Griddle for Lacanche?

leslie3wilsonNovember 30, 2011

Hello! We are about to buy the Citeaux in Red (gulp) and are wondering if anyone had thoughts ref: grill on top? Does it work like the griddle in the wolf cooktop? We like to make pancakes/bacon ect.? Maybe grill meat?

Thank you for your help :)


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You mean the one that just sits over two of the burners? We have the one from lacanche. It is very heavy! This is good because it maintains it's temperature better than the lighter duty ones. Its bad because it takes a while to get to the right temp.

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leslie3wilson - How do you like the citeaux? What did you decide on the grill? Did you get a plancha or the removable one that joeboldt mentions?

I love the Molteni but I'm getting very nervous about this decision b/c I'll be only 1 of 2 owners here in Ontario... not sure about the rest of Canada.

I am also considering the Citeaux and would love to hear feedback.


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This is an older thread but I thought that I would update it and add a bit. I used the griddle on a Cluny for three years. I usually placed it over the two 11k burners to make sandwiches or pancakes. The griddle is heavy and very nice. I used a little butter to keep pancakes from sticking.

On simmer the the burners were a little hot for pancakes so I would usually get it hot and turn one off. That worked pretty well. I really should have used the othe two burners but they were on the other side from where I liked to work. If I paid more attention and turned them a little faster it worked fine but I was lazy and tying to eat at the same time.

For virtually everything else it was great.

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With the griddle, do you put it over the burner grates or just over the burner and remove the grates?

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