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Roberta_z5July 8, 2005

I got these at Sam's Club a number of years ago and on a small sauce pan and a saute pan, I can now start to see silver where the non-stick material was. We have been very careful to only use non-stick utensils, but we cook a lot and these pans have been heavily used. (There is absolutely no flaking, just scratch marks.)

Question is: Is there any danger in continuing to use these pans? They are very heavy and we really love them, but is this a Teflon coating that is coming off and does it really matter if it is? Could I just re-season them maybe?

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If the Teflon coating is coming off, I would toss them. You cannot re=season them.
That is one reason I won't buy any pans that are teflon lined. The heat eventually damages the seals,along if you put them in the dish washer, even if it says ok.

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