Determine need and obtain driver updates

jerry_njNovember 17, 2012

I have a two year old Toshiba T135D-S1322 a BJs' Special Ultra-Slim Notebook - Windows 7 Home Premium. This came with some Toshiba tools, but none seem to offer a way to check on the need for driver (BIOS too) updates.

Are there any "free" tools we can trust? Does Microsoft offer anything other than for their products? I use a MS Wireless Mouse which is the only MS driver I know I have.

I have on my system a Norton Driver Manager, and I don't know how it got on my machine or if I can trust it.


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Jerry, did you update your BIOS after you created this thread?

Just trying to understand why after 2 years you are still wondering about the decision.

As for any other driver updates you should go to the Toshiba site for them. I personally am not a believer in updating if things are running smoothly but of course we each have our own ideas of what to do or not to do.

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Thanks, I don't know if the BIOS was ever updated, yes or no, that is not what stimulated my interest. I did register the notebook and for a time Toshiba did send me alerts to the tool which was installed in the delivered software. I will check the Toshiba site to see what I can learn in general. The real stimulus is the Driver Update by Norton which is also installed on my notebook. It is active and activates a call to me to update my drivers. I am thinking about uninstalling the Driver Manager.

I understand your idea of leaving well enough alone, but some times a driver update give improved security and/or performance.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I leave well enough alone, if it ain't broke don't mess with it.
I have never had to update a bios on any of my computers.
If you find you need to update a specific driver go to the manufacturer of the item you need to update and get it there. Or to the website of the specific model of the pc at the manufacturer site.

I don't use driver update programs.

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Don't you have this program installed? Some Toshiba's do.
Toshiba application and driver installer

I'm not suggesting you up-date drives unless there is a clear issue with the computer like a connection issue, mouse pad issue, display issue etc. Installing wrong drivers or versions can cause blue screen issues. Something you don't want to have. Definitely leave the BIOS alone!

I believe that is your computer in the link below, and the associated drivers for it.

Realtek Wireless LAN Driver for Windows 7 (32/64)(v2007.1.1002.2009; 05-12-2010; 18.29M)

Above I took an example of one of your drives on the page, and highlighted an area that shows the version level in case you were interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toshibia Drives

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Laptop BIOS often have some important reasons to update ... like on that page for Toshiba

Change History

Version 1.90 - 2010-07-21
�EC-0.22: Updated the EC to version 0.22 to prevent DC cable overheating and potential burn issue.
Version 1.70 - 2010-06-02
�EC-0.18: Modified the restart time and power on avoid time (1000 ms) for Conexant Audio power.
�Changed warm boot to keep power.
�Fixed: S3 resume fails when the HDD password is the same as the User password.
�EC-0.19: Modified the power on avoid time countdown so it can not enter IDLE mode.
�EC-0.20: Improved fan performance.

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From an innocent bystander:
I do not do driver updating either but not doing updates implies that the companies are wasting their money developing updates -- unless there is a first class problem. If I had an easy driver "updater" I might do them as long as there was comfort that the updates were not more trash for my computer to wade through. Another reason why I do not update is that I have been reading this website postings for a long time.

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Good advice on leaving the BIOS as is. Even HP said that even tho there are updates available don't do it. But I had a special reason and not much to lose so I perserveered and tried to update the BIOS in my HP. Old HP. What a nightmare. Lotsa what if's and if that don't work try this instead etc etc. Got painstakingly and methodically to the end, pushed GO, but it didn't. :-) Probly just as well.

I tried to do the last update in the list of about 4. It's just a guess but I think one would probly have to do each update in sequence. They must put succesive updates on new machines when manufactured - let the old ones run

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Plain and simple. I ditto RC's post.

If you become aware of a driver update and everything is working well just make note of the update and its source so if the time ever comes you have access.

Something wide range must be occurring as I am seeing the update driver and driver application questions arising on many of the forums I visit. I am wondering if it is not just all self-promoting.


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