck!

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alex9197- I purchased a SHV45MO3UC which is still on order from last November. I still have not taken delivery as my kitchen project has taken so long but will be ready for delivery in December. After reading some of these posts I feel lucky because I still can cancel and purchase a different dishwasher. The model I ordered is the one that accepts custom wood panels. At the time of purchase the one I listed above was new, are there newer ones out now? does anyone know when they came out and what the differences are? thank you in advance for responses.

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I've been using JetDry rinse aid since we remodeled my Mom's kitchen in '68. That was a KA made by Hobart that was so loud it would run you out of the room. But it lasted for over 20 years.

you need an enzyme dishwasher powder with this Bosch machine. And don't use 'RinseHold' unless you're going to complete the wash cycle in a few hours. It leaves dirty dish water in the bottom that will stink after a while.

When shopping for a new DW, you ALWAYS need to take some of your dishes with you to see if they will fit. All the manufactures use different configurations that may or may not hold what you have. My KA is kinda iffy on holding my bowls, but I still appreciated its flexibility.

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Research71, thanks for your thoughts. I totally agree that you need to buy from a store who takes pride in after service. And, my DH and I will discuss the "cheap and cheerful" option, vs the expensive cadillac model. I was out today looking at DWs in stores and understand that a lot of the problems that people here are concerned with, are concerns with all brands. So, I agree, it comes down to inside config, quietness of model and how it looks. It certainly won't last long enough for the insides to rot out.
Thanks for your words.

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While the question is about hating Bosch dishwashers, I happen to like our Bosch dishwasher. I like the unheated drying, it works for us and saves energy *gasp*. We don't have a problem getting our dishes into it, it runs quietly, and the dishes are clean and dry when done. No bad smells, either. Can't ask for more than that, other than long life, which remains to be seen. We can use the "quick" wash cycle and "flash dry" (opening the door when the cycle is done *smile*) if we're in a real hurry for clean dishes.

By the way, that flashy stainless steel tub has a role in the unheated drying. It also helps make the dishwasher quieter. So it isn't just there for appearance or as a cosmetic upgrade.

We don't have any problems with our Bosch so far, but it hasn't been a year yet. We'll know more in a few years *smile*.


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i hate our Bosch. It's atop of the line and cost $1,600 a couple of months ago. My problem is that it reeks of dish detergent when the cycle is finished. It is the EcoSence line and perhaps that means it uses less water. Anyway the dishes smell of soap. I put it on a rinse cycle after the wash cycle and everything still smells of soap. They reccomend 'Finish' detergent. I hate it. The smell is so toxic. Why do we need scented detergents anyway? Anybody know an un-scented brand? DON"T BUY A BOSCH - ESPECIALLY THE ECOSENSE LINE.

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Yes, we are also very disappointed in obtaining this Bosch - the model # does not seem to matter after reading all the postings. Ours is near the top end.

In any case, it does not clean as well as we had hoped. The dishes, after much tweaking (times, detergent, rinse agent, drying mode) comes out almost completely clean but the silverware, now there's a whole can of worms.

We have tried flipping the larger spoons 180 degrees to see if having the big ends nearer the water jets would make a difference.
It did not, the big spoons still have a crusty edge of soap/residue/whatever it is (imagine a rim around the tub).
When we have to do this again, it will not be a Bosch, ESPECIALLY at the $$$ cost ($1,300)!!!!

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Let me rephrase a statement, I meant that the dishes come out 'somewhat' completely clean rather than 'almost' completely clean.

And like some of the others, I was not really aware of this Euro version and American version - we know now.

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I hate my Bosch dishwasher...constantly running cycles over and over adding vinegar and rinse...not really cleaning dishes very good...would love to replace it...Husband is a plumber so I know it was installed correctly...looking to break it so I can get a new

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Worst appliance purchase ever! The soap dispenser opens up 25% of the time so the dishes never get cleaned properly. It is loud. It takes a LONG time to run through and the dishes never seem to get cleaned properly. Such a horrible purchase! We got it at Lowes and they claimed it was 'best selling' and 'top of the class'.

One thing is for certain: We will never get another Bosch dishwasher.

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We have a lower end Ecosense. About 1 month after purchase, the soap door would no longer open. After much haggling, we got it replaced. Then about 4 months after the new door was installed, the soap door again would not open. We have well water that is moderately hard, but malfunction after 1 month? 3 years, yes, but not 1 month! These machines need perfectly soft water I believe. I think our next dishwasher will be a $250 model.

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Hate our rental one. Our old one in our REAL house is a Hobart like weedmeister mentioned above! Took forever to get going and then we had to shut the doors of the office and the TV room if we wanted to do anything in that 2.5 hours after starting it.

I will say, the Bosch is quiet. And our dishes do come out cleaner than that old KA/Hobart.

It just seems high-maintenance. "Only use this brand of powdered detergent, and the rinse-aid." Bossy! The property owners showed us the "soap dispenser doohickey" that they
have to fiddle with if the dispenser starts popping open.

It has The Smell. Not the fishy one but the stagnant dishwasher detergent one. All the proposed fixes - other than installation issues - seem "fussy." Run Tang, run vinegar, run bleach, run this kind of tablet, clean this, fish out that - hello???

I don't know what our new KA will be like, but thank goodness for the people here on GW (and the appliance store!) for suggesting we bring in our dishes and put them in the various machines. They did NOT fit well in the Bosch. Yay!

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We bought two high-end Bosch dishwashers when we remodeled the kitchen, which I regret. I hate the racks, hate them. In particular, glasses don't fit well. One reason we added a second dishwasher was to clean up after dinner parties. But stemware fits so poorly, I have to run multiple, half-empty loads. The bottom racks has such a big grid that I couldn't use it for glassware until I wired in some small metal racks (the kind for cooling cookies, etc.). The units clean fine, and I like the natural drying, but I would not buy them again.

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Hate ,hate, hate my Bosch. I constantly have a garbage smell that leaks into entire kitchen. I have had it rigged correctly, and have done everything Bosch customer service has said to do. The funny thing is..... They say they never have gotten a call about bad odor. I see posts all the time about the terrible smell. I even had purchased a 5 year warranty. They would not even come out to look at it, as "bad odor" not covered. Would never by anything Bosch again. (Besides odor, after the cycle has run, the stainless steel on door is slimy.)

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If the SS inner door is slimy this indicates more of a detergent issue and not a mechanical issue. You may want to try changing your detergent.

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