LauraFJuly 11, 2005

I am looking to purchase all clad cookware but not sure which type to purchase (i.e, all stainless, MC2, LTD)

Any suggestions?


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I'm about ready to purchase too. I decided stainless is the way to go for me. The care/cleanup with the stainless seems to outweigh any functional advantages - perhaps the copper core might conduct faster, but I've used all clad stainless and it's been fast enough. The look of clean stainless can be just as stunning as clean copper, so I don't think I'm getting much in aesthetics with the copper-R line, and the inside sandwich is aluminum, so similar conductivity to the stainless line. I tried the pans out for weight - I had a hard time differentiating them. I have heard the curved lip on some of the pots is different - only copepr core line has curved lips, but not sure exactly what pots this applies to - I know the fry/saute pans are the same designs. Would recommend store comparisons to make sure.

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Thank you very much for your help and information!

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I agree you can't go wrong with All Clad. Perhaps one may carry a slight advantage over the other in cooking but you are getting high quality cookware with any of them. The SS won for me because of putting in the DW which I do daily.

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Thanks again for feedback. I heard from someone at the store that if you have a high heat stove, such as a Viking, that the stainless would turn bluish....?? Is this true??

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I think any of the new SS pans will get a bluish/rainbow pattern if high heat is used. It will not harm the function of the pan and it will clean up with White Vinegar or Bar Keepers Friend.

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