So Hard to Find the Roaster I Want for Turkey

shannonplus2July 19, 2007

I've been looking for a good roaster for years. I have searched this forum too, and agree with many of the opinions, particularly in the linked thread below. I've also read the reviews on Cooks Illustrated and Fine Cooking. What I would like is:

- a NON-nonstick

- no divet or crease around the bottom (the Cooks Illustrated recommendation of the Caphalon Contemporary Stainless has that annoying rectangular crease around the bottom--how are you supposed to use it properly on the stovetop with that indentation there?)

- dark surface if possible for better browning--I agree with Lindac that shiny doesn't work so well (the Fine Cooking recommendation of the Kitchenaid roaster is really really shiny).

I thought the Calphalon Classic Roaster at Crate & Barrel would be a winner. It's dark, is non-nonstick, has no crease/divet on the bottom, and the price is reasonable. But when I looked at it in person at Crate & Barrel, it seemed very thin-bottomed, and the sides were very high.

I am thinking about going on eBay and finding an old "Savory" brand roaster. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Older Thread about Turkey Roasting Pan

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When my old roaster gave up the ghost about a year ago I replaced it with a Calphalon covered roaster that I've been very happy with.

It's anodized, 13 x 17 inches and plenty tall when I need to cover things, and roomy when they need to be open roasted.

It comes with a flat grill rack as standard. I replaced that immediately with a two-piece adjustible rack.

Other than that, I like everything about it---including the price.

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I have the Calphalon Classic Roaster and love it!

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I went through the same thing looking for one for my son and his wife. I had stumbled into just the perfect one for me several years ago and he coveted it....don't remember what it was but the handles were perfect the size perfect, not non-stick so you can put it over blazing heat if you wish, and some un known brand.
So for 2 years I looked for one for him....finally found it. Can't remember the brand, but it was also on close out and only about $55 or $60. I was going into these fancy kitchen shops and asking for a non non-stick pan. I wanted aluminum not stainless and it had to be small enough to fit in a normal oven and big enough for a 20 pound bird. They acted like I had 3 heads!
I was looking at estate sales before I finally found what I wanted.....good luck!!
Linda C

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I just re-read this thread. I am not sure my roaster is the classic. My Calphalon roaster is the anodized interior.

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