WANTED: My partner's fuzzy math scores 100!

lynnalexandraOctober 25, 2006

Well, I am truly blown away and very touched. Deanna (the tease from Oregon) sent me the most amazing package. Somehow she managed to sneak 8 items into a 3 item swap. And boy are they magnificent.

Deanna did some great sleuthing. She got me the Barefoot Contessa's Parties cookbook. I love the Barefoot Contessa books, and I didn't have that one before. Someone on this forum mentioned it recently and I thought that's definitely one to put on my wish list. Deanna had a photo from this luscious book in her thread on a Package Headed East. Many of us were oohing and aahing over that picture. Well, it's mine - all mine. Yippee.

Her homemade item was a fall quilt with pumpkins and fall leaves and colors - with the words "punkin time" on it. It's absolutely wonderful - and so meaningful to me that my swap partner would send something so special. Deanna's thoughtfulness will add to my love for this quilt over the years. It will be interwoven in many holiday and family rituals. I'm not sure she could have sleuthed this fact out, but since my daughter turned 3, I have really gotten into decorating for the holidays. And the decorations and enjoyment grow every year. Her homemade quilt will take it's place in many years of family enjoyment.

Not only did Deanna give me this wonderful punkin quilt, she also sent something handmade for my daughter. A colorful tooth pillow, with a little pocket for leaving her tooth for the tooth fairy. Kyra (my daughter) just loves it. She was a bit amazed that someone she doesn't even know made her this tooth pillow. She wanted me to write here that "it's so pretty" and then she took it to bed with her.

The real fuzzy math came with the regional items. A box of items all from within 100 miles of Deanna in Oregon. Inside a box with a printed MADE IN OREGON stamp, were wonderful treats. Roasted hazelnuts (which I've already tried and are the best hazelnuts I've ever had), Smoke House wild smoked salmon, Cranberries (moist/dried for muffins, salads or just nibbling) and Marionberry jam. And to top it all off, a fabulous handcrafted cheeseboard (with built in slicer) made of Myrtlewood. Myrtle trees only grow in southwestern Oregon. I love the smell and the grain of this wood. It smells kind of nutty. Both my husband and I really appreciate wood grains. When we renovated our kitchen, we picked quarter-figured ash cabinets (with plain slab doors) because it was all about the beauty of the grain. I also have several artisan boxes made from different woods. And my husband collects guitars, where the beauty of the grain is part of the appeal (in addition to the sound). He was looking over my shoulder when I was opening the box, and said "Wow, that's nice" when he saw the cheeseboard.

Deanna, this really is a lovely, generous package. I'm very moved by your thoughtfulness.

I feel deeply contented.

Thank you so much.


PS - Deanna, you said you took photos. I can take photos, but I won't be able to get them on my computer and upload them until tomorrow. If yours are easy for you to post, could you please post them here. Thanks.

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Can't wait to see the pic of the quilt. What wonderful goodies, too!

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I'm also going to wait impatiently to see pictures of that quilt and of the board. My Dad was a furniture builder and he taught me to appreciate the smell, the feel, the grain of wood.

Congratulations, Lynn, it sounds like you got one very special swap box. I'm sure Kyra agrees.


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I too will stand with the crowd waiting to see pics of that quilt! It sounds lovely and just perfect to have for the holidays.

Very very nice box! Deanna, you did good ;-)

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That sounds like wonderful gifts. How thoughtful to include your daughter! I'm looking forward to the pictures. The quilt and tooth pillow sound very cute.


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Not fair! I'm trying so hard to only count to 3! Boy do I want to see that quilt AND tooth pocket.

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I recognized that it was a Barefoot Contessa book (though I wasn't sure which one). I love her cookbooks, too. Very accessible but delicious recipes. I just went to Oregon in August and know they have wonderful, wonderful food there. How special that Deanna put together such a great local package for you. And the quilt! Can't wait to see that!

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What a special package. Handmade by a swap partner is really special, isn't it.

Enjoy it all Lynnalexandra!

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Lynn how lucky you are to receive that quilt and tooth pillow. I just adore home made things like that and you're right, you'll have that quilt for years and years and always remember that Deanna made it for you. I can't wait to see pictures of everything!

Deanna, you outdid yourself.

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OK, here are the pics I took before sending (minus the inside of the cookbook, which you've already seen--grin).

The Oregon stuff WAS one GIFT PACK from our Made in Oregon store!!! It only counts as one!! Really.

And the tooth fairy pillow wasn't for Lynn!

Unfortunately, the cheese board was buried under the other stuff in the box, so Lynn, can you post that one separately?
You can just see part of the handle of the slicing part at the top of the photo.

The quilt is just a small (maybe 14" x 20") wall hanging.

Glad it arrived OK and hope you enjoy it all. Please post a recipe after you have a chance to try one!!

Deanna (who meant waaaayyyyy East! Lynn's in our nation's capital.)

Tooth Fairy Pillow


Gift Pack


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Absolutely terrific!

The quilt is adorable:)

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Oh, I love Ina Garten! And I love parties! That book is perfect!

Did you make the quilt, Deanna?

Great box!


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That is a very cute quilt. It is always so nice to have seasonal things like that to put out. I love the tooth pillow. That will be something that your daughter will treasure and it is so neat that she was made to feel special by someone she doesn't really even know--I am sure that will be a lasting memory for her.

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The quilt is amazing. How perfect as a centerpiece on a Fall table (do I dare say, "Tablescape"?!). Deanna, I'm assuming you also made that adorable tooth fairy pillow. I'm very impressed.

I also enjoy the Barefoot Contessa so am looking forward to your posting a few recipes. I think her recipes are normally sophisticated yet not intimidating for even novice cooks.

I like the "Made In Oregon" box. What a good idea...fun selection of goodies plus a handmade wood cheeseboard. You have hit the jackpot, for sure, Lynn. Don't forget to let us know how you use the salmon, cranberries (I didn't even know Oregon grew cranberries), hazelnut, and jam.

Wonderful package, Deanna.


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So glad to see pix now :) Love the quilt and I guess Deanna isn't a cheater after all ;) Great package!

Enjoy it all Lynn!

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I knew it! I knew that was the book! What a great package--i love all the local items from Oregon that are included, great idea! Please do show use the bread board when you can, Lynn!

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Well, I was glad that the Oregon package was really only "one item" since it was a gift box. It is a very nice package. The wall hanging is really cute. Congratulations Lynn. Nice job, Deanna (who managed to "cheat" in a legal and clever way, lol)

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Oh wow, that quilt is WAY cute!! I agree that it's so meaningful because it was made just for you. One of these days when I have more spare time, I want to learn how to quilt. And the Oregon box is great, so is the cookbook. Great swap box!!!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I love the Ina Garten cookbooks, great choice! Terrific package of goodies, Deanna! Enjoy, Lynn. Looking forward to hearing which recipes you make!


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I really like Ina Garten too. Great swap box full of wonderful things. And a cute tooth fairy pillow.

But Deanna, sure doesn't know how to count does she. LOL


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I like Ina Garten too. I'm glad I came back to look at the pictures. Great gifts.

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Yes I do. humph....

(Impish grin)
It's just.......................different!

ONE gift pack..........just one.

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Very nice!
That wall hanging is fabulous!

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oooh, this one was really meant for me. I love Ina, I love Oregon, and I love punkins...no fair :p

Enjoy, Lynn!

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It may be fuzzy math, but surely the grammar is correct. The giftpack is wonderful - not the gift pack are wonderful. You'd say "is" - not "are". Doesn't that mean it's singular and not plural. Deanna got it right after all. You sure did get it right. I'm still grinning from ear to ear about this.

I just loaded the pictures I took on my computer. Deanna's are very good, so the only one of mine I'm posting is the giftbox items spread out - and you can see the cheeseboard. I took a few pictures of the cheeseboard, but there was always glare, so none of them capture the grain that well. But this picture does it best.

Thanks again Deanna. Everyone else - eat your hearts out.


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I love that cheese board! I'm sure you'll get lots of years of enjoyment out of that. And what a score Lynn! Deanna, your quilt is quite lovely, and sure to be used.

I've heard lots of good reviews for the Barefoot Contessa books, can't wait for you to post a recipe to try.

Nice job Deanna!

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Another fan of Ina Garten here! I have two of her cookbooks so far and love her show on TFN! Great swap box Deanna! I'm craving some Smoked Salmon now!


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Another reason to visit Oregon! What a nice selection of goodies and handmade keepsakes. Ina Garten is one of my favorites too. Enjoy!

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Just one word. WOW!


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Everything is wonderful, the tooth fairy pillow is so thoughtful and the quilt is just the cutest!

What a nice package!

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A very nice assortment of items that you will enjoy! Now I know what you mean about fuzzy math. LOL

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Wow, what a great box of goodies. The quilt is beautiful and so is the cheese board. I'm a fan of Ina Gartens too. I think I'll have to start buying some cookbooks.

The tooth pillow is too cute.


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What a great swap package Deanna--We made a tooth fairy pillow very late in our tooth fairy years. I wish we had done it much sooner. It is a great 'reminder' if the tooth fairy gets forgetful :)

Lynn, you're one lucky duck! Everything in your package is wonderful. I can't wait to see a recipe over on the dicussion thread!

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What a great package! So much thought, and so many things that can be brought out for years to come.

The cutting board is particularly beautiful.

Good job!

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I LOVE the quilt and the tooth fairy pillow!! Lynn, Ina's cookbooks are wonderful - "Parties" is my all time favorite. Deanna, what a terrific package!

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OMG, look at all those goodies! I love the quilt...has a real autumn feel to it.

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I visit Oregon whenever possible - it is defintely one of the most beautiful states.

The cheeseboard is stunning, as is the quilting. Everything looks great. From what I can tell, the Ina Garten books will be fantastic also, although I've never seen her. I tried to get one of her videos for this swap on eBay but got outbid.

The tooth pillow is too adorable!


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Oh goodness -- that quilted wall hanging is sooooooo nice--the colors are stunning! Deanna you certainly did a good job on just the right " stuff" for Lynn-- will be giving her enjoyment for years to come .

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I'm amazed, another great swap gift that will be appreciated for years to come.


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oh! the grain in that cheeseboard is beautiful! And I think the gift pack is a great idea! and as a non-quilter, I sure appeciate the labor of love that goes into a quilt. I love the all theme in the quilt, quite lovely...

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I am also amazed by the quilt. I can preserve but i don't make things that people can have forever. What a great item. The whole box is great.


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I love it all. It looks like the gift that will keep on giving for many years. Enjaoy it all.

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Lynn, What a great treat! The quilt is amazing! So is the tooth pillow. The giftpack was clever! I enjoy the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, too. Enjoy your bounty!

Great job Deanna!

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What a thoughtful package Deanna. The wall hanging and the tooth fairy pillow are especially wonderful! Enjoy!

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oooh, that's a great package - Everything looks great and very personal..Great job Deanna.

But I"m really lusting after that cookbook - of all things - lol!


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