all-clad vs henckels??

victoriajaneJuly 8, 2009

Re: stainless steel tri-ply, I'm noticing in my research that many of the so-called "tri-ply" or "multi-ply" cookware sets are multi-clad on the bottom only versus all the way up the sides, the latter being better for cooking in terms of even heat distribution. I know All-clad is fully clad, and I've just discovered the classic clad line from Henckels which is significantly cheaper. As they are both fully clad, is there anything that makes the All-Clad superior? I'm leaning toward Henckels at the moment. Also, are there any other fully (bottom to rim) multi-clad cookware brands I should be researching? Thanks !

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We have a variety of cookware, including AC. We do have one Henckels, a 5-quart saute pan, and find it of comparable quality to the AC. It is fully clad. It's an extremely good value. I think Amazon has that pan for $99, free shipping.

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Thanks for the response suzyq3. I just ordered the 5 quart casserole/saute pan from Amazon for $69.99 with free shipping! Of all the cookware I need at the moment, this is the one I need most, or at least will get the most use out of. I'm really looking forward to it; I'm sure I'll love it. Re: additional Henckels cookware, I sure would like to "test drive" those handles in person but there is not a dealer nearby so it will have to be a leap of faith if I decide to go that route. Also I've read that the multiple rivets on the Henckels handles are a pain to clean, so we'll see. I sampled All-Clad this week and decided it is not for me (had a problem with the handles.)

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Keep an eye out at your local TJMaxx as well. Lately, I've picked up several pieces of the KitchenAid 5ply fully clad as well at very reasonable prices. The KitchenAid 5 ply also has 3 rivets on it's handles.

Hope that helps as well.

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I hate the handles on Henckels, and there are rumors of leaks near the rivets. Check out Cuisinart Multiclad Pro and Cuisinox. (Both at Amazon) Both are fully clad, not only bottoms, and handles are riveted too. The Cuisinart is a very good deal. IMHO Cuisinart Pro pans are almost as good as AC (slightly worse shape but better handles), pots are better (all pots have pouring lips, some of my AC pots do not). Cuisinox is excellent but is getting close to A/C in price. One nice thing about Henckels, Cuisinart, Cuisinox, Le Creuset, Mauviel, etc, is that they are all metric sized, so the covers are interchangeable and most cookware is in 3 basic sizes: 20 cm ~ 8in, 24cm ~ 9.5 in, and 28cm ~ 11in. Some of the AC pans I have do not match anything else (10.5 in?).

-- CF

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