Philippe Richard cast iron?

msreviseAugust 21, 2006

Has anyone heard of this mfr of cast iron pans? (And have i spelled it correctly?) I was just in Canada (PEI), and my kitchen came equipped w/these. They were much lighter weight than my Lodge pan, and i really liked using them. Anyone have information on this brand or experience with it? I'd love to get some!

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I have a set of these that I bought for $12 or maybe $20 around 6 (?) years ago, at Macy's (I think). It came with a 10-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch skillet. Although I love it, AFAIK it's not anything special, just one of the many made-in-China "brands".

I've invested the most time and effort in the care and maintenance of the 10-inch one, and now it has a nice black sheen and doesn't stick at all. I think any cast iron pan would do the same, given time, care and effort to condition it properly. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm very happy with mine but I credit it more to my own time and effort rather than anything special about the brand.

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Thanks, hcj, good to know. I guess what impressed me most was the weight--so much easier to lift than what i've got!

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want to purchasse another cast iron 9" grill pan-WHERE?????????????

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try j c penney for phillippe richard.

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