Any Bosch mixer owners?

awm03July 5, 2007

After 22 years of having a good food processor & using it as a passable mixer when needed, I'm thinking of getting a good stand mixer that can be used as a passable food processor when needed. Does anybody have the food processor attachment for a Bosch mixer? If so, could you please tell me how well it works (or how it doesn't work, if that's the case)? Thanks!

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Go over to the Cooking forum, there are several Bosch owners over there that will answer any of your questions.

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Thanks, bryansda, but I had done a search already. Seems like most Bosch owners in that forum have the Universal & use it, with much satisfaction, for making large batches of bread.

Being just an occasional baker, I was wondering if I could get by with the 450 watt Bosch Compact. It has a continuous shredder attachment that feeds right into your own bowl that looks useful. You don't have to stop & empty a work bowl if you want to chop veggies separately or if you run out of room but need to slice more. Some of the other attachments look useful too. Just not sure how the mixer handles family sized quantities of ground beef or doughs, both of which cause motor strain in my Cuisinart fp.

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"Will the lower-powered version work as well as the full-power version that everyone loves?"

Not very likely. If you want one that works really well, then buy the one that people say works really well, not its little brother.

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I have the Bosch Universal and the shredder/slicer attachment. There are actually 2 food processor type attachments, the small food processor bowl attachment and the larger shredder/slicer attachment, they are not interchangeable. The smaller "food processor" has the standard type food processor blade for chopping etc. The larger slicer/shredder has numerous spinning disks for various chores like cabbage, fries, scalloped potatoes etc. etc. . Many all in one food processors give you both in one unit. So you either buy both or the one you figure you'll use the most. I highly recommend the Bosch Universal, it's far superior imho than the KA mixer, more powerful, lighter, kneads larger amounts of bread dough easily, quieter and most of all it's much much easier to use. Plus there's also the blender attachment.

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pkguy, are you pleased with how the food processor & the shredder/slicer work? Thanks!

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I only have the slicer/shredder attachment and haven't had it too long ( maybe 2 months) so I've only used it for slicing carrots, scalloped potatoes and making fries and it did a good job. I've had the mixer for about 2 years and wouldn't trade it for any other mixer, there is no comparison. I use it once or twice a week for bread, 6 to 8 cups of flour at a time. It kneads so well that only one rising is needed. Also use it to make thick cookie doughs with the optional cookie paddles.
Be warned though, the attachments are pricey, but they are well made.
The "food processor" is quite small only 2 or 3 cups iirc. The slicer/shredder is larger and from what I read a more popular attachment than the food processor.

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My husband just bought a Cuisinart stand mixer for me. After much deliberation between the Cuisinart and the KitchenAid Artisian or Pro 600, I decided on Cuisinart. I am not disappointed. I feel it is a nicer looking machine. It can handle quite a bit of flour except my huge recipe for choc. chip cookies that requuired 9 c. flour in addition to the several cups of sugar and shortening. Cleans up well, mixes well and very easy to assemble. It's best buy I found was at Linens 'n Things with theier 20% off coupon.

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Glad you like your new Cuisinart mixer! The video about it at the Cuisinart web site looked pretty impressive. With 20% off, you got a great mixer at a great price.

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Well, I bought the Bosch Compact mixer and, so far, love the shredder/slicer attachment. In fact, I think it slices & shreds better than my Cuisinart. Can't chop or pulse with it - you have to use the blender, which liquifies veggies & fruits - so I'll either have to keep the Cuisinart on hand or (ha) develop "knife skills".

As for the mixer, I'm very pleased with it. I even tried a double batch of rye bread, which I've since learned, is super stiff dough. This 11-pound flyweight machine handled it just fine. Pizza dough came out with a better consistency than Cuisinart pizza dough.

My pie crusts came out a little on the dry & crumbly side, but I don't think I've got the technique down yet. I'm still getting a feel for the machine, and making pie crusts is definitely a feel-y kind of operation. But as far as mixing all the ingredients, it does that well. No flour left on the bottom of the bowl.

I like the stainless steel work bowl. It has a plastic footing which is used to lock it into the machine. When using it as a stand-alone work bowl, the footing stablizes the bowl -- very nice.

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I've had my Bosch Universal for 13 years now. I originally bought it to make bread like so many others. My food processor broke after 20 plus years of faithful service. I bought the smaller food processor attachment to go on my Bosch. It just came in and I've only used it once but it did a great job. Also it will fit on the new style mixer if I ever have to buy another.

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Does it chop? And how's the pulse action on your Universal? The pulse on my Compact isn't a quick burst, it's more like a 1 second grind with a warm-up & slow-down of the motor. So I'm not sure it could chop even with the food processor attachment. The slicer attachment, however, I love. It has more slicing & grating options, something that was lacking with my old Cuisinart fp.

re new style mixer: Yes, looks like Bosch is redesigning their machines. The Universal has a whole new look, and my 450 watt Compact isn't readily available anymore. Making way for the new high power Compact currently selling in Europe, I think.

I'm still happy with the Bosch Compact. And it makes great pie crusts. I don't make any doughs by hand now. The little machine does a better job -- lighter, more uniform.

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I like the way it chops. I have never made pie crust with my Bosch. If fact, I never really thought about using it for that. I've always made them by hand and I guess I just never thought about doing it any other way. As far as the pulse, I never use that feature. Well, actually I have a few times but not enough to remember.
Yeah, the new mixers look really nice.

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I had my Bosch Universal for 25 years and now my
daughter has it. It has a very strong motor.
It came with 2 bowls, one stainless for heavy
duty doughs like bread and a plastic bowl with
two types of beaters one for cakes & cookies
and the other for yeast cakes. It also came
with a blender attachment. It's a phenomenal
appliance. I bought a new one because we moved
overseas and I needed a 220V. I kept the blender
attachment because the new ones don't come with
one you have to buy it separately and my daughter
doesn't use a blender anyway. I just need to find
a food processor attachment for it or buy a
separate one.

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After four years, I'm still singing the praises of my little Bosch Compact. I kept my old Cuisinart processor, but it rarely comes out of the cabinet -- only if I need the pulse action for a light chop. Otherwise, the Compact shredding/slicing attachments or the blender does the job. The mixer is great. And as I get older (& the rotator cuffs get sorer) I'm thankful for the light weight. Bosch doesn't market the Compact in the US anymore, unfortunately.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch needs to start selling these again

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Still loving my bosch. I just bought the new one so I could give my newly married daughter my old(17) one. It is supposed to come today. I just milled my flour and can't wait to make some bread. Anxiously waiting to hear the doorbell ring.

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