anyone collect Friendly Village china?

kittymommyJuly 17, 2005

Does anyone here collect Johnson Brothers Friendly Village china? I have a question concerning one of the scene but I wanted to see if anyone here collects it first?

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My daughter has a full set.....most of which I have bought for her....
What's your question?
Linda C

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Oh good! I know that there is a different scene used on the plates but is each scene available for all pieces? I saw a beautiful buffet plate(I think the scene was Village Street)and I would like to have a complete place setting with that scene. All of the sites I have located with Friendly Village for sale all have different items with a different scene. There is no consitancy and I couldn't find any information like a manufactor site that would list which pieces have been released for sale with the specific scene. Also, where did you purchase the set for your daughter?

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Certain pieces come with only certain scenes.....all scenes are not available in all of the patterns.
There is no consistancy....the charm is that there are different scanes on different pieces.
You do know that there is a Christmas Village? Blends very well with the Friendly Village and especially with the winter scenes.
I have just bought them here and there as I see them.....the first few place settings were from her Grandmother....and then I have just been filling in as I find them.....ebay for one and TJ Maxx if I see some....
She now has service for 24 in most pieces.
Charming isn't it?
Linda C

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Ah, thanks for the info! I first saw the Friendly Village in the Betty Crocker catalog many years ago. Infact, my grandmother and I collected the points specifically for me to use towards collecting the pieces. They weren't like the old Green Stamps that you could turn in for direct purchase of merchandise but instead had to have so many points along with cash purchase of each item. Instead of purchasing a little at a time I wanted to wait until I had saved a high amount of points. When I moved some how I lost all of those points we had collected over the years. Now Betty Crocker doesn't offer the Friendly Village in the catalog.

The only pieces I have are the coffee cups(I guess they are really tea cups and the mugs are considered for coffee???), saucers and cereal bowls. I would love to add the Coffee Pot but it is a bit expensive. I haven't seen the Christmas Village but I will be sure to check it out.

I am glad that you mentioned others do combine different pieces. I was considering doing this with another set I have. I own a 20 piece Johnson Brothers Asiatic Pheasant dinnerwear and was considering displaying it with some blue Spode plates. The colors are the same and I thought the different scenes would be more interesting than just having the exact same plate for each setting.

I've only recently gotten into this and I have to admit that it's fun. I wonder what modern inexpensive patterns might be tomorrow's collectors items? Who would have ever thought that anyone would have wanted to collect the Pyrex dinnerwear we all had back in the 60's.

Thanks for the help and your daughter is blessed to have such a thoughtful mom to give her such a nice gift!

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I bought the Friendly Village buffet plates through Betty Crocker three years ago. I believe it was last year that BC stopped offering Friendly Village (also the Johnson Brothers Blue Willow pattern).

The buffet plates are 12" in diameter and there's a different scene on each plate. When I remodeled my kitchen in 2003, I planned the remodel to complement the plates.

Here is a link that might be useful: Friendly Village plates in my new kitchen

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Try Replacements, They have thousands of china patterns available. Really helpful people, too.

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I first bought a 12 place setting of this several years ago and learned plates, salad plates, bread plates, cups, saucers, etc all had differnt scenes on them. I now have 30 place settings of this china with many of the serving pieces. Love it. I found a worlds of Friendly Village offered on e-bay.

This is the china that I start using in the fall and use until Christmas.

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Is there anyway to tell an authentic piece from the 60's and the knockoffs currently being made in China? I bought 9 plates thinking they were original but now I'm not so sure.

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The new pieces now being made in China read:
Johnson Bros England 1883
From an original hand engraving. Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. They do NOT say they are Made in England.

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone know much about the sugar maples collection. I have bread plates, 5 w/chip and 8 perfect. But just noticed there is a 2 stamped on the bottom and they each have some dots of paint on the bottom. No two are alike. Any idea why or it is significant?
Also wondered the best place to go to find out their worth. I also have cups and saucers from The Ice House collection. Thanks!!

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