Kitchen Gadget Junkie Needs Advice!

gee8chAugust 17, 2008

Hello: First time on this forum. Have tried searching past postings for info ... no luck. Wondering if anyone has used the "Fasta Pasta." Would welcome comments and opinions on whether it is a worthwhile item to purchase. Running out of kitchen space, so I'm trying to be practical!! lol. TIA G.

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I wouldn't use it.
One of the things that makes pasta good is the amount of water it cooks in...cooks off the excess starch.
You can accomplish the same thing by boiling water in a quart pyrex measuring cup and putting the pasta in it and stirring.
I am very very intolerant of one use gadgets! I have tosses a hamburger cooker a hot dog cooker a special grapefruit knife, an electric frypan a slow cooker etc etc.
Get a pot....if your stove is too slow boil the water in the micro and dump it and the pasta into the pot. Keep at a simmer until done.
Pasta doesn't cook any faster in the microwave! And you can bet that if you put pasta into cold water and bring the water to a boil is will stick together...maybe not linguini, but angel hair for sure!
Linda C

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I've never heard of fasta pasta, but I can't imagine why a pot won't work at least as well (and also be useful for a few other things). My only disagreement with lindac is the use of a microwave to boil water. I recently did a few test boils iin my kitchen, and my microwave came in LAST, even behind my soon-to-be-landfilled POS kenmore cooktop. The easy winner was an electic kettle, the most essential gadget I own. I'm surprised they aren't more common than they are, because they work so well, are cheapcheapcheap, and rolling boiling water is essential for so many tasks (especially for us tea addicts).

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As if pasta is all that complicated. However, there are myriad ways to make a botch of it....this being one. Pasta needs to "swim". If all you want is flour-paste with a can of something-or-other on top, I'm sure you'll be satisfied. If you want a really good pasta meal, this is not the way to get it.

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Thanks for the replies and opinions. Much appreciated. G.

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Just one more opinion: If you're pasta-anal like me, or want to become so, I'd suggest an experiment or two. Like rice, coffee, frozen OJ, and other products that are prepared using water, a pasta's quality at serving will be grossly affected by the water used for preparation. I happen to live in an area where the tap-water tastes lousy. Years ago a light came on in my head and I began using RO water or bottled water for cooking rice, pasta, and for all these other water-affected products. The difference was noticed instantly by every guest thereafter. If you live in an area with good-tasting tap-water, please disregard.

Focusing on pasta, it needs to "swim" while cooking in good water for a precise (or nearly precise) time. After draining, I coat quickly with virgin olive oil. The quality of that makes a difference, too. Among the brands available at typical grocery stores, I've found Columela is quite good for the purpose. It's slightly more expensive, but worth it. Much better than, say, Star, or Bernoulli, or store-brands. It's flavorful but does not compete with the main sauce.

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Hmmm, If I am putting a sauce on my pasta, I don't want to coat it with olive oil first. if I am just serving it with fresh herbs and cheese, than the oil is great.
I have watched a few italian cooks make pasta. They don't rinse it "washes off the starch, the starch makes the sauce stick"...most of the time I agree, but some pastas are really very starchy.
And "don't put oil in the water nor toss it with oil, coats the pasta and the sauce slides off"...and this I agree with.
But no fasta pasta for me...big pot of boiling water, bit of sea salt or Kosher salt and let it swim around for a few minutes.
Linda C

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Should have known better than to risk starting another "pasta war." : ) Pasta folks have lots of different opinions. (However, none of them acheive their results with FastaPasta or any of the similar gimicks.)

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