Mineral Coating vs. Ceramic Coating

obnAugust 22, 2010


I had a question about cookware, and am hoping that someone out there knows the answer.. :-)

We are considering purchasing a ceramic coated pan (actually a SAUTEUSE). However, we came across the Leonardo Series from Bialetti, that have a "mineral" coating (Duratek PFO Free) instead of a ceramic coating. Bialetti claims that this coating is better and healthier than ceramic. We have therefore, the following questions:

1. Is anyone familiar with the Leonardo series from Bialetti, and if yes, does it have good reviews?

2. Is the Bialetti mineral coating indeed better than ceramic?

3. If we end up going with ceramic, we are considering NEOFLAM. What is your opinion about Neoflam?

4. What would be your top choice for a 32 cm SAUTEUSE with a ceramic coating?

Thank you,

Best Wishes,


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Here's a link to a review of one of their pans. Hope it works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Saute Pan

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