Can't decide dishwasher purchase

Gamepro86xNovember 24, 2013

Here are the 2 I'm looking at (compare page):

Whirlpool WDT790SAYB

Our current model doesn't clean well - it's a contractor grade bare bones model that came with the house (estate made by whirlpool) doesn't even have water jets for the top rack... in order for stuff to come out clean all food has to be removed from the dishes.

I love all the options of the GE model (steam presoak, and hard food disposer) since in our house dishes tend to get thrown in still with food caked on them, sometimes not even scrapped first... I'm just a bit concerned on their reputation/reliability.

I'm open to other models as well - but want Stainless steel, and black outside finish.

Thanks for your help.

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The reality is if you don't scrape the hard food disposer is going to break within a few years. Yeah, when it comes to hard food disposers they don't make them like they used to.

Dishwashers without hard food disposers not only use less electricity but make less noise; they depend on enzymes in modern dishwasher detergent to breakdown food. But you need to clean the filter every three months or so because the enzymes can't break down everything.

The DDT575SGFBB is a discontinued model that is part of a generation of GE dishwashers that had a poor reputation. The new models have " 54% more jets" and have been completely revamped. The top names in dishwashers, like Bosch and Miele, have updates every 3-5 years because the old design works. The new GE dishwasher is basically a clean sheet design that implies the old one is not very good.

I would buy the Bosch Ascenta Series SHX3AR56UC in that price range but If I had to pick between the GE and Whirlpool I would take the Whirlpool.

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I second big D's Bosch rec, but I wouldn't get the Whirlpool or GE. No way no how.

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What about this one SHE3AR56UC compared to recommendation?


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The GE and Whirlpool models you referenced were both fully integrated that is why I recommended the fully integrated black Bosch.

If you want the controls displayed then get the SHE3AR56UC. Otherwise, they are the same.

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There is $150 price difference right now so ill take front controls if the rest is the same. lol

Thanks so much.

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Some models have self-cleaning filters, while others have filters that must be removed and clean manually, you should confirm the type of filtration system with the dealer so you will know what to expect in way of maintenance. This is certainly a priority feature.

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