WANTED: On insight and caring across the net -- thanks AnnT

catloverOctober 16, 2006

Ann dooped me. I posted about my absence next week and she calmly reassured me that my partner was aware of my message. Yup. She was. I went back to read carefully and realized she was very lawyerly in her choice of words. (Please excuse my stupid inability to post pictures properly).

Well, Ann surprised and blew me away. She is insightful.

She kinda kept by the rules. But as you will see, her heart wanted to cheat.

First, the package absent identifying info. .

As always, Ann's presentation was perfect. My mom and DH were the witnesses. . DH said, as others have before him --its an ironing board!

Well, it was not an ironing board!

Let begin at the cookbook. I love to bake bread. I am very much a novice. When I am stressed or happy and can dig out the time, this is what I want to do. I began this love many years ago and stopped. I will not stop again. Ann and many of you have been an inspiration. I am not getting lost again. I love this cookbook. I have known of it and do not have it. It will become a staple.

But please note--SHE CHEATED -- KIND OF. I received a wonderful double volume of Beard on Bread AND Beard on Pasta. Little does Ann know that pasta is my second love! I am very much a carb kind of gal.

I love these books. No, dear daughter will not get them. They are mine. (By the way, I down loaded your cookbook onto DD's laptop before she went to grad school. Her laptop crashed and her first request-- get me Ann's cookbook!--Done. She made your bagels yesterday.)

The second was local. Ann blessed me with a gorgeous Lee Wolf Board. It is my favorite bread board.

My DH stuck his nose in that Board. It smells great and the grain is gorgeous.

Third, Ann, who calls herself not 'crafty," sent me her beautiful handmade, personally photographed note cards. I don't know if I can give them away. I may need to frame them.

This was a thoughtful swap from a person I so respect. Thank you Ann. Adele

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Oh Adele, those are all wonderful gifts... I would have loved each and every one!
Ann, wow... excellent choices, really terrific and beautiful too!


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Wow, those are great choices. Like your husband, I smell the wood, I run my hand over the grain, I love it. What a beautiful board.

The note cards are equally beautiful and the books will be wonderful.

I know you're going to enjoy everything, Adele, and now I'm looking forward to pictures of your bread, on that board.


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Oh Adele you lucky dawg. I have been lusting after those cards. Not the boards, the CARDS (hint hint Ann). THATS why she chose 'handmade', heh heh.

Hey I think the spelling is 'duped'. And I'm not an attorney! I'm going to check out the books from our library, they look good.

Nice package there!

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Hey Jessy--

Little do you know that dooped is a term of art. Duped has a slightly different meaning in a west coast kind of way!

Hey--its late at night-- no spell check and I can't post pictures. :)))) Adele

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Wow... what a great package! It's all such a lovely, tasteful package. I (among others) think AnnT ought to sell her cards, they're that good. Adele, I know you'll enjoy this very personal gift. Who wouldn't?

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Those are all great things that I know you'll enjoy Adele. BTW, I can't tell you how impressed I am that your daughter made the bagels - s o m e d a y I'll dare to try them.


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What a fun gift! I'm lusting after those cards too, c'mon Ann, please sell them!
Great packagae of goodies, you're bound to enjoy!

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Adele, once you make some bread, you can use your beautiful bread board to display your prize loaf. The photo cards are the perfect choice for a food lover. Enjoy!

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Great gift! Those cards look lovely.

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Adele, what wonderful gifts! What a great idea to frame the cards...into a collage, maybe. I'm sure I wouldn't actually write on them!

The bread board is awesome. I'll bet the feel of the wood is like butter...smooth & silky.

Ann, what a perfect cookbook to get Adele going again on bread baking. With that as an inspiration, soon she'll be too "hooked" to ever think of backing off again. And, there will be lots of yummy new pasta dishes to enjoy all that bread with.

Oh, and I'm a big believe in "sets"! lol

Enjoy your gifts, Adele.


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Wonderful package, Ann! You are so creative it doesn't matter if you don't think yourself 'crafty.'

You are going to love that bread board, Adele. I use the one Ann sent me in a previous swap every single day. Enjoy!


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I agree perfect from beginning to end.
All so useful and treasures you will keep!
As for the cards..you will find it hard to part with them I am certain.
And you're right.. she's not only generous when people can see..
I asked Ann if I could borrow one of her photos for a small recipe book I am making for my daughters for Xmas as my photo was quite pitiful,and she said: Of course!
I ama lucky owner of those boards also and they look good everywhere.
That must be a good book..If Ann bought it..:)

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Each item is truly a treasure.

Adele, I'll be waiting to see some bread on that board.


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Adele, i know you will enjoy the Beard on Bread as I have that cookbook. Every bread I have baked from it has been delicious. The oatmeal, walnut bread (that I also made with EVOO instead of walnut oil) the 2 banana breads, the biscuits... I am sure the pasta will be as wonderful.

The bread board is beautiful. Ann has such beautiful artists in her area. Including herself, those cards are a treasure. Now you don't have to go to your computer to drool over Ann's cooking.

Wonderful job Ann.


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Wow that's an awesome package. Totally!
I love the bread board as well. And those cards would never be given away. I'd frame them too!

Lucky YOU Adele!
Ann nice job!

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What a lovely parcel! Ann those cards are gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I too have one of the cutting boards, it lives at the cottage and I use it all the time.

Great cookbook set too!

Enjoy Adele.

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ahhh I knew it wasn't an ironing board - hee hee!

Lucky you Adele - what a great package...and I too have been lusting over those cards. They're gorgeous!

Oh, just went back and read - yup Ann, you win for "bending" the rules - a double volume...hee hee hee.


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Nope, don't give those cards away. Too pretty.

Great, great books. Perfect motivation for fall/winter baking.

I also have a Lee Wolf board and treasure it. I'm sure you will too, especially coming from Ann.

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What a great package! That wood is beautiful, and the cards are definitely keepers--what a nice personal touch. Can't wait to see the pics of the bread you bake using that cookbook, catlover!

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Those are wonderful gifts. So well thought-out and caring. I love that bread board. I never heard of Lee Wolf before - could someone educate me about him/her? And those cards - the only thing better than keeping them all would be to use them to send notes to your CF buddies.


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Adele, you are so welcome. I really had fun putting this together for you. I knew right from the start that I wanted to shape my gift to you around "bread".

And I didn't really cheat. The two books came as a set, so that makes them "ONE". LOL!

I can't believe how quickly it arrived either. I mailed it last Thursday and had to ask the driver at the post office to please wait as I filled out the custom forms. He was doing the 4:30 pickup. If I'd missed it the package wouldn't have got off the Island until Friday. As it was, it arrived over on the mainland that evening and had actually cleared Customs and had "arrived in the destination country" by Friday morning. I couldn't have mailed it to anywhere in Canada and had it arrive that quickly. LOL!



PS. Please tell your daughter how impressed I am too that she is baking bagels.

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Oh my ! What wonderful goodies ! You'll really use them often & for years to come .

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Lucky you, Adele! I am positively green with envy over that board. I think I might frame those cards, too. Enjoy:)

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Adele, you are the recipient of a lovely swap box! Those Lee Wolf boards are beautiful, aren't they? Bread and Pasta...what more could anyone want? And those cards....I would be tempted to frame them and start a "mini gallery" on a wall in my kitchen. Not sure I coud part with any of them!

Great job as usual, Ann!

PS...Lynn, Lee Wolf is a local artist in Ann's area. Many of us are lucky enough to have one of his beautifully handcrafted cutting boards in our kitchens.


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Great package! I also would have loved to receive every single item she sent. Both those cookbooks would be very very welcome here, and the breadboard is awesome. I don't really have one of those. And I know everybody here is lusting after those picture cards.Nice job Ann. Lucky you, Adele.

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Wow, wow, wow! Great package Ann! Those handmade cards are gorgeous! I always catch my breath everytime I open one of your pictures. Please sign me up on the request list for your customer list! I'd gladly buy a few packages... one to keep and the rest to bestow on lucky friends!

Adele, that bread book sounds like the perfect thing for you. I can imagine your hot fresh bread proudly displayed on that gorgeous board, served with a nice hot pasta dish! . Mmmm, what time should I be there?

;) Dolores

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What a wonderful swap package. Ann always knows just what to send, doesn't she!

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Those cutting boards are very beautiful, and you will be able to enjoy that and the rest for a long time. I like the durable gifts, especially when they are practical and attractive. How nice also that you got a double book, but I agree with Ann that it is a set and therefore counts as one item! I would not accuse her of bending a rule!!


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Yes, Ann, you've got to love the US post! They're amazingingly speedy.

What a great package to receive Adele! I do love the cards, the board and Beard! Practical, yet beautiful. Nice job, Ann!


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oooh oooh lucky you! You're right that ain't no ironin board..
It sure is a beauty!
And Ann's cards..what a treasure those are!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Fantastic package! I love the board, it's a beautiful piece! The cards are so nice! A perfect swap package from Ann! ENjoy it all, Adele!

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What fabulous gifts!!! I really do love those cards. I would really love to buy some, as any recipient would be literally drooling over them. :-))) I do believe you could market those, ann.


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What special gifts! The James Beard bread cookbooks and the beautiful board are a perfect duo. The cards - WOW! They are truly works of art! Ann, I'm echoing "I wish you would market your cards".

Adele, enjoy!

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MMMMMM..Now I would love to have that oatmeal walnut bread recipe..Has anyone posted it?

Can I make the dough in the bread machine?

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Lucky Adele! Such appropriate gifts for this swap as well as classic.

I'll bet the cards would be snapped up in a boutique.

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What a wonderful package. Make sure to post pics of the yummy bread when you make some;)


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Oh, Adele that is a very thoughtful package! Ann you as usual, did a great job.

Tell me about the bread....I am getting a little adventurous too!


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Such wonderful gifts! How much fun you're going to have with them, Adele. Ann, you are so talented with your cooking and photography, and generous, to boot!


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Those are really fabulous! Small numbers are beautiful!

Those cards are gorgeous -- what a wonderful way to send notes to foodie-friends!

Great package!

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Dang. I was pretty darned sure I was getting a fancy ironing board, but NOOOOOOOO. Just my luck. Well, poo. If someone had to get the perfect box, it may as well be you, Adele.

But if Anne had TRULY been caring, she would have sent the box to Colorado. If she TRULY had insight, she would have known how much I wanted all those goodies.

Oh well. It was too soon for me to get one anyway.

From one cat lover to another, congratulations on getting a great three, I mean four, gifts. Harumph.

(Hey can I cheat too?)

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Oh Ann, you did it again. I knew there had to be fabulous gifts in that beautiful wrapping paper.

Enjoy your goodies catlover :)

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Ann, You do put a beautiful package together. I just love those boards and your notecards really are pieces of art. I couldn't write on them either. I can't wait for some recipes from those books.

Enjoy that terrific package Adele!


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Wow! Ann, nicely done!

Adel, I can't bring myself to write on the notecards that Ann sent me. Enjoy your lovely package!

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Ann, as the great swap guardian and guru, would NEVER cheat! If she says they are a set, they are a set!

Those cards are incredible. I too always look forward to Ann's posts just to see her pix. Of course the info is always worth reading as well. And no, I couldn't USE them!

The board is lovely. I knew Ann would send one again since we always drool over them.

Great package. Janet

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Ironing board, LOL!

Beautiful cutting board, books and cards Ann.

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Hey, I didn't cheat. Honest. This was a two volume set of James Beard on Bread /Beard on Pasta in one hard cover sleeve. Not two books purchased separately. So there. LOL!


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Well, shoot. I thought I was gonna get a new mini-ironing board. I need one so bad!

Adele, you are so lucky to have received that fabulous assortment. And, no, I don't think Ann cheated. She just took full advantage of the rules to send you a super-duper swap gift.

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What a great collection! I love the cutting board. The notecards are beautiful and you can't go wrong with Beard on Bread. Enjoy it all, Adele!

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Wow! They are all so beautiful! As a carb girl myself (but fighting it) your cookbooks and bread board are awesome. I can even smell the bread board from here!

And I just love those note cards!! Ann, would you sell a set?

Great swap!!

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What a nice package,

the note cards are just beautiful and the bread board, who wouldn't like that and then the James Beard cookbook. I have this cookbook and it is one of my favorites!

Have fun, Adele and Ann didn't cheat, there are cookbooks that come in a multiples or packaged together.

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Beautiful items, especially that cutting board. Looking forward to hearing about the fabulous bread and pasta dishes you make!

Ann cheated. hehehehehe

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Another one that has one of those cool boards. I know you will love it Adele. I have a set of those cards too and just can't bring myself to use them either....I'm thinking framing and hanging in the kitchen. Enjoy it all! I'll be awaiting a recipe from the books too. Great package Ann!


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Adele, you a lucky swapper. Ann you have done it again. James Beard cookbooks are a work of art as is the bread board. The cards take the cake for me because they we made just for you!

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Another awesome piece of art; actually, pieces of art with the board AND the cards. The cookbooks are just perfect! Wonderful swap package, Ann. Adele, enjoy it all!

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Those cards are so delicious! They're beautiful! The cookbooks sound terrific! The bread board is lovely. Enjoy Adele!

Great job Ann!

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Nice food porn, Ann. You're a lucky one, Adele, the notecards are beautiful. And so is the board (coming from another person who fondles and sniffs wood, hehe). And you can't go wrong with Beard...appy carb-loading!

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Excellent choices, Ann! The package is just wonderful. How are you going to part with any of those cards, Adele!

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