J. A. Henckel Knives??

mimidiAugust 10, 2005

I have been looking at some Henckel knife sets. Are they worth the price?

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Good forged cutlery is worth the money especially the pieces used most often. Chef & paring knife. If the Henckel fits your hand best (If possible try two or three different makes of knives in your hand) then go for at least a piece or two. You will wonder how you lived without.

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I absolutely agree. If you haven't used good forged knives before you'll be thrilled.

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Thanks. I have decided to try the ones that I would use the most first and then go on from there.

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I got a set w/ block at Costco for a great price last Xmas and I really like them. They feel very well balanced and hold an edge. My local Costco still has the set.

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we bought a set of the Henckel 4 star knifes last year around Xmas time.. Got them at a great price. Get the straight blades not the ginsu stuff...
You will never look back.

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