All-Clad LTD Double-Burner Griddle Pan

tlsullivanctJuly 4, 2005

We purchased a Wolf 36" DF range with 6-burners therefore one of the first things I want to get for my new range is a griddle pan. Since 1997 I have been making pancakes on an off kilter burner that we could never seem to level perfectly and it will be so nice to have round pancakes versus pancakes with peninsulaÂs or in the shape of Florida (no offense meant to the Floridians reading this board - [smile]).

So I have my latest Williams-Sonoma catalog and the All-Clad LTD double-burner griddle pan is on sale for $99.95 (regularly $188.00). Is this still a good value? Am I wasting my money on such a pricey griddle pan? I have some very nice pieces of Staub and Le Creuset so I tend to migrate towards heavy-duty and with the new range I thought heavy-duty would be a good idea.

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Wow! Do I envy you! I'm still cooking on a plain old 4 burner "stove"!

There are many nice double burner griddles available. I think Lodge makes a nice cast iron one. Very heavy and durable. I'm not sure if they have them pre-seasoned. Plus they're reversible.

While I'm sure the All-Clad griddle pan is very nice, wouldn't the handles get in the way when trying to flip pancakes? I can understand using them to pick the griddle up.

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I agree with ellyd we bought a Lodge cast iron griddle pan. A lot cheaper and you can use it both sides.

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I have this griddle pan and LOVE it! I got it as a Christmas present from my hubby and 3 boys. I use it almost exclusively for making pancakes! I think it was more a present for them than me!! They come out nice and brown and if I'm careful when pouring I can make 6 fairly good size cakes at one time. The handles are no problem.

I have a gas stove, and don't think it would work as well on a smooth top or coil as it is a little raised in the middle. I would get it, you'll love it. I also use it for family grilled cheese and soup night!

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Thanks CaroleOH!

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I got one as a wedding present last year. I never used it until last weekend having just moved into a new house with a new DCS 36" 6-burner. Worked great.

I definitely recommend it, but beware, it is always $99. All the time, everywhere. Buy somwhere that will save you tax and give you free shipping (a la amazon) in order to get the best buy.

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