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mommy2nkNovember 1, 2012

I need to decide on a dishwasher today. I have seen all the dishwashers there are and now just need to pick one. My budget is $1000 dollars and if I am lucky I can find a great Black Friday deal. Right now I am considering a KitchenAid dishwasher but I am not sure which one I should get or if there is a better one with my budget. I would appreciate some input on this. I want stainless steel with or without handle.

Thanks so much!

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Most veteran members of the Appliance Forum would agree that Miele is tops in Dishwashers.

In link is a floor model G5105SS Miele Futura Crystal Pre-Finished Full Size Dishwasher. This is the best bang for the buck DW in the line.It has all the major features of the line including built-in water softner but not some of the sensors,fancy racks,and other bells and whitsles.

Normally sells for $1299 plus $99 shipping plus tax. And that is usually a firm price becuase these are price controlled.

Floor model selling for $1150 delivered to your door.

I have a Miele DW that is discontinued now.

Placed a casserole dish last night where I made au gratin potatoes with requisite burnt on cheese and potatoes.

I did no pre-rinsing just scrapped off the non-burnt potatoes. Friends I had over were highly sceptical the dish would come out clean.

Used pots and pans program with optional soak feature.

To the amazement of guest came out perfect.

I highly recommend.

Highly water and electricity efficient to boot.

High quality Made in Germany product.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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On the recommendation of aants & others I bought that model-G5105SC Miele Futura Crystal w/ the controls on the front(it has a cutlery rack which you would like) $1529.99, I bought it last year but didn't install until this past Summer. It's a great dishwasher. It is easy to load, cleans well and very, very quiet. deeageaux is correct that is a great price for that model.

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I will answer your question specific to the Kitchenaid DWs. In order to save money, I would skip the DWs with the built-in disposer, since the disposers are pretty useless and just add noise. Also, some KA models come with a cutlery tray the way the Mieles do. I love the cutlery tray on the Mieles, but on the KA, not as much, cause it's more clunky and uses up more space than the tray on the Mieles. So, you can save more money by buying a KA with the traditional basket instead of the cutlery tray. We have the KA DW with the "40" in the model number, and really like it. We wanted the model that was panel-ready due to our kitchen design. The same model is available without the panel-ready option, and with the stainless steel door. I am linking it below at a website showing it at $989 for the stainless steel model. We bought ours online, free shipping, and saved a lot that way (if you have someone able to hook it up).

Be aware that some of the KA's stick out about 1/2" more than other brands. They have more interior room, but you will not achieve a perfectly flush look. We didn't care, because our counters are deeper than the standard 24". Other people have recessed behind the DW that 1/2" to be perfectly flush with their cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchenaid DW KUDE40FX

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Thank you for your information on the Miele dishwasher. I have seen on here that the Miele's are well favored. I saw a few in a local showroom but they were well over my price point. The one in the link has since sold. I would love to be able to keep the price point below $1000 if possible. We just had some unexpected expenses come up with our backyard project.

My cabinets will be the standard 24 depth. I am looking at the current set up and the dishwasher sticks out maybe 1/2" or slightly less but the drawers on my cabinets sick out a little bit further. I will have to check on the specs but I think it should be okay if I went with one with a little more depth. Another dishwasher I was considering was one of the Kenmore Elites Any feedback on Kenmore Elite?
I am going to your link right now to check that model out. Thank you!

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mommy2-I know they are pricey ! I bought a used refrigerator(it's a bottom freezer---I love it---but I need to get the door reversed) and kept my mr. magic chef(which works fine for now) so I could get this DW and an undercounter KA second fridge. Go with what you can to save money and spend it where you really want to.

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Kenmore Elites are rebranded KitchenAid DWers.

Fine DWers. Miele significantly better.

Rather than KE 13923 I would get Miele Futura Classic delivered to your door for $950 in link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Some Kenmore DWs are/were rebadged Bosch. I don't know whether any are/were under the Elite label.

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Thank you to everyone for all your input on this. This will be the first dishwasher I have ever purchased. Every home that my husband and I have lived in came with a dishwasher. I called a local showroom (found on the KitchenAid "Where to Buy")for pricing on a KA dishwasher. Well, it was $250 more then online. He then he told me he had a couple of other models he could sell for less. He gave me pricing on the KUDE70FXSS for $1019. I called all the other stores around here as well as look on-line and I didn't see it anywhere else for under $1350. One of the stores that is just down the street and is known to price match, said they couldn't at that price. I called the showroom back and asked how he can sell it for so much less. I wanted to make sure it wasn't refurbished and that it was brand new. It is and he said they bought them in bulk reducing their cost and in turn the selling price. I am going to go on Monday but if it all checks out I will get that model for $1097 out the door. He also had the KUDE60fxss for $60 less..

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Just be aware - I have a 3-yr old KA and it's a very good DW (spent around what you're getting quoted) - but it is NOT as well-made as the Miele and the KA definitely gets noisier as it gets older.

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Why aren't you buying the DW online? Free shipping, no sales tax. Also, my experience at Sears is that they will try to match the online prices - have you asked Sears?

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I called a local showroom (found on the KitchenAid "Where to Buy")for pricing on a KA dishwasher. Well, it was $250 more then online.

OK, I don't know what "showroom" you are going to, but I assume you are talking about the KA KUDE40FX that I linked above. If you don't wish to buy online, go to your local Best Buy. I just checked. The BestBuy website has that KA model for $1080 (you have to click where it says "see price in cart" to see the lower price), i.e. $91 more than the price I linked above. If you go to your local Best Buy store, and you show them the online price at AJ Madison (an authorized KA dealer BTW) of $989, they will match it. The Best Buy near me offers free appliance delivery and installation, so yours should as well. Judging from your post above, you are making it too hard for yourself. Go to Best Buy, or, probably Sears would be just as willing to match prices if you'd rather go to Sears.

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The model they quoted me on is this one:

If it all checks out and this is actually a brand new dishwasher , no where else even online is offering it below $1350. My husband and I went to the showroom yesterday to see if in fact it was this dishwasher and it was. The guy was busy and we had are kids running around so I am going back tomorrow to get further info. I called back later in the day and another sales guy quoted the same price. I think it is an amazing deal, if in fact it all checks out. I will update tomorrow.

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Oh wait, I just realized, Best Buy has the stainless model at $989 already, and the "Pro Line stainless" model at $1080. I think the "Pro Line stainless" has a different door handle and more sound insulation, otherwise it's the same. Though often when there is extra sound insulation, it may be smaller inside. You could go to the store to see if there's much of a difference, since they're both the KA KUDE40FX. Regardless, the non-Pro is within your budget, and the "Pro Line" is $80 over your budget.

You have to click SEE PRICE IN CART to see the sale price

KA KUDE40FX at Best Buy

KA KUDE40FX "Pro" at Best Buy

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Your post crossed with mine. It looks like you've upped your budget over the $1000 that you originally posted. My advice was for your original budget. If you are getting the KA "70" make sure you like its features.

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I am going tomorrow to check it out but I did comparisons on the Ka website and the features seem nice. My budget $1000 and the quoted $1019, so I think that is good. The showroom is one that sells all the high end appliances. I didn't even know about it but the info was on the KA website. They are selling the one below this for $60 less then this one too.

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I another thread someone gave an excellent review of one of the KUDE6O models. That is higher end than the 40 and has te 3rd shelf. I went on line and found one at $899.98 plus about 40 or 50 bucks shipping. It was at the pcrichards site. I would check that out since the price seems to be the best I could get. Only caveat is there are several flsvors of the 60 so it might not be the one you want.

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Thank you for those links. I am curious, you mentioned making sure I like the features on the dishwasher. Are there features on the KUDE70FXSS that would dissuade you from getting it. If the quote from this place is in fact $1019 on that model, between this one and the one you have link which is better? Thanks so much!

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In answer to your question, the KUDE70 is a very good machine from what I've read on this forum. It has some extra features that the lower KA models do not. It has the cutlery tray. Like I said previously, I really like the Mieles' cutlery tray. I just didn't like the KA's cutlery tray as much, and DH really didn't like it - just personal opinion. The KUDE70 has the disposer, which isn't a bad thing; I just wouldn't pay up for it. I believe the KUDE70 is supposed to be one of KA's quietest DWs, which is a nice advantage. Particularly if your kitchen is open to the living room you will want a more quiet DW. They must have a lot of insulation to get it so quiet. We can hear our KUDE40 from the living room, but it's not so loud that you need to turn up the TV or anything like that; but we are aware it is running. When we were shopping for a DW, the KUDE70 was significantly more expensive than the KUDE40, and DH refused the cutlery tray, so our decision was easy. Since you would be getting a great price on the KUDE70, your decision should be based on the features you want.

You should check whether you like the layout - how the tines are set up and so forth. Bring with you to the store one of your dinner dishes and a pot, pan and/or platter that you put in the DW often, and see how they fit in any of the DWs you are considering. It will help you in your decision.

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We have the KUDE70 and really like it. It is extremely quiet. Make sure you have the depth for it between the back wall and front of the cabinets. We bought the model that allowed us to put a cabinet panel on the front.

DW doesn't like the cutlery tray so we took it out (although I liked it...)

We would buy the same dishwasher again. You got a great price for yours!!!


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For 35 years we had a Hobart built Kitchenaid. Two years ago we replaced it with a Miele Diamante. The cleaning quality is excellent and I would not choose anything else.

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Okay, I didn't realize it had the disposal. I assumed that it did not since it was so quite. I saw the cutlery tray but I am not sure I how feel about it. I have always just had a basket. I know many like the Miele dishwasher but I guess since I am more familiar with all the other brands it is hard to break away for that idea. Goodness, I need to figure this out like yesterday. I may re-explore the one Alwaysfixin linked. As far as my cabinet depth it is the standard 24" but I don't think it will be a problem since the counters will hang over and the drawers are full overlay on the sides. Thanks again!

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The 70 is the top of the line which m akes it a better deal than the 60. Where did you see that price again?

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I believe alwaysfixin is wrong about the built in disposer. The last time I was at the Kitchenaid site all the 60 and 70 models just used a super filter I believe. I would not rule them out in any case. why don't you go to and check it out for yourself. If my link doesn't get you there just google it.

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Nerdyshopper is correct! I got my information from the ajmadison website. It lets you sort DWs by which come with a disposer; when I clicked "no" for disposer to see which DWs didn't have one, the KUDE70 didn't come up. The KA website though doesn't mention that the KUDE70 has one. Sorry for the confusion.

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Nerdyshopper, the price is from a custom showroom here in town (KIVA). I got their information off of the KA website and didn't even know it was here. We stopped buy on Saturday with our kids and the sales guy was busy with another customer. It has all the high end appliances (Viking, Wolf, Thermador, KitchenAid Pro etc.). He did show me the dishwasher and it is in fact the KUDE70. They are offering it at a price that two stores refused to match. I am leaving right now to ask further question and to make sure it is in fact a brand new unit. If it is, then I think this will be the one I will go with. I have looked on several websites and no one sells it for less then $1350. If I can get it for $1019 I think it is a great deal. I will update in a couple of hours. Thank you!

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I am awaiting delivery of our Bosch, at our previous home we replaced a 13 month old dead Whirlpool with a Bosch for $600 plus delivery and install, stainless inside and out - quiet and worked amazingly well.

Sadly we had to leave it when we sold the condo and our new place came with a low quality Frigidaire. It just died too and we're replacing it with another Bosch, this one in white (still stainless inside) to match our cabinets, and on sale for $500. I would definitely never buy another dishwasher made by the Whirlpool/Frigidaire/Kitchen Aide/Maytag megabrand myself, after being so unhappy with that Whirlpool.

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I saw a negative thread a while ago on Bosch. I suggest you also read that thread It is now on page 3 and its title is: "Please help me love my Bosch dishwasher"

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I bought the KitchenAid KUDE70FXSS. It is a brand new unit from the factory. I just couldn't pass it up being the top of the line KA dishwasher. The price was $1019+tax and no one else could sell it for that price. I won't get a chance to use it until next year (January/February) but I am sure I will be pleased. Thank you for everyone's input and feedback!

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mommy2nk....I, too, am a new owner of the KitchenAid KUDE70FXSS.
It will be installed this coming week and I'll let you know how I like it.
After searching all week for dishwasher, I could not find a store that had more than 2 models of KA to show me and they were the lower end series.
If I wanted to wait 2-3 wks for delivery and shop blind, any model was available. Finally I contacted one last dealer in the city, who when I asked about the KUDE60, replied that he didn't have that one in stock but he had a brand new, still in the crate, KUDE70fxss, that I could have for $1199.
It took me 15 min to drive there and 10 min. to see it, pay for it and leave.
While your price is better than mine, I think we both got lucky this week.
The irony is that this is KA's quietest model and I am deaf.LOL

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On another thread I read a very unhappy Kitchenaid owner telling all his troubles with constant breakdowns and bad service and factory responses. I wonder if any of you are familiar with that thread and would care to comment.

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I read posts on another forum a few mins ago from three different people expressing frustration and dissatisfaction with MieleUSA service. One person was told by the Miele service rep that her frontload washer (yes, I know this is a dishwasher discussion) is 20 years old and thus the wiring has gone brittle from age and Miele will no longer service the machine.

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nerdy shopper...the reviews on the KA compared to Bosch, Miele, etc., etc.
were all the same. Some like and some hate. At some point, one has to jump in and take a chance. If you are truly a comparative shopper, than you know that there is no perfection out there. My online research has been extensive, since I cannot communicate any other way, and found no brand that left me feeling confident. Why do you ask?

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I've had my KA '60' model since '05. It did a weird thing once where all the lights started flashing. A web-search showed that it was a common issue where it would shut down if it could not heat the water to 140* in a prescribed amount of time. Lesson: use hot water.

The other things about this unit is that, with the chopper, some stuff (jar labels, broken glass, things falling in from the counter top...) get down into the chopper and block the screen. Symptom is poor cleaning on the top rack. Solution involves removing both racks, removing top/bottom sprayer, removing cover (4 TORX screws) and then cleaning out the filter screen. Replace all in reverse order. (There are YouTube videos out there for this.)

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We bought the KUDE40FX earlier this year and I'm happy with it. It's not dead silent like the Miele in our last house but pretty close. The models 60 & 70 will have even more sound insulation.

The bottom line is that after months of use we actually use only the 1 hour wash cycle most of the time without heated dry. At the end of the 1 hour was, crack the door open a bit and the dishes are dry in 15 or so minutes. It's great. The Pro Wash and Pro Scrub cycles can take 2.5 hours plus an extra 20 minutes if you select the dry option. After reading the manual about the water usage etc for the different cycles the difference was so minimal to me that those extended automatic cycles weren't really worth bothering with most of the time.

The Model prefix denotes what type of machine it is.. KUDE have filters, no disposer,, KUDS, I think have disposer. If I find out what they all mean I'll post it.

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Following up on KitchenAid model coding

KUDC & KUDS models. They have the traditional self cleaning filter wash system & 4 way lower wash arm.

Also there are machines that have the letter "E" in the model number and they are the European filter based washed system with variable speed wash motor and alternating spray arms. Quieter and more energy efficient. "S" shaped spray arms

FX=fully integrated controls on top of the door & towel bar handle. Certain models feature a cycle sequence LED on upper right corner of the front door panel.

FXPA=same as above---accepts custom door panels to match your cabinets

SX=fully integrated with top controls, towel bar handle and on-board water softener

IX=traditional console with visible front controls, cycle sequence LED & pocket handle

CX=same as above, but has digital display-bar graph cycle sequence indicator

HX=fully integrated top controls with flush lever style handle on the front of the door

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ok folks, bottom line concern: after a few years, I feel that Kitchen Aid diswashers do get louder over time. I have a lower base model that I got 3-4 years ago and it sounds like a truck. I think I paid closer to $700 for it and the dcb was in the 50's. Yes, I know, 50's is probably not so quiet, but the point is that it got louder over time. So, I am considering a Miele...forget what version...its about $1300....thinking it will remain quiet over the years and I will get way more than 10 years of use. My remodel is open floor plan and need quiet and for that price, it better last. Contrary to what I just said, I am also tempted to consider the

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". . .bottom line concern: after a few years, I feel that Kitchen Aid diswashers do get louder over time. "

I am sure I read here on the GW forums that the DWs with the food grinders generally do get louder over time.
I know our Kenmore Elite (Whirlpool-made, who also make KA)
was really quiet when first installed twelve years ago. The past few years it was as loud as its predecessor and I don't know why.

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Hi - I have a question for folks with Miele's - first, if you could recommend ANY model, regardless of price, which would you recommend? I'm a believer that the most expensive isn't necessarily the best, but I'd like to hear opinions from those who have a Miele.

Second, if my flatware has mother-of-pearl handles that are not completely flat, am I going to be able to use that cutlery rack (which looks pretty awesome, by the way!) I'm worried from the photos that there wouldn't be enough room in the slot for the handle. They aren't very wide but they are certainly not the thin, flat handle.

I've attached a photo - these aren't my exact Lenox set (mine don't have that ring where the metal transitions to the handle,) but it's about that size on the handle.


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Don't do it! I absolutely hate my Kitchenaid dishwasher. I bought top of the line quiet model. Quiet, yes. Everything else, no. Originally, I called the salesperson who sold it to me and told him it didn't get the dishes clean. He sent someone out to show me how to use it. To get clean dishes, you have to put on extra cycle option. These options are Pro scrub, sani rinse, hi temp scrub. ridiculous...Tosses the glasses around and breaks them. I had to buy heavy every day glasses, so the dishwasher would 't break them. Still turns them upside down if it isn't full. Heat dry is so hot it cracks the glasses. Have I made it clear how much I hate this appliance? I think I paid around $1800 2 years ago, and I'm going to suck it up and buy a new dishwasher.

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