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ragsyAugust 26, 2007

I need a rim gasket for a 20-quart Flex-Seal Cooker Canner manufactured by Vischer Products circa 1945 (now defunct out of Chicago, Illinois). Scotty, can you beam me up one? Please contact at ragsymuffin@yahoo.com or call Dan at 503-325-8301. Thanks!!!!

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Try a place in Escondido, CA called Mart's Appliance. They've got a lot of unusual and older stuff, including pressure cooker parts. I don't know if they do mail order, but it might be worth a phone call or email to them.

I've done business with them on several occasions - they put a modern cord on a toaster with a chewed up cloth cord (mice got to it), and declared that this was one of the best toasters ever made. (It makes better toast than our 5 year old toaster.) I've bought all kinds of little stuff from them, too, including a pressure cooker gasket. My pressure cooker's not as old as that one, but they had the right gasket.

Another thought....eBay?????


Here is a link that might be useful: Mart's Appliances, Escondido

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If you can't find an appropriate gasket anywhere, you might check your Yellow Pages under "Gaskets", and see if someone will cut a suitable gasket for you.

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I made a gasket for my Model 407 Flex-Seal from automotive vacuum hose.

At an auto supply store, buy the smallest diameter silicone or synthetic rubber vacuum hose you can find. Buy enough to go around the inside of your pressure cooker with some to spare. It should cost you about $2. When you get home, push it into place and mark where it overlaps. Cut it slightly longer than the circumference, so that the ends fit together snugly. That's it. There's some steam leakage from the seam, but it works.

If you can't find hose small enough, you can split the hose lengthwise with a knife. This takes a while, but you end up with a usable gasket.

FlexSeal really is a great pressure cooker. The US Navy used them for years. Good luck!

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P.S. I just tried ordering an o-ring to fit my Flex-Seal from allorings.com.

I chose silicone as the material because it is odorless, non-toxic and fungus-resistant. For my Model 407, the size was 7 inch (#167 o-ring). They come three to a bag. Your canner will need a larger size, but this sells O-rings up to 26 inch inside diameter. It was easy to order on-line with a credit card.

I'll let you know how it works out.

Here is a link that might be useful: AllORings.com

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Correction: I ordered #439, which is a quarter-inch width o-ring.

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