Modifying a stove burner for more power?

jamesfjamesfNovember 16, 2012

I've seen the post about making a Capital burner into a simmer by plugging holes and getting the proper orifice jet, but nothing about taking an $800 low end stove and making the burners more powerful. I have a hard time justifying a 10x increase in price just to get burners with a nice flame size/pattern and knobs that adjust the flame more finely than "some", "lots", "off".

Would love to hear from the tinkerers out there.



(please spare us the handwringing of how dangerous this will be. i know exactly how dangerous :-) )

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Most of your low end stoves will not be capable of that type of modification. They don't have the piping or pressure regulators necessary to supply the gas for super high BTU burners. That's why they are lower end.

On the other hand, if you're talking taking something like a Bluestar's 18K BTU burner and changing it out for a 22K BTU burner, that's readily doable. All of the "support system" is already in place, and all you need to do is to change the jet and do a bit of tinkering and you're set.

But, no way you're gonna get a 9K BTU consumer grade range up to a 22K one. That IS dangerous and misguided.

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Nah, 18 -> 22 wouldn't be worth the effort. But having an 18k burner on my Maytag or whatever it is sure would be nice. and would save me $3400 since I wouldn't buy the GE Cafe I looked at yesterday...

(though if I still had the Viking with it's infernal identical 6 burners I'd for sure have tried to hack it up)


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