HELP with cookware for Glass cooktop

jennlehrJuly 8, 2013

I am at my wits end!! i have the Miele glass cooktop (combiset) and have tried so many cookware brands i have no where to turn!! what am i doing wrong?? circulon didnt heat up cuz it was too light i think, Heavy stainless cookware with a copper core took forever to boil water (50mins) for 6 qts... Even the all clad stainless took almost 40mins to boil. is there a certain material i should be using. all i want to do on this cooktop is boil water for pasta (and keep it boiling ) and make eggs, omlettes, pancakes...etc. thats it!!! Please help!! should i look at enamel coated steel? cast iron? i cant buy any more pots!!!

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What model number Miele combiset(s) are you using?
What does your seller say about your problems?
What does Miele say about your problems?

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