48" range or induction/steam combi/speed oven?

saeyedocNovember 3, 2013

Weighing options for major remodel.

1. 36" Induction cooktop with Combi steam and speed oven. Miele or wolf most likely candidates, possibly Gag.

Sleek modern look, lower ventilation requirements would allow more modern and cheaper hood.
Not good for wok cooking.

2. 48" range such as Bluestar Platinum

More industrial look. Better broiler. Have to bend down to use oven. Much more expensive ventilation requirements. Would still need microwave.

3. Some combination of the above? Maybe a mix of integrated elements such as induction burner, wok burner, griddle in combination with above wall ovens.

Will be in 50's modern house.

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1) 36" Induction vs 36" Bluestar rangetop. The ventilation requirements are not that much different particularly if you want to wok on a regular basis. You will still want at least a 36" x 24" deep hood with at least 450 cfm. 600 cfm for the Bluestar.

Differences is you will need a flat bottom induction compatible wok vs a traditional round bottom wok. Probably want the power burner in front or full surface induction. Some models may turn off when flipping/tossing food with wrist action on handle instead of utensil.

Sometimes you want direct fire cooking. Like fire roasting peppers or marshmallows.

2) You will need a more expensive hood because the 48" cooktop has 8 burners or combo of burners plus grill/griddle/French top/salamander.

You have to bend down for the oven but the oven is under the rangehood. Broiling salmon? It is properly vented under the range hood.

3) I have a 36" Capital Culinarian with rotisserie and self-clean oven underneath a 42" x 24" rangehood. Plus a Gaggenau 24" wall oven with an integrated Sharp microwave drawer underneath. I think the Gagg is the only oven currently on US market that has an integrated air catalyzer that cleans the air before exiting into your kitchen.

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Thanks. Note that option 1 was not 36" induction vs 36" gas.
The full surface induction cooktops look like a great concept. I need to look at Gagg appliances. They are very pricey, but I hear discounts can sometimes be had that can get them to near Miele pricing. Full surface will still be much more though. The Thermador is less, but I think it doesn't sit flush like the Gagg.
I think I can deal with a flat bottomed wok on induction, not like I use it much. I like that a griddle can be used on a full surface induction cooktop with fairly even heating.
I can use an outdoor grill or a broiler for roasting peppers, which I do a lot.
Any opinions on wall ovens? Is it worth getting a steam combi and speed oven over regular convection, or do I give up to much with the broilers in them?

Thanks again

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Is it worth getting a steam combi and speed oven over regular convection, or do I give up to much with the broilers in them?

It really depends on how much you value your time and how you like to cook.

I don't mind taking 40min- 1 hr to bake a batch of cookies.

Some people like having cookie dough in fridge and baking cookies in under 5 minutes in speed oven.

When I am really in a hurry, maybe once or twice a month, I eat take-out. Some people have a strong preference for roasting a 4 lbs chicken in 20 minutes.

How often do you steam fish and veggies? Some people buy a steam oven intending really healthy cooking habits in the future then use steam to reheat leftovers without dehydrating. Steam ovens are really good at reheating leftovers but kinda expensive if you are going to be using it simply as a microwave substitute to reheat day old Chinese takeout.

I think everyone should have at least one full size oven too. Turkeys, hams and what not.

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