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beehuiJuly 11, 2003

I bought a set of ultrex with excalibur nonstick coating about 3 years ago. Like what they suggested on HSN, I used metal utensils( metal utensil safe was the reason why I bought it) 3 monthes later the nonstick coating already came off, leaving small patches of the material underneath nonstick coating to expose. Several months ago, I bought another Ultrex saucepan, thinking this time the new Ultrex II coating must be much better as they claim. Couple months later, I could already see some very bad sracth marks on the saucepan and it is not really nonstick anymore (although it cleans a little better than regular pans). When I call their company, I was told their nonstick is impossible to be not nonstick, maybe i didn't clean my pan properly and they will send me some cleaner, Until today I still have not received any cleaner whatsoever.

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This cookware stinks!! I bought the whole darn set and I didn't use metal in them and they still scatched up. I would have been as well off spending a third of the price at Wally World! I know of 2 other people that have had the same problem. Plus they are a pain to clean!

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I realize this is an old thread...but I'd like to get it going again to see if anyone else is having these problems.

I own Ultrex sets purchased from HSN. I don't like public bashing of companies and products...but... With the first set I ordered from HSN I received bent and cracked (yes, cracked stainless steel pans) pans (the shipping boxes were in perfect shape by the way, so the damage did NOT occur during transport to me. The inner boxes were fine also, so I assume they were packed damaged.) After weeks of trying to get through their 800 #, I was successful, and they said they would replace the broken pans. I waited 6 weeks, and when I got ahold of them finally, they said that they had so many complaints about the same pots that they couldn't get the replacements in fast enough. I waited more weeks, then finally explained the whole problem to HSN. Even though it was past the 30 days, way past, they said send them back. Was a pain packing and shipping that set back.

Like a fool, I tried another set, thinking the first was a quirk...afterall, the callers to HSN just LOVE these things.

The second set of pans arrived with broken knobs, and it took two months to get new ones. Then the ultrex 75 coating began lifting off within weeks, and after a month of waiting, I finally got a new pan.

Now, about a year later, another couple of pans are losing the coating.

I just found on the web a recall, "The non-stick part of the pan can separate forcefully and be propelled when the pan is preheated, used on high heat, or used for frying, deep-frying or braising. This can pose a serious burn hazard from hot oil or food contents spilling onto consumers."

Customer service at the innova company ranks at the bottom of my dealings with any company. Their 800 # is always busy, I've written two letters to them via their website and no answer. I wrote to HSN explaining everything and they said it is really too long now for them to do anything, and gave me corporate's address. I wrote to them and still haven't heard back.

On the show they claim you can use high heat and metal utensils and just wipe out the pans. I have stopped using metal because it damages the pans. High heat makes everything stick, but they can get away with that since their manual says don't use high heat. Frying onions on LOW heat is near impossible because they stick worse than anything.
I KNOW people love their Ultrex, but I also remember some fellow calling in with a complaint, and before they could shut him up he said something about the lousy customer service. Yes, Art and the host were very sympathetic and had his call transferred to customer service at HSN, where they promised his problem would be taken care of. But calling in to a televised show is something I won't do. Anybody else have problems like this with their ultrex?

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Add me to the list of Ultrex suckers. When I called Ultrex to explain that the nonstick coating peeled off in one patch of my pan, making everything stick to that one patch, they were reluctant to believe me. After much pressing on my part, they said I could send the pan back, at my expense. That didn't fly-- so I insisted they send me a mailing label to return it. Six months later, I'm still waiting. Meantime, I have bought the QVC brand of pans-- my mother has owned them for years, and I do a lot of cooking. So far, I am extremely pleased. And should something go wrong, I know QVC customer service will be much better to deal with.

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I have had my ULTREX for OVER five years and it is THE BEST COOKWARE at any price I have ever owned. I don't put my cookware in the dishwasher. I don't run cold water in a hot pan when I pull it off the stove and empty the pan. I don't use the metal utensils, even the ones they provide, on any of my Ultrex. I also don't bake in the pans in an oven over 350 and I don't cook on HIGH heat. They have NEVER peeled, chipped, changed color, changed shape, and they are not even scratched. So I question whether the people complaining really know how to use this cookware. And I just bought a 16-piece set as a wedding gift for my niece. All my friends who have it have NEVER had a problem with it either. I also have several of their electrical appliances and find them outstanding!!!

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With all due respect, Ultrex is specifically marketed to people with a guarantee that one can do all of these things with it - i.e. use of metal utensils etc.

I think the shopping networks sell over priced mediocre merchandise. I don't know where they come up with their suggested retail prices but they are always higher than I would pay in any store around me.

Amazon has great prices on pieces on high quality lines. Through sales and use of coupons, I've managed to get top of the line cookware from less than the c**p peddled on those shows.

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I just found this post since I'm looking for a new set of pans because I got taken in by HSN and Ultrex. It's terrible and I wouldn't advise anyone buying this. My SIL had the same problem. NO help from HSN on any buying problem I've ever had. Their customer service (for lack of a better word) sucks!

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FWIW... QVC's house brand - Cooks Essentials - appears to actually worth it. I bought my mom a set for Christmas.

My father is the "egg cooking with a fork man from h***".
When I was growing up, he could ruin any non-stick pan mom or I brought home in 2 weeks or less. I know he ruined at *least* 6 pans I bought as a teenager. (over 15 years ago now) It was so bad, we dared him to ever touch another non-stick pan under penalty of having to clean out the attic.

I was quite skeptical about QVC's claims of being able to use metal utensils in their "Stainless 500" line, but I knew if he damaged them within 30 days we could send them back. It's now been 6 months of abuse by my father and mom says they're no worse for it. Apparently she hasn't cussed at him yet, so that's a big accomplishment!

- IT Geek

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OK, I am another Ultrex sucker! I fell for the HSN line. I wanted to replace a set of Cuisinart nonstick I received 6 years ago. Within the first few months, the Cuisinart nonstick scratched, peeled, etc. I NEVER used metal utensils, and only cooked appropriately for the nonstick pans. In an effort to replace the Cuisinart, I tried the Ultrex. Just as Bonnie said, 3 pieces of Ultrex from HSN had pieces missing or were packed improperly. I, too, have tried calling Ultrex to ask questions, and it took one week before I was able to contact anybody. My questions remained unanswered. I am in the market for new pans AGAIN. I've been reading the forums for suggestions. Thanks!

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i have a few ultrex pans and they are ok, but i wouldn't call them high high quality. BUT, i purchased an ultrex electronic blender/food processor and it is smoking after not too many uses..(you would think they would be concerned about this to all the other buyers of this product)..i have had it a couple of years and have called the customer service dept and they will not even concider anything unless i have the receipt, which i dont unfortunately.... i do know the product has a three year warrantee and the product has not been manufactured that long, so it is definitely still under the three year warrantee... i am so fed up with them, i will NEVER buy from ultrex (pans, pots , or electrics) again!!!!!!!!!!Does anyone know of any place i can pursue this if not only to warn someone of this particular possible fire or health hazard.???

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For a hazardous product, report it to the CPSC - Consumer Product Safety Commission. That's where recalls BEGIN You can probably do it online. (Check Google 'cause I don't know their website)

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I have sent two pans back under the warranty ( and I'm about to send back two more).....the last one took two and and half months to be returned to me. I have had the set less than three years. This is the second HSN vendor that the big wigs at HSN Know is less than honorable. I will be shopping more at QVC....unless I find the same customer abuse there.

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I will nevewr buy Ultrex, and probably nothing else, from HSN (this is another TRUE happening, and you can e-mail if you need to know). The pots that were recalled were the Ultrex that were thermal - There was an air space between two layers which could explode and fly apart. After going the rounds with Ultrex people, etc. I am pitching my stuff as they wear off. I admit it is to much of a pain for me (and this is probably how Ultrex figures most people will react) to pack them all up and send them back. I don't want new ones that will do the same thing, and I am afraid of what the coating will do if you eat it, etc. I know of one person who got Cooks Essentials and really likes it. I am going SS with the exception of a non-stick from Scanpan.

By the way, I followed direction, but didn't even use metal utensils, or wash in the dishwasher EVER (even though they said you could).

The only way the non-stick might work is if you NEVER TURN your burner knob higher than LOW.

This is all 100% factual, and I hope reps. from HSN and Art himself read these comments. I would really like to hear from them. They have our e-mail addresses.

Thank you for letting me vent. As you can probably tell, I have been upset with this product, and company for a long time, and so is my husband.

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levinia,You will never get customer abuse at QVC. They are fantastic! I have ordered several orders of crabcakes from QVC,and they are to die for!! The last order I received;when I opened the box,they were all thawed.The problem was,it must have been a new UPS driver,and he left the box in a place where I didn't see it til the middle of the next day. I called QVC customer service,and she could not have been any nicer. She told me to throw them in the garbage,and they would send me another order. I received them 3 days later.
As for HSN,I will NEVER buy Ultrex again either. There handles crack,their electric appliances don't hold up. I do have to admit tho,I DO love Wolfgang Pucks stainless steel cookware on HSN.Other than that,I buy nothing on HSN.
I have Cooks Essential nonstick from QVC,and it is fantastic;NO comparison to Ultrex.

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The aluminum base separated from the steel on our Ultrex pressure cooker. I thought that Innova was one of the higher rated pressure cookers.


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I have a Cooks Essentials pressure cooker from QVC,that is fantastic. It's programable,and digital. I've been using it for about 3 years,and its still like new.

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Holiday25-I agree with Blazedog. If you can't do with the pans what the marketing says you can do, what's the point?
My mother bought me the whole set of Ultrex when I got a glass-top stove. I do not use high heat due to the type of stovetop I have. So far, two broken lids, one split handle, one saucepan with lifting coating...and many many calls to Ultrex. They are not a company I feel moved to recommend. I'm saving up for new pots and pans.

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I wish I had found this forum BEFORE I bought this Ultrex Crockpot and cookware. I should have stuck with QVC & bought theirs, but I happened to try HSN this one evening & I have regretted it ever since.

My entire order was not complete when I received it & only when I called customer service did I find out I was not going to get my entire order. At that point I informed the customer service at HSN that if I couldn't receive my entire order that I would like the items they shipped to me to be picked up. I was told they couldn't do that because there was nothing wrong with the product. After much complaining, several phone calls and 3 weeks later, I was finally told by an extremely rude lady that she would put in for return request & have the products picked up but it would about 3 weeks. Well, wouldn't you know that was well past the 30 day return period & the pick-up request never went through. After about 3 months of fighting with them I finally decided to attempt to use the cookware & the crockpot -- but guess what? After going through the crockpot box more carefully I realized there was no instruction manual - this is the 2 piece one with the roaster & the slow cooker & I am unable to find a web page on the internet to find instructions.

So now I'm stuck with this stuff I don't want, a bad taste and feeling for HSN, no instruction booklet on how to use this slow cooker & roaster. The first time I plugged in the slow cooker it started smoking - I'm not sure if I'm using it incorrectly (my Rival crockpot doesn't smoke) or if there's something wrong with it.

I'm hoping someone on this forum may have an instruction booklet for the Ultrex II Slow Cooker & Roaster. If so, please email me at twoodruff@gci.net -- If I can't return it I may as well use it.

By the way, I've been shopping at QVC for about 5 years now and their customer service is wonderful - even when you want to send an item back!

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Last night, my Ultrex pan just blew up, almost in my face! The pan separated and flew up, destroying the stove hood,splitting the burner pan, splattering food all over the kitchen (especially the ceiling!) and even into the family room! Fortunately, I had just turned from the stove to get another ingredient or my face would have been over the pan when it exploded. The force of the explosion was so hard that the percussion made my left shoulder, neck and face sore. After doing a little research on the Web, I now know that the thermal pans have been recalled. I purchased my set last summer from a man at a local flea market. Seeing the HSN name on the box, I thought I was getting an excellent product. Some how, this guy got a truck load of recalled cookware and was selling them. Within a few hours, he had sold them all. The people who purchased this cookware are unaware of the danger when using this product. I only hope and pray no one gets hurt. What good is a recall if the company turns around and sells the items in bulk to private individuals. Didn't they realize the guy was going to resell them?!!!! What else would he do with a couple of hundred sets of cookware?!! I'm throwing out my Ultrex cookware. Although shaken, I am really glad the damage is fixable. Now can anyone recommend a qood set of non-exploding cookware?

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I am another one to recommend QVC over HSN anyday... Ultrex is an awful company to deal with and HSN isn't too much better....QVC has ALWAYS done the right thing in my eyes .....I do have to say though that I bought a few Bravetti kitchen electrics from HSN(hand mixer and toaster/convection oven) and am very pleased with them.

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I purchased the Ultrex cookware too. I used them according to their instructions and found the nonstick to be typical. I had been a professional chef for over 25 years and never had faith in that type of surface, but like everyone else I got suckered.

But unlike all of you, I have already had my cookware replaced once and now I have it for the second time. They are now replacing it with the Ultrex II cookware. Just think, you can have these replaced as needed for a mere shipping charge . . . one way!! They have a 55-year warranty so exploit it, and keep a supply of new pans.

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Have had original Ultrex maybe 4 years with overall very good performance, some discolorization inside and out on a frypan (probably from high-heat)and a chiped finger guard on a lid. So taken in as a quality product I purchased the larger set of CUTLERY a few months ago... two blades have separated from handles, and other than a GREAT cleaver, none of the serrated blades are very sharp, but if you push a little... oops there goes another one.

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My Ultrex will be 4 years old in August. Last year the pans started to peel. I sent them back in January and have nothing but trouble. They finally sent me replacements (I think) on 4/28 but shipped them to the wrong address. Customer service (that's a joke) insists I gave them the wrong address, off by one number. So now, 4 months later I have no pans and don't know when I will ever see them. This company is the worst. I would never buy anything from them again. Buyer beware!!!!

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I bought Ultrex in 2001. The skillets lasted about 6 months. I sent them back, it was very expensive to mail this stuff. It took 4 months to get them back. The new ones lasted less than 6 months. The rest of the set is starting to stick now.
This stuff is JUNK!!!
I called HSN customer service also, they act like you are the only one who EVER had a PROBLEM with this stuff.
And as for the person who never had a problem. If you are going to do all that stuff .... Why not go to Wallyworld and buy a $5 skillett. This stuff is not cheap despite the bunk they feed you on HSN.

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I know it's a pain but I think we should all call in to HSN when they are selling this stuff and let them know how bad this stuff is. Maybe they will do something about it.
Sqeaky wheel gets fixed!!!!

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Here's my ultra Ultrex story. My mom ordered the Ultrex Pressure Cooker for me, at the high price of $99.00 through HSN, 3 years ago. I tried to use it, but when I boiled water in it, the water turned black from the nonstick coating. I had seasoned it with oil as instructed. There was a strong chemical odor in the boiled water, and the smell wreaked from the pot. I tried the boiling water routine again a few times with the same experience. This chemical would have leached into any food cooked in the pot. Tonight, after reading the bad experiences others have had, I threw the pot out. I gave the pot another try again tonight. Same chemical odor. The pot is in the trash. Yes, we should do something about this with HSN or some agency. It simply is not healthy for a person to cook food with this product. I will take the pot out of the trash, just in case I need it for evidence.

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I would not buy this junk again. Have had same problem as above posts...non-stick coating peeling off.Have ordered new cookware, will toss all the ultrex when it arrives.

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I bought a slow cooker from ultrex. In going to my daughter's for Christmas dinner I lost the control knob. I called for a replacement 2 times. Both times they since a knob for the "lid". After the second time I called the company about the problem. I was instructed to send the whole cooker back to them for a replacement. Or to take it to a small appliance repair shop and get it . This is ridiculous. All I want is a knob. I have a chicken fryer that the coating is coming off. Needless to say I will not buy Ultrex again.

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Add me to the list of suckers. I bought an Ultrex slow cooker and from the first had problems. It has a ceramic liner, and took ages to heat using the recomended temperature for slow cooking. I called, and was told to increase the temperature. It would cycle on and then off, with food just sitting there not getting cooked. Called again, and was told to increase even more. Finally, with the dial set at the highest I was able to get the food cooked.

After one year (with almost no use of the cooker), I went to use it, and the darn probe would not work. I called and explained the history of my problems with the cooker and they refused to honor the warrantee, on the grounds that I had burned it out by using it on the highest setting.

I complained that they were the ones to told me to increase the heat to the highest, but they denied it. So, there I was stuck with a useless slow cooker.

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I was considering buying the Ultrex cookware to replace my Calphalon cookware. I burned some pasta last night (after getting distracted by neighbors) in the calphalon and it won't come clean, even after using oven cleaner. I want non-stick cookware, even if you burn something it will "pour" out effortlessly! Then I read this thread. I now have the "willies" about Ultrex. Any suggestions on good non-stick cookware at a reasonable price?

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Kim - I've always had good luck with Analon but I'm moving (mostly) away from nonstick. Just did eggs, turkey bacon and shredded potatos in a couple cast iron skillets. They came out wonderfully. As to the Ultrex, I've had a couple pieces. They live about like any other nonstick (to me).


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Kim - try putting the pan back on the stove with some water and detergent and scrape away like you are making a pan sauce.

I don't know about non-stick but I have seen alot of s/s pans now that have a "mirror" finish on the stainless that is supposed to act like non-stick....don't know if it is "true" of course!!!

Ken - eggs in cast iron? - you like to live on the edge, eh??? lol!!!

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Thanks Maggie & Ken. The garbage men pick up here tomorrow morning and I have the calphalon 5 qt saucepan sitting by the front door on top of a huge box of garbage. We just moved into our new (hardly new) house 2 weeks ago and I am still unpacking. I am so fed up with calphalon and I was so "gung ho" on getting the Ultrex. But I'd be crazy to get Ultrex now. I have been warned and informed. There were just too many cons on this thread and not enough pros. I have read quite a few messages from all over (including HSN's review sections) about people switching to stainless steel. After this nightmare pot scenario, I don't know why anyone would want to intentionally do that. But they say if you ever cook with stainless, you'll never go back. Hmmm. As to the detergent cooking on the stovetop. I'll try that tonight. I have already read this forum's advice on how to remove burnt goop from pans and I tried all but the ammonia in the bag. Maybe I could bury it in the front yard and see if the earthworms and elements would take care of the problems naturally. Then check on it in a year?

I am still battling over which non-stick to try. The best reviews were All-Clad and Scanpan, both a little pricey.

Ken, I'd love to have all seasoned cast iron cookware. I have one small skillet that was my grandmother's and it is truly non-stick. Smooth and shiny and old. I have another larger one but as much as I try to season it...it just won't get like the old one.


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I think Calphalon Commercial non-stick works great.

Not much left, but the link below would work for eggs and some pan frying.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calphalon Commercial Non-stick

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LOL Kim! Let us know what you come up with on your search. Boy, the ultrex guy on HSN really makes you believe in that stuff - I was surprised to read all the bad things too!

You probably know this already but one thing I learned when switching to s/s over non-stick was that you must heat the pan first and never ever use pam. Good luck!

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esqgirl - as others here have mentioned you can find some nice older cast iron at garage sales and flea markets (or ebay if you are desperate :) While you can (eventually) get a new Lodge into shape, it takes awhile. Easier to use the work someone else has already done.

I picked up a new Lodge 13 1/4" not too long ago. My old 12" just isn't quite big enough for those one pan, start the veggies on the stove, add and sear the meat, finish in the oven, meals I like to do so.... I've been working for a while now to get this thing into decent shape. It's getting there.

Maggie - yeah, I wasn't sure the first few times I did eggs but it works great. If I'm rushing them I may leave a little white behind but it wipes right off.

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Does anyone know the mailing address and telephone number for Ultrex? I have the lifetime guarantee on my cookware, and now that I have to send two of the pots back I realized that information has been misplaced. Thanks for the help ya'll!

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Hey Maggie and all,

Well, I decided to give up on my Calphalon pot and now that $60 piece is sitting in a box by the curb. There is so much "organic" material in the bottom of it, I thought if I buried it in the front yard, it mught turn into petroleum and I could fill my tank! But, I just tossed it.

I just want an inexpensive non-stick set with lots of pieces that will stand the short test of time, like a few years or so.

I will keep my eyes open for some good cast iron pieces and that is actually a very good idea. I think ebay would be out of the question for me on this item b/c I would have to see it...make sure it's old and smooth and shiny. Just like my grandma's piece.

Some people here really like QVC and I don't doubt they have good customer service, but I can't stand their website. They hardly have any selection and those little bitty pictures drive me crazy.

Yep, that old Ultrex guy seems so credible doesn't he? He sold me on it and then I stumbled here. Handles breaking, non-stick peeling, frying pans exploding...too much drama for me. But how I crave that mega pan with a lid...

By the way, does anyone know anything about Cook's Essentials Hardcoat Enamel II cookware? I can't find any reviews.

This is so cathartic....


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P.S. I must admit that my heart is truly broken about the Ultrex. I was so sold on it. You guys have no idea how long I have been tormenting over which set I wanted to buy! And it's not really the quality of it that concerned me, it was the stories about the customer service. I noted that ALL of the stories about their CS were the same on this thread in that they were all horrible! To me, that's the worst thing in the world. Good business karma is word of mouth and repeat business, in my opinion. And I am not just paying lip service to that statement. All the Ultrex customer service stories were consistently bad and THAT is why I have changed my mind. In 75 years or however long their warranty is...they won't be around!

I am now looking seriously at "Cook's Essentials Hardcoat Enamel II Nonstick 12pc. Set" in red. It is only $95. Does anyone know or have you heard anything about it? There are not any reviews.

(I actually bought a cheap, cheap red set made by...hold on and I'll look....made by "tools of the trade...cooking light II" and I use it as much as my Calphalon and it has lasted about 1 1/2 years so far and is still in good shape. It was so cheap...I forget where I bought it but it was cheap, cheap. And it has not exploded and it's so easy to clean!)

I can't believe I have so much to say on an Ultrex cookware thread. I need to get out more, huh?

Thanks for listening,


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Kim, is this it? If it is it looks like it got great reviews! You need new pans if the best you can say about your pans is that they haven't exploded yet!!! hee. Im sorry you didn't give your $60 pan a proper buriel!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooks Essentials

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I wanted red in the kitchen and wanted extra pieces (aside from the Calphalon) and that's when I bought the "Tools of the Trade" brand. It was very inexpensive and I have had it for about 18 months-2 years and it works great. Even the outside/color holds up well. I googled it and didn't realize I had bought it from Macy's so I got online and found another red set of the same brand. I just ordered it and you also get two bonus pieces free but you have to add them to your cart. I actually love the way they perform and I while was looking for something "nice" (hence the Ultrex) I think I'll be happy with more red. Another factor that played into it was that if it lasts as long as the pieces I have now, that will be great. Not much money and in 3 or 4 years I will probably want to change colors anyway. Meanwhile, if I find a really nice set that I can afford, I'll sell my calphalon and all the red cookware in a garage sale. We just moved and I had a great garage sale 3 weeks ago - netted $2400 ($1960 of that was on a Friday)!
I am looking forward to getting this set. It is truly non-stick and I have never had problems getting the worst burnt on food out with a breeze. I am going to try to send you a link. It's less than $70 and if it lasts 3 years I'll be happy.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tools of the Trade 10 piece set

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I am so glad I stumbled onto this site. I have been using some cheap wal mart pans...no problems, but Mr Art made it sound like I was missing out on so much that I was strongly considering purchasing his "line"...pun was intended. Thank you all for your candor...this has saved me several hundred dollars at least.


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This information was hard for me to find, so I thought I would share it with others who may be looking for it.

The customer service number for Innova Ultrex pans is:
(M-F, 8:00-4:30 Central Time, Closed Holidays)

To return your pans for replacement, ship them to:
9555 Alden St.
Lenexa, KS 66215

Be sure to include your name, phone number, and address.

Right now they're saying you should expect to wait about 8 weeks to receive replacements after they receive your defective pots.

I received my pans as gifts for my wedding almost 8 years ago, and although their heating and non-stick performance were wonderful, I agree that their durability has not been at all as advertised. The non-stick coating on mine deteriorated (black specks in food -- YUCK!) and two different plastic parts have cracked. We are not especially hard on things and have only used plastic or wooden utensils. I wouldn't buy these again or recommend them. At this point the folks at Innova and HSN simply can't be unaware that the pots don't last forever (or even longer than regular non-stick pots!), and for them to claim so is just dishonest. I also find the way they tout the warranty, which in practice turns out to be inconvenient and expensive for the consumer to collect on, to be dishonest.

Oh, I should also mention that I was informed that the lids were not under warranty and if I wanted my broken one replaced I'd have to purchase a new one.

A note about the Cook's Essentials pots from QVC: I was really impressed w/ the glowing reviews I read at epinions.com from people who had been sent replacements w/o having to return their broken pots. HOWEVER, I called QVC to ask about the warranty policy, and whatever it was before, now they're saying that you do have to ship your pots back and wait for them to ship your new ones. One part of their policy that still beats Ultrex, though: if the item does prove to be defective when they receive it, they'll refund your return shipping, unlike Ultrex.

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Ultrex STINKS!! I bought a set in 1999 and loved it. But it never held up. I had to have the 9' frying pan replaced twice (8 week waits both times and returned at my own expense) and now the whole set, plus several open stock pieces have deteriorated. The lining has blistered and broken down on every piece. Lest someone should think I don't know how to use cookware, I am a classically trained, degreed chef.

I was told in December it would take 6-8 weeks, 'but possibly more like 8-12.' I was also told that even though I could send a couple of pieces which were the same as all the others for integrity, along with pictures of the others, that it wouldn't suffice. I'd have to send every piece back.

Not having other cookware, I sent the first two pieces back. This week, at more than 12 weeks since sending them, I was on hold for 40+ minutes. I got a snippy clerk, who told me it was going to take 'another 6 weeks.' I couldn't believe it! At this rate, I told her, it would take over 2 years to get my set replaced. She could not have cared less. Told me that was the way it was.

I asked to speak to her supervisor. She put me through to voice mail. No call back from the higher up.

I have written via email to the Attorney General of the state of Iowa to complain about this ridiculous situation. Shame on HSN, and shame on Innova. Hopefully the AG will be able to get them to honor their '55 year unconditional guarantee.' In the meantime, save your money and buy a product that is backed by an honorable and effective company. It will cost more, but it will be well worth it in the long run. What a fiasco!

Here is a link that might be useful: Iowa Attorney General's Office

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I am a QVC fan. I have never had a problem with QVC and I purchase a lot of things from them. I had one experience with HSN. I purchased a Gateway computer (their special of the day) back in October. When I got the computer, it was not the one on "special" that day. The model # had two numbers transposed and it did not have the features that were listed on the show that day. It was a nightmare trying to get the thing returned. I felt like I may have had a bait and switch pulled on me.

I found this thread through the search function--I am thinking of ordering the Technique Hard Anodized from QVC or the Stainless Steel 500. Wanted to see if anyone has either of these.

I would like to have a few fairly decent non-stick pans (like a 8-9 piece set) and then get a few pieces of the ss all-clad that everyone raves about.

Right now I have Circulon that I would like to replace. The grooves make me crazy. Might as well not have non-stick because everything gets stuck in the grooves.

So, any thoughts on the above two sets from QVC?


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Hi everyone,

Wow, this is the most confusing and awkward website I have ever encountered. In order to post my comment I had to join, so I did, but couldn't find my way back here. After drifting around the website I found treedancer slated to comment on Santoku knives!! Now how'd that happen? I never even breathed Santoku but that's where I landed. So now, it looks like I may have arrived at my destination because now, magically, I find treedancer invited to post on this thread! I have no idea how any of this transpired.

If so, my comment is....throw out all your non-stick cookware. No matter what they call it it is all Dupont Teflon and it is toxic, dangerous to your health. Grandma's cast iron, although heavy, is just as non-stick as Teflon. Pair it up with some good stainless steel and your food will never be contaminated.

Now, what the H.. is an Optional Link URL? Am I supposed to know that? And why do they want to know the Name of the Link? Can't they tell by the heading?

Oh well, too complex for me.


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I bought a large Ultrex skillet 8 or 9 years ago, and initially was so happy with it that I bought my daughter an entire set for a wedding present. HUGE MISTAKE!
HSN does not back this product but refers you to the manufacturer which is a nightmare.
In spite of HSN's claims about the durability of the coating, I was always careful of the finish and did not use any metal utensils in the pan nor did I wash the pan in the dishwasher. After a few years, everything I cooked stuck to the skillet, including greasy foods like bacon and sausage. I cleaned the pan with a variety of cleaning products, boiled water and soapy water in it, and eventually even used abrasive pastes and Brillo pads, but the food still stuck. The non-stick finish was peeling around the top edges, but the inside bottom of the pan wasn't. It wasn't until 2 weeks ago that I began using the pan again. (No, I don't know why it didn't get thrown away.) An infomercial my daughter was watching mentioned using vinegar to make a pan non-stick. The suggestion was to boil vinegar for 15 seconds in the pan. I figured it was worth a try. Because food stuck so badly to my Ultrex pan, I boiled white vinegar in it for several minutes, moving it around on the burner so that all portions of the bottom of the pan had "boiling bubbles" for a minute or so. To my surprise, the pan is again non-stick!
I hope this will help someone else who has a sticky non-stick pan.
In spite on having a "working" pan again, I would definitely NEVER buy Ultrex again. In fact, I won't buy anything from HSN because of the Ultrex product. It doesn't hold up well and Ultrex's customer service is beyond pathetic. In my opinion, HSN is still selling a product from a company that is not reputable and it makes me question everything they might sell. On the other hand, my mother has been a QVC shopper for over a decade and has always been extremely satisfied with their customer service, so if you have to choose, I'd recommend QVC over HSN.

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I bought the ultrex vantage 8 months ago for its non stick properties, being that we are all students and aren't well versed in the cautions of cooking and whatnot. Several times we have mistakenly had the head on high on a pot with nothing in it, and it has caused no problems. We use wood and plastic and handwash. They are now well seasoned and are super easy to clean. No problems at all.

There is only one thing that I am concerned with and that is the thin coating around the glass on the inside of the pans. When I was cooking a stir fry I saw that a film from the coating was starting to lift off. It appeared to be bubbly and kind of an "oil on water" look. The coating is still there, I just attribute it to "break in" or something of that nature. I am going to contact HSN reguarding the issue.

Great pans, would buy again. Coating manufactred by Whitford Worldwide. No molecule migration detected in tests and current documents available at whitfordww.com >latest news > press release >The rumors, the facts and what consumers need to know about PFOA (chemical used in production of Teflon non slick coatings).

Here is a link that might be useful: The rumors, the facts and what consumers need to know about PFOA.pdf

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Oh I have so much to say about Ultrex and Innovations, I returned 4 pans to them in January - 2006. At the end of Feb. I called them and held well over 45 mins to get a human, well I got a semi human that could have cared less. She said they were a few months behind so she had no clue when I may get my pans back. Well I called April 17,2006, got the same lovely, caring rude person to help me. She was more than nasty. She said she thought if I was "Lucky" I may see my pans in about another 3 weeks.
I asked (silly me) if she could get any closer, she said "What do you expect?" I said well how about some good old fashion Customer Service. She basically blew me off, asked her name, said I will give you my first name but forget my last name. I asked to talk to someone above her, she explained quickly, no one was above her, a very small office.
I was Furious at this point but it gets better, I said I will write to the Better Business Bureau and report them and to HSN and she laughed and basically said she could care less.
Well I am sorry folks, HSN has promoted this company and their products and we need to make them accountable for selling products for a shifty company. I have bought so much of their stuff and have bought for family members.
I full intend to report them to BBB and if I have to, I have no issue reporting HSN if they are not willing to put pressure on the company because I just checked and they still are selling their products. To say the least, I am upset

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Some information on cookware. If you use iron pans such as Lodge, you shouldn't heat acid foods like tomato soup as the pans react with the acids in the tomatoes. So you need a good
SS saucepan with a mirror finish. They clean up beautifully. You really only need a nonstick for eggs. They will stick to any SS. But a Lodge frying pan works for eggs really well.
Don't buy sets.
You need a good nonstick and two sauce pans 2 and 3 qt with lids and a steamer insert for one of the sauce pans. You need a dutch oven. Some of the enameled iron pans are good and you can find them cheaper as they don't have to be Le Creuset.
Mario Batali comes to mind.

If you boil pasta or make soup or stock you could use a
stock pot. I prefer 8 quart with lid.
I also use a 12" SS fry pan and that is all I ever use besides a roasting pan and a griddle. Cheaper to buy each pan individually as you don't need expensive pans for the sauce pans or the dutch oven or stock pot. The fry or saute pan is where you should put your money.

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Hi everyone:
I do like to cook with the ultrex. I got the 11 pc. set
several years ago and this Jan. 06 I had to return 2 fry pans. I waited till april 06 and called and asked about my fry pans and was told it would be another 4-6 wks. because 3 warehouse all moved to one warehouse. Don't sound like good business to move all 3 at one time. I been waiting so I called again on may 06 and guess what they tell me now, it will be another 3-4 weeks and the lady I spoke with think her name was Devin was really a a hole. So by the time i get my replacements it will be 6 months.
I also called hsn and told them what had happen and they should be aware of ultrex slow return on replacements.
I really like to cook with the ultrex but I can tell you one thing I will not order another piece of ultrx or tell anyone else to try the cookware.
Sure hope I can see hsn when ultrex is on and it be a time when they are taking phone calls to talk to the rep.
I will give them an ear full.

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Just to follow up, I sent my peeling pans back in early January and was told it would take "about 8 weeks" to get them back. Well, it's the end of May, and there's been no sign of them, no word of explanation from the company -- nothing. How does a company get away with this?

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I do not order from HSN. Their service is atrocious.

I don't know how they keep customers coming back.

Mcnary--I doubt that you will ever see replacements.

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BonnieCT said " I don't like public bashing of companies and products...but..."

As far as I concerned, if it is deserved, it's not "bashing". It's just how a free market economy works. :)

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I am so frustrated with this company. I got these pots and pans as a gift several years ago. After using them per all instructions, these ARE THE WORSE. I have had Calphalon for many years and NEVER had a problem yet.

Nevertheless, I sent my product back to Ultrex at the top of January 2006. Todays date is 6-8-06...can you imagine: I DO NOT HAVE THEM BACK YET. I called ULTREX at 800-767-5160. I spoke with Maria, a customer service rep., and she stated that my product wouldn't be shipped for another 4-6 weeks from today's date!!!

This means the 20th of July 2006. That would mean it took this company six (6) months to send my replacement product back.


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First of all-- common sense people. Most of this anger and drama can be avoided if you do your homework before buying something.

And seriously--do you really think the peon's who answer the phone have any power? They don't make decisions. They don't decide how long it takes your returns to process... they answer questions and share information. So to list names of csr's and to call them names is truly without class.


They aren't the people making money off you, they get minimum wage to deal with your angry behinds while the corporate fat cats get rich. Direct your anger to a worthwhile target, not the poor schlub who has to answer phones and talk to jerks (cuz let's be honest--who is nice to the person they call to complain to?)all day.

All in all, it's a trade off--if you treat the cookware with some respect, it's not a problem. (it's not idiot proof though so take some responsibility for your own actions too). It doesn't matter the brand or the company you purchase from- not everyone is going to like the product. And odds are, some of it is going to be defective from the masses that gets produced. Get informed and don't blame someone else for your bad choices--ask how the warranty works before you buy.

If you want to be able to get replacements without sending something in--don't buy from a company that requires defective merchandise to be returned. (although as previous poster noted--new pans for 75 yrs and all i have to do is send my old ones to you seems to not too bad of a deal)They're out there. Do your homework. It's called personal responsibility...something that seems to be lacking these days...

Just my 2 cents...

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IN RESPONSE to chefm: Hello there! I read your reaction, and I took your 2 cents for all it's worth. My thoughts follow...

1. I received the pots and pans as a GIFT (I didn't make the choice to buy them). Therefore it wasn't up to me to be the educated consumer when making the original purchase. My wife and I used the product according to all the printed instructions.

2. I was EXTREMELY NICE to Maria in our conversation. In fact, I asked if there was anything at all that she could do to help expedite the request (e.g. Perhaps send an email to the processing warehouse, etc.) When I made that request she went from being nice to silent, then she jumped mean! She stated that my perception of the company was 'skewed!' What does that mean? All I want is replacement product!?!

3. I asked to escalate the call, and she did. She sent me to a manager's voicemail. The manager STILL HAS NOT called back - lol (yes, I know the manager probably has a full voicemail box).

4. I did my own private 'internet' research, and found the company name, address and numbers. I called and actually spoke with the President! She was incredible to speak with and I pay her the BIGGEST compliment. Funny how the customer service rep was angry, and upset...but the President was so helpful.

5. My original call was recorded, so there is proof of my light-hearted tone with the rep.

NOW I KNOW, I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING. IT'S THE PRESIDENT (lol, what else would she be...?) I completely understand your point about the salary of a customer service rep! We have all had jobs that we hate. I just think it's such a looong wait. SIX (6) MONTHS!!!

Nevertheless, I thank you for your comments and I slightly agree. Enjoy your weekend...PS. Being pro-active about a situation is NOT LAME. :-)


No Longer Frustrated

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I must say that I am so sorry to hear all this. I did a search for Ultrex since I could no longer find it on HSN. I absolutely ruined one of my saucepans last night. I've had the set for, at the minimum, 10 years and have added pieces throughout that time. The only problem I ever had was a chicken fryer that i ordered. That was the time when the bottoms started falling off, as mine did just that. I had no problem getting it replaced, did take me a bit, but I got it. I bought sets for my daughter and my son and they too are well satisfied. My dil did have one that she scraped the coating off the bottom, but that was it.

My main problem is hubby, he thinks he's a chef and he uses knives in the fry pans all the time. Even though it is touted to be damage proof, most of us with common sense know not to do silly things.

I season my fry pans from time to time just as I do my cast iron.

Wolfgang Puck.......I bought his mixer and blender combo. May as well forget about that one. I'm a heavy duty cook and it did not serve my purpose in any shape or form.

I seriously thought about the Command Performance cookware, really a beautiful set, but I only use stainless steel for certain things.

Again, I'm so sorry about Ultrex and their problems, and my sympathy goes out to those who experienced those problems.

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I cannot believe I found this forum and now realize I am totally not alone in my complete disappointment with Ultrex.

I purchased a full set of "Ultrex II" nonstick cookware from HSN about 2 years ago. It was a full set with a fry pan; the so-called everyday pan; a casserole; and a couple of saucepots and a large stockpot  along with some kitchen tools.

Contrary to their representations, the coating does wear off. The 9" "non-tick" fry panÂs coating is now a dull grey and no longer a glossy, satin finish  as it SHOULD be, per their own representations. In fact, last night I went home and threw away the 9" fry pan  yes, it was that bad. You have to admit that Art Krull is one hell of a salesman. The guy is EXTREMELY convincing.

Only recently have I thought about returning one or two of the bad pieces. But after reading the bad experiences people on this forum have had, I will not do so and instead take the money I would have spent on shipping and apply towards the purchase of better pieces. Since the time I have purchased this cookware, I have discovered "hard-anodized" non-stick cookware. I bought some from QVC and a piece or two from a store near my parentÂs home (called "Home Goods"). This style of cookware (the hard-anodized) is tremendously better than the Ultrex junk I purchased.

Interestingly, after reading this forum I went to HSNÂs website and did a word search for both "Ultrex" and also "Art Krull." No results were found (except for a couple of knife sets by Ultrex). Is it possible HSN has ceased to sell Ultrex? Would love to know.

Anyway, thank you to everyone for opening my eyes. I hope in some small way I have done the same.

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Well you Can no longer can contact Ultrex, they tell you the Ext. you are calling is busy and they disconnect you.
I have waited 6 months for my pans and I was more than upset.
I called Home Shopping, they are No Longer selling Ultrex and HSN have not been able to contact them. I was so surprised that HSN was more then willing to try to make it right on their end. They offered me a dollar amount to cover the 3 pans and I can pick what I want at no charge to me. That is more then fair on their part, so customers are very important to them. Wanted to clear their name because some have said they were not willing to help and I found the opposite.

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P.S. HSN is NO LONGER Carrying ULTREX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Doesn't surpise me that they no longer sell Ultrex.

And, by the way, I looked at my Ultrex the other night. It is not "Ultrex II" but instead something called "Ultrex Pro" - as if that makes one but of difference. It's still junk.

Thanks for the follow up. Maybe I'll call HSN to see whether they offer the same deal to me they offered you. It's no big deal to me - one of life's inexpensive lessons.

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Add me to the list of suckers--
performs no better than the least expensive brand.
It isn't even woth shipping back.
After reading this, I have told my wife to quit looking for the receipt.

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I don't own anything in Ultrex except for an electric frying pan with a crockery insert - kinda like a large square crock pot.

That being said, I saw Ultrex for sale on Overstock.com.

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I know this is an old thread. I stumbled on it searching for the company. I wanted to replace a pan from this set. I didn't think I used it much so I gave it to my sister's MIL. Wish I had it back! Forgot how much I used it for veggies when we strayed for a while.

Anyway - Frankly I'm stunned!
I bought the set (It has 2 different sized 'dutch ovens' with steamer inserts.) from HSN early in 2001. The only thing I just didn't feel comfortable doing was using the metal tools. I toss it all in the dishwasher! (I've also tossed my 6 qt crockpot in - yes, cord and all.)
As long as the softener is working properly, they have come out fine. On an as needed basis, I use Cameo Stainless Steel cleaner on the outside to get rid of those dark areas. Then I also ' polish' up the glass as well. Generally I just use a damp paper towel to wipe the jet dry haze from the inside. Nothing but shine on the outside.

The only thing I have noticed lately is some wear to the non-stick surface from the cover. I thought they could use a little beefing up around the top edge. If it dropped I'd be afraid of it being bent. Yes, I have a few 'light' scraches on the bottom of the fry pan and my hubby only knows how to turn the stove to High. I'm really sorry to hear so many of you have had such an awful experience!

So, this leads to the question: Has the company changed something in the manufacturing? I forgot to look at the dates on your posts. Have to run so I don't want to risk this being 'gone' if I use the 'back' button.

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An old thread but I imagine there are others searching for info on Ultex or good cookware. My mom bought me a set of Cook's from JC Penny for the holidays this past year. I couldn't be more thrilled with them. The ns coating holds up beautifully on the pieces with it (a couple of skillets) and the SS pieces are gorgeous. All of it goes in the dishwasher with no problem, my husband, bless him, can't remember not to use metal utensils on the ns stuff to save his life, but it hasn't mattered one bit, everything still looks new.

It's gorgeous cookware and it holds up beautifully. I cook quite a bit and even with the 'abuse' heaped upon them they're still in great shape and perform exactly as one would hope a nice set of cookware would.

I'm not sure what Mom paid for this set, but I believe it was under 200.00 and it's a huge set.

Hope that helps someone :)

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I've had Ultrex, mostly Ultrex Classic (or U-1) for quite a few years. No complaints except that a few thoroughly used pieces developed some problems. Sent them back, got U-2 replacements, everybody happy.

My U-1 2-qt. saucepan started going downhill so I packed it up with my whistling teakettle that had lost its whistle--

--and Ultrex refused to accept my package!

Anybody else had anything like that happen? What's going on here?

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sasha, did you read through this thread, particularly the later posts? I think you'll find that Ultrex is no more. One earlier post included a telephone number. You could try that. And I found this info by googling, but it's a couple years old:

1) You may call 1-800-767-5160.
2) You may e-mail info@innova-inc.com
3) You may log on at http://www.innova-inc.com, or
4) You may write the Ultrex corporate headquarters:
Innova II Inc
409 W 76th St
Davenport, IA 52806

Basically, I think you're probably SOL. :-(

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Yuppers. SOL it is.

I did grab the 800 number and called it only to be told, by some fruity-voiced female, that Inova is out of business.

Well, no surprise, given that they had a oversold a mediocre product and lousy service. Guess I'll just have to go with my slightly deteriorated saucepan and whistle-less teakettle.

Odd, that. It whistled just fine while we were in the rental house waiting for this house to be built. We moved over here and, if I remember correctly, I trundled most of the kitchen stuff over personally. I know I didn't drop it or insult it in any way. No visible damage. But no whistle, either.

That's life, I suppose.

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I was shocked to read these blogs where some of you are not happy with Ultrex cookware. I went today to HSN.com to see if there were any new Ultrex items and found that it is no longer sold on HSN, which is what brought me to this site. But it is sold at Target which explains some of your blogs, I guess. I bought my cookware in 2004 when, apparently, they were making a better product. I have had no problems with mine. However, I am a single male and do not use the cookware every day and I am 61 years old and was raised NOT to use metal on non-stick so I could not bring myself to use anything other than wood or plastic even though Ultrex said it was OK. And I never put non-stick in the dishwasher. So, thanks for your blogs as I will steer clear of Ultrex.

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I have been having problems with the knobs crumbling / cracking for no particular reason. Can you tell me if anyone else is having this problem?

I contacted HSN - they tell me that INNOVA INC is selling their assets and cannot warranty any of their products.

Does anyone know of any cookware that is still MADE IN THE USA?

Thanks in advance.

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Finally others with HSN and Ultrex cookware by Innovia Inc who have spent hard earned money only to be taken by these two shrewed outfits who knowenly sell defective cookware.
When i started buying Ultrex for my self and as gifts, my only problem was the cookware did not have flat bottoms so they were not level on my glass cooktop... but no problem, the cokware is guaranteed for 75 yrars, and HSN said simply return them back to Innovia for replacment,
I had to wait forever for replacments, when the replacements started to warp out of shape and the bottoms started to delaminate as did my pressure cooker I called HSN and they were very surprised such a thing could happen to this cookware that they sold enough of to go around the earth 3 times ! if you recall this was another one of there selling Hypes,
I decided to send over $1,000 worth of cookware back to Davenport Iowa as per HSN instructions, which meant the ORIGINAL SHIPPING RECEIPT OR INVOICE FOR EACH PIECE SENT, THE WARRENTY PAPERS ALONG WITH THE CARE GUIDE, I did comply 100 %.
I sent the cookware back to Davenport to the address given to me by HSN by Fed X. After many weeks of calling Innovia to ask when i can expect replacements I could only get a busy signal, the phone was constantly busy, so I called HSN to complain... Cust. Service said that they are the sole distribuaters of Ultrex cookware but have NO part in the warrenty program, that there part is for 30 days only and in so many words dont bug me !they refused to help in any way.
after several months of waiting I called Innovia Inc &was told they NEVER RECEIVED THE COOKWARE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A SIGNED RECEIPT FROM FED X !! I was told to call back tomarrow as someone in charge would handle this matter, when i called the next day, I discovered that the phone line has been disconnected and Innovia Inc was out of business..
I called HSN and they offered me $25.00 to settle this matter ! WHAT AN INSULT TO ANYONES INTELLIGENCE ! I paid by CC to HSN when i purchased this cookware, and NOT to anyone else, I belive that HSN & Innovia are responsible to all of the customers who bought this junk cookware.
It is my hopes that some one,somewhere on this thread knows of a class action against these two companys who knowly sold cookware that is defective... Art retired just in time to get out of his burnt stewing pot and go hide somewhere in this world not caring who or how a customer may have neen injured from this junk cookware, after all he always did claim to be the guy who made the best of the high end cookware for every major name out there !
I have recently read on this thread somewhere that info has been found regarding the health issues of the Ultrex coating but it did not state what the health issue is...WHAT NEXT?
don't buy Ultrex even if your looking for a cheap price, go to wallys or the K store and deal with someone who will refund your hard earned money if you have a problem with it
Someone asked about QVC and there Cooks essentials hard coat enamel... I bought this cookware to replace the Ultrex and everything they say it is is true WE love this cookware, QVC cust serv is wonderful as well, polite prof manners and they go out of there way to be of service to you there customer, THIS means allot to a customer and anyone dealing with HSN in the past will understand this.

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I, too, have had a problem with my Ultrex Cookware. The lid holders on all the glass lids have cracked. I spoke to Harold, a senior account manager at HSN, and he apologized for the inconvenience but wasn't willing to replace the damaged product.

I just filed a complaint online with the Better Business Bureau against HSN. Has anyone else done this? It didn't take too long to do. Here's the link: http://www.bbb.com/ The address I used for the complaint against HSN is: Legal Department, PO Box 9090, Clearwater, Florida 33758

Maybe if enough of us complain, HSN will do something?

I always had much better luck with QVC so I guess I'll give their brand of cookware a try if HSN doesn't resolve the issue.

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This is all news to me. I own three Ultrex II pans: two frying pans that were a gift and a large pan with flipper handles. I have had my pans for 3 years. Recently, I noticed that the nonstick coating has worn off. My mom reminded me of the 75 year warranty. I placed the calls to Innova and HSN, just like everyone else did. HSN was not helpful.(surprise-after reading all your stories) I am going to call the BBB as someone suggested. Also, I am going to call the New York State Attorney General. They are known to go after companies like this.
I have had problems with poor quality clothing from the Suzanne Somers line at HSN. I trusted HSN. NOT ANYMORE!!! I am done with HSN!
Thanks for sharing all your horror stories.

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Update: I had sent HSN an email letting them know how unhappy I was with their customer service and the whole deal with Ultrex. I let them know I was reporting them to the New York State Attorney General's office. I, also, told them I was going to tell everyone that I could, not to shop at HSN. While I was reporting them to the BBB and the NYS Attorney Generals office, HSN emailed me. The email said that they valued me as a customer, therefore they credited my account with $50 to spend as I wish. Too bad, that you have to get angry before they value you as a customer. It's a little too late. I don't know if I'll buy anything.

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add me to the SUCKERS of ULTREX.....I have been trying to find the people to actually get REPLACEMENTS and find they are NO WHERE to be found. My daughter bought more than me - and she says - that her handles always fall off....She bought TWO sets....I wouldn't say - it's the WORSE stuff I've purchased...but it's far from being the best...and I would like replacements - since it;s supposed to be LIFETIME replacements. WHERE in the world do you find these people - and what if I have no receipts of purchase...??? Can anyone help???

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HSN had a lawsuit against the Ultrex/Innovia company to try to recover damages for HSN customers. The courts tossed it out. When the company went out of business they had a lot of other creditors whose suits would be settled with the little remaining assets first and there was nothing left for customers who always come last after business creditors.
My Ultrex peeled right down to bare metal - I never used metal utensils in it and took care not to over heat it - always used medium heat with something in the pan.
Now all it is good for is whacking gophers.
HSN did give me a $70 store credit to be used by Christmas '07. It nowhere near covers the cost of all the Ultrex I bought, but then again they didn't have to do it.
I no longer buy from TV shopping networks.

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If you bought from HSN you might be a redneck. If you bought Ultrex from HSN you might be a dumb redneck. Sorry for the harsh analogy but the same stuff was available on ebay for 1/10th the price. And that's while HSN was still actively selling the stuff. I did and mine still is working fine with now appreciable loss of non-stick surface, handles falling off, bottom coming off or any other issue. Perhaps HSN not only charged you 10 times what you paid on ebay but shipped you seconds. Did you think HSN was honest??? Didn't you realize that number in the lower left hand corner of your screen announcing the number "now sold" of any item is pure hype? And that when they claimed an item was sold out that it was still available on their internet site and that you were being duped into impulse buying of the particular item??? Oh yes, impulse buying. You know that thing where people use credit cards to buy stuff they don't have money to buy and don't need. Stop shopping on tv and make Joy Mangino get an honest job. Come on you can do it. Get in your car and go to the store and look at the stuff you're buying. You won't be taking stuff that's cracked and defective nearly as often when you can SEE IT BEFORE YOU PAY FOR IT!!

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Uh, mellowde, did you sign up yesterday (April Fool's) just to insult, harass, and exaggerate?????

Chill out...try decaf. :-)

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We purchased 2-18 piece sets of the original Ultrex cookware from HSN 8 years ago, one set for ourselves, a second as a wedding gift for our daughter. We did this after getting a trial saute pan and 2 of their appliances. (We later purchased bake ware which is excellent.)

We use these pots and pans every day with metal utensils (spatula, spoon, fork and soup ladle) and have seen some wear on the coating. There are scratches on the bottoms, some chipping where we tap spoons off, that have no effect on the cooing properties of the pans.

The only stick-resistant surface that resists scratching and doesn't flake is hard-anodized aluminum. The Ultrex coatings are teflon on top of a scan-blasted stainless steel surface. Where the coating wears through, the steel prevents further wear of the teflon in the "valleys". Teflon can flake off a non-stick pan that has been overheated. Before I learned how to cook properly I ruined several inexpensive non-stick pans this way.

Non-stick does _not_ mean that no oil is needed during cooking; it means less oil is needed, and cooked-on food can be easily cleaned off the surface. Oil or water is needed for heat transfer without burning.

I don't know whether there were quality control issues prior to their demise, but the pieces we have are holding up fine. My complaint about Ultrex is that Innova went out of business, making it impossible for us to get pieces to complete our set. The only new items I can find Innova without the Ultrex coating and/or with metal handles. Few used Ultrex items are resold on EBay, and are sold within hours.

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I hate that so many have had problems with their Ultrex. I also think it was when they started the Ultrex II. I only bought 2 of those pans, which I still love, but since I received a letter from HSN about safety issues, and never heard of ANY recall, we have used them specifically how they said, not above 350 or on high on the cooktop, and they have been great. I started purchasing my original Ultrex before 1990, and we still use it every day. I too wonder where it started being made as it used to be proudly made in the US. Sounds like it's not any more; another good product gone downhill since being shipped out to be made I guess. I will continue to look for the older made Ultrex as my daughter now wants that for her new kitchen since she always love ours. Hope I can find it.

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Wow I came across all of these post by accident when I was looking to buy some more of these pans (for a gift) and can't believe all of issues with this pans...unlike a majority of people on here that cook with electric stoves...We cook with gas stoves, use metal utensils, dishwasher....however when they are used for frying we simply use either vinegar & water-or-baking soda & water and boil it in the pan on the stove and then pour the water into the sink and the solution will not only clean the inside it will also clean the outside of the pan (using a gas stove they turn a yellow brown color)...and other than tightening the screws on the handles, they also haven't melted and the lids haven't broke either. We have had our Ultrex II pans for almost 8 years. and they are used EVERYDAY for a family size of 6-8 people.

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