Enameled cast iron

aprilquiltsJuly 13, 2006

Can you tell me what are the brands for enameled cast iron? I know there is Le Creuset and Staub. Are there others? Also, which brands would work the best for a smooth electric cooktop.

Thanks so much,


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Mario Batlli has his own line of enameled cast iron, but I don't know who actually makes it for him. Pretty handsome stuff, from what I've seen.

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There's also Chasseur, which is a somewhat lesser expensive line of enameled cast iron. I do not know about its quality. I have both Staub and Le Creuset and love them both.

I would suggest that you go to the home site of the different lines to see if they mention suitability for smooth electric cooktops. If they don't, you could probably e-mail or call the company.

Here is a link that might be useful: chasseur

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