30' slide in electric range - Bosch, KA, or Jenn-Air?

lkplatowNovember 19, 2007

Hi all! I have to replace my 30" electric slide in range and because of the kitchen layout, I need one that has either no handle or a very small handle on the warming drawer. (The dishwasher smacks into the warming drawer handle when the door is fully open). I want stainless steel, electric smoothtop (we have no gas service), and convection, and from what I can tell, my choices given the drawer handle situation are limited to Bosch, Jenn-Air, and KitchenAid. I think there was a Dacor one that would have worked as well, but at $3700, it's way out of my league.

The KA is cheapest at $1775. The Jenn-Air is in the mid $1800 range and the Bosch is $2100. I had a bad experience with KA customer service over our dishwasher and am not enthused about buying from them again, though I will do so if that's the best choice. The Jenn-Air is gorgeous and I love the layout of the cooktop but I have read so many bad things about them on this forum, epinions, etc. that I am scared off. And while the Bosch seems to get good reviews, I like the burner layout on the cheapest model but that does not come with an all stainless door - it has a black door which I think would look bad in the kitchen (light colored cabs). The all-stainless Bosch has a 12" burner that throws off the symmetry of the cooktop - the back burner behind that 12" burner is shoved way into the corner, which bugs me. I have no pots that big and would never use that 12" burner anyhow. The higher-end Bosch also has a temperature probe - I've never had one of those before and am not sure if I'd use it either (I'd welcome any feedback on that as well!)

I'd love some feedback from owners of these appliances or anyone who has researched and rejected them. The last couple appliances I bought (after what I *thought* was careful research) turned out to be duds and I'm already having convulsions about spending ~$2K on a stove, so I really don't want to make another mistake here! Thanks so much!

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I've been where you are. I also didn't want a bottom handle on the range, as one big handle is more than enough. I dismissed the Jenn-Air due to all the bad reviews/repair records from people in the business. I didn't like the lip on the KA (from smoothtop to controls). I liked the clean lines on the Bosch and Jenn-Aire, but the Bosch won hands down because of it's reviews and style.

We have the SS Integra and love it. It's roomy. The cooktop heats up quickly. The fan does come on whenever the oven is turned on but it's not loud, IMO. We haven't used the probe yet, so I can't tell you about that.

We're quiet pleased with this range.

Word of advice: Just make sure the minimum height of the Bosch will work with the height of your current countertops. If your countertops are less than 36", the Bosch will be higher than your counters. Our counters were lower so we had to build them up in order to make the range fit properly over the counter. I wasn't about to return the Bosch for one I didn't care for; I liked it too much. Also, if you don't have a slide-in currently, you'll need the 3" filler piece behind the range b/c the range does not touch the wall. The Bosch does not come with this peice - at least mine didn't.

Any questions, let me know.


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Deb - I am glad you posted because I never even considered the counter height. Of course ours are 35.5". How did you build up your counters?

I'm SO frustrated right now. All this started because my dishwasher is broken. I can't get a new dishwasher because the door is going to hit the warming drawer handle on the stove. OK, the stove is on its last legs too, so I'll just get a new one. Nope, I can't get a new stove because my counters are too short and my cutout isn't deep enough. I suppose I could just get rid of the slide-in and buy a freestanding stove - then counter height and cutout doesn't matter. Or I could just get drawer dishwashers but my sister has a set and they've flooded her kitchen repeatedly in the 5 months since she moved into her house, so no thanks.

I have half a mind to tear the whole dang kitchen out and start over. Too bad I don't have the budget for it. Argh!!!!

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I love my Bosch Integra and I do use the temp probe all the time. Basically you insert it in the oven before preheating, the range prompts you for the temp of the desired food when done (like 165). You insert the other end into the food and then when it reaches the desired temp the oven alerts you and I believe shifts to warm. I had a bad habit of overbaking meats...not anymore.

Can you remove the flooring under the range? I have hardwood and the installer didn't put hardwoods there...so maybe that would help?

Check the bosch install guide...maybe it will fit? They have it on their website.

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Patches - I sent you an email earlier today through gardenweb. If you didn't get it, can you please email me through my webpage, which you can get to through the My Page link. I'd love it if you could send me some pictures of your range installed, showing me what the sides look like and how far out from the cabinets it protrudes. None of my local dealers have a slide-in range on the floor for me to look at, and I am working with such tight clearances that I really need to know some EXACT measurements. I called the Bosch toll-free number and the woman who answered was completely useless - "we don't have dimensions for our products" - WTH??? Can you tell I'm having a bad day?

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Hello --- I emailed you through gardenweb...I didn't receive your email.

So tell me what measurements you need to know and I will take them.


Oh and here are the published dimensions


it says the unit with lip is 31" wide, unit itself is 29 5/16 without the lip and depth is 25 5/8, height 36". I can definitly take any measurements you would like.

Install guide which has a ton of details


Also, the metal strip that you can use to bridge the gap at the back was much to shallow for my counters...guess mine must be a bit deeper than standard.

Just let me know which measurements you need and I'll take them...

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We built up our cabinet by putting 3/4" plywood on top of the cabs before the granite went in. This gave us the height we needed to slide the range right into place without any gapping. Then we had to get matching cabinet trim that will cover up the plywood so the cabinets looked finished. This is not installed yet.

We tried EVERYTHING to make the range work without having to build up the cabs - everything. If you don't put a floor underneath the range, just make sure you have the clearance to open the bottom drawer. I hope that makes sense. We took out the plywood under the range hoping that would drop the range height but the door scraped the floor when opening it because the rest of the floor was 1/2 higher with the plywood and vinyl floor.

The Bosch is 36" high at its extreme minimum height (even lowering the feet), so you will be 1/2" too high with that range there. It's not recommended to remove the feet because if you ever have to pull the range out for any reason later, you can scratch up the floor badly.

I'm not sure what to tell you, but I feel your pain. I was beside myself when we ran into these issuses with the height. Luckily, we made it work and I hope you can too.

If you need anything, let me know.

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We have done significant research for a kitchen that we are remodeling in a small condo that is all electric. We had decide that the final three were the KA, Jenn-Air, and Bosch. We do have a Jenn-Air in our current home. We had decided that the Bosch was the best for a variety of reasons. Then we saw a Kenmore Elite that had two 12 inch elements in front which is preferable for my cooking. We were all set to go with the Kenmore when we stumbled upon induction. Now we are planning on an electric induction cooktop on top of an electric oven. This will cost more than the Bosch or the Kenmore. However, many folks on this forum rave about induction so we are going to try it. Good luck in your research.

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FWIW, I have the Bosch HES7282U (freestanding, full stainless). Love the range, love how it cooks.....my counters are a standard 36...more or less. The range is flush on one side and about 1/4" below on the other and the range itself is level. I never really noticed it until I read your post and went to measure. It's amazing how things vary by a 1/4 of an inch or so depending on where you measure. At any rate, the range is terrific.....love the convection roast and broil features. Makes a killer roast chicken. Can't wait to see what it does with the turkey!

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I really want to purchase te 30" slide in range but I have a problem that I can't figure out how to solve. I already have granite countertops and recently had tile installed in my older kitchen. My countertop is only 35 1/4" high and the slide in range is too tall for a flush fit. I have left over granite from the old backsplash - could I have the extra granit installed creating a stepped effect to bring the countertop up an inch for a flush fit for the slide in or will tha look stupid. Any other ideas?

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