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johnsimsAugust 12, 2008

to: elisamcs's re: sauce recipe (for pizza). While oven is pre-heating... What I do is take 2 pre-packaged medium pizza doughs (the two in a package type (some come with sauce if so I omit buying a jar), I lightly spray (mist) aerosol olice oil around the crust 2-3 inches. I then take a mixture (I make myself and put in a shaker) of garlic powder (1 part), onion powder (2 parts) and celery salt (1/4 part approximately)and "dust" (lightly) the crust (about 2") from the edge in (later parmasean will be sprinkled on this area also when pizza is topped off). I take the absolute cheapest jar of pizza sauce (brand will vary with sales etc.) and I add 3-4 oz.s of hot sauce (NOT Tobasco but any milder brand (Frank's, Red's, Crystal, etc) is acceptable at stated amount) per 12 oz.s of sauce and season with the some of the mixture from the shaker (to taste) and I add a small amount of parsley and a hint of oregano sometimes a small drizzle of olive oil is added to the sauce. Then I ladle the sauce on the two crusts (you may end up with 3-4 oz.s left over we find that you do not want too much sauce). Cover with copius amounts of shredded mozzerella (ideally virtually no sauce will show after baking), cover with a healthy "dusting" of ground parmeasean (include crust)and then finish with the toppings of your joice we "cover" the top with pepperonni (no parmasean on top of toppings during cooking, okay afterwards (grease from meat toppings discolors and adds unpleasant taste)). A good white pizza can be made with blue cheese (or Ranch in a pinch) dressing (instead of the red sauce) topped with mozzarelli/parmasean and then I take a (1) rotisserie chicken from the deli at the supermarket (it's actually less expensive than buying a raoster and cooking it myself), I skin it, debone it, and dredge pulled chicken through bowl of either "buffalo wing" sauce or a roughly 50/50 mixture of "hot sauce" above and melted butter seasoned with the mixture from the shaker (make sure chicken is not dripping sauce/not dry (I strain it but it is plenty moist)). One chicken is usually more than amble to do two pizzas with plenty of meat. You can also sprinkle the seasonings from the shaker over the top before baking top with parmasean and serve. Everyone seems to "LOVE" both here... Hope you/yours give them a try and enjoy them as much as we do... Fireman Bob

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