How much to ask for 2 kitchenaid mixers (locally).

sunnycoJuly 30, 2006

I have always been somewhat frustrated with my kithenaid mixers for a long time, and when I read that there are good mixers that solve the problems I have with mine (the big one is spillage, another is how lousy they are at dough), I started thinking about selling mine and putting the money from them in an account until I save up the difference to buy a different type.

I have no idea how much to ask though.

One of them is a refurbished pro model (with the suspended bowl) and the other is a tilt-head. Neither has had frequent use. The tilt-head has an extra bowl, bowl cover and a thing with a chute that is supposed to help clods like me get the ingredients in the bowl, but that I find completely useless.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I have looked on ebay, but the prices people get are all over the map and there is also shipping to deal with usually, if I sell it on there.

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