Jessica, you ARE evil! ;)

lori316October 13, 2006

First of all, a very big thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending my package before my surgery. And to you, AnnT for matching me to Jessica.

I say Jessica is Evil because she sent me an e-mail saying the swap spy had a question. She has spied for me before, so, naturally, I thought it was a question from somebody else. Little did I know she was my swap buddy. Sneeeeeaky!

My newest cookbook is The Big Book of Italian Cooking . This has so many good recipes in it, I don't know where to start. I've spent alot of time recently looking for good zucchini recipes. This is loaded with them.

My son is very superstitious and he HAS to have mussels for dinner the night before he runs a race. There's a ton of recipes with mussels. I will get so much use out of this book. I plan to make at least two things from it this weekend. Not sure what yet, there's so much to choose from. This is a really BIG book. And it's loaded with pictures - which I need. What can I say, I'm recipe challenged.

In the regional category was an award-winning olive oil. This is as good as gone. I know we'll love this. I use so much EVOO, and I'm sure all those great sounding recipes will have me using it all the time. The pretty bottle, alone, has me wanting to open it up and take a swig! LOL

The third category was homemade. You ladies (and guys) who can your own things impress me so much. I wish I could do it, but getting treats from others is even better!

The first thing I will definitely try is the Pears in Muscat wine. This sounds decicious. Next is blueberry mango with frangelico, (minus the mango, but replaced with peaches....YUM!!!! because of my allergies). The third is fig preserves. The figs come from the trees in Jessy's back yard. How cool is that?! (I can't even grow weeds in my backyard) Jessica explained that she got that recipe from RobinKate, so a "thank you" to you too, RobinKate!

I was going to attempt to post pictures, but Jessica was so thoughtful to take pictures (even thought she had to unwrap things to do it), because she remembered I can't post pictures. So I will let her have the honors. I know she can do it in a matter of minutes and it'd be who knows when before I figure it out.

Jessica, thank you so much. Your package was very thoughtful and well-researched. I will think of you when I use everything.

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Very Nice!
Don't forget to share the recipes on the thread I started in the main CF forum.

Jessy is such a little sneak monster!
I think this mini swap is perfect!

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Why am I not surprized that Jessy got "something or other " sneaky into her swapping ? Were you scared to open it Lori when you saw it was from her ? Sounds like perfect items for you & yours . And here's another thing to think about-- your son's "superstitions " and the perfect help for them arriving on Fri the 13th --

Ya did good Jessy !

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I think our Jessy could work for the FBI. Lori, I know that eggplant parmesan freezes well but not sure if your children like that type of Italian food. Was thinking you could freeze some before your surgery. Enjoy everything!

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Jessy you are a hoot!! When I read the title I thought she was sneaky for going over the 3 items. The only problem is you cannot use that ploy again. What a great selection. Hope you enjoy it Lori!!


p.s. there is some of that fig preserves in the jars you are returning to me, right Jessy?

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

What an excellent package! Enjoy it all, Lori. Everything looks great! Looking forward to hearing what you make from the big book! Only Jessica could get away with spying on her own swap partner, LOL! Nice going, EJ!

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OOOOH very nice. Love that bottle of California Olive Oil and an Italian cookbook with lots of pictures, what could be better. Jessica, I'm so glad that you remembered to take photos.

Enjoy Lori. Can't wait to see what you cook this weekend. Please make sure you share the recipes on the thread that Terri started.


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Great package, great timing. Jessy you are the Super Sleuth!

Lori, I know you'll enjoy it all and it will be nice to know you have those wonderful gifts waiting at home for you.


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I am so jealous about everything. First, Jessy did a great job. Second, Lori received an awesome swap.

Jessy -- you did great. Lori - great items! I'm still shopping. Adele

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I love everything, but the homemade items are beautiful. Great photos ;) Jessy, you are sly!

Enjoy it all Lori :)

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Jessy, you've been holding out on me! You didn't tell me that you made the other two jams, just the pears. Now I'm really wanting to try some of those. I guess I'll have to make them.
Lori- I know you're going to love that book too. DH is really into mussels lately, so please post some T&T recipes from the book!

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Very nice Jessy. I am so happy to see all the Canny Campers who have actually gone home and canned! Also nice to see that the swaps so far have been wonderful, and have been within the limits. I think this is important so as to not intimidate especially new swappers. That said, I also think that three items is hard.
Nice cookbook also. I love Italian.

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Wow! the whole package is making my mouth water!! Very nice!!

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Lori, Those are all so great. Nice big cookbook to read while you recuperate. Jessy, nice job!


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Wonderful swap package, Jessy! You are the forum super sleuth - bar none!

We're expecting to hear of great recipes from your new boo, Lori, when you have recovered from your surgery.


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Great presents, Jessy!

And, Lori..I'm anxious to see some of the recipes you'll be trying over on the other thread. P.S. I LOVE lucky devil!

Have fun this weekend with your new goodies...


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WOW Jessica! You did good ;-)

Lori, Your in for a treat with all those canned items! Enjoy!

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Very nice Jessy!

I love figs and to think they are from your own back yard, Lori you are very lucky!


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I'm glad you are enjoying the swap stuff, Lori! Geez guys next time maybe I will shock someone. BTW that book weighs SIX POUNDS. How long after surgery will it take you to bench press THAT?

And since you said you were allergic to 'citrus' and there is a minute amount of lemon juice in the canned recipes, I had to 'spy' to clarify. Bwahaa. I almost blew it when I told you in the email that I was shipping "my box" later in the week but I posted that I had already dropped it off at FedEx! I'm SO glad you didn't catch that.

Yes Robin you're getting a bit of the figs. And some other stuff. ooops no room for the jars that contained the jams you sent me, which was the purpose of the box. shrug. heh heh.

FYI for those of you with Trader Joe's, Muscat wine is dirt cheap at $4/bottle. And these pears are absolutely the easiest thing I have EVER canned. I have some gala apples on my counter waiting for me.

(Ellen, I'm sorry, I thought I told you when I was complaining that my partner wouldn't appreciate dilly green beans!)

I'm glad the box got to you fast. When I got your name, I knew I had to move fast to get it to you before your surgery - and if I missed it AnnT would have my hide. I was skeered....but honored to have been trusted!

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ROFLMAO at the idea that Jessy was skeered. I am sittign at work reading this and I literally almost spit my coffee on the screen. Hmmmm, what would the initials for that be... SCOS (spit coffee on screen).

Jessy, just be glad that your partner appreciates canned goods. You could have had to learn new hobby and still get the package out quickly.

Good Job again Jessy!! Ann really new who to trust with this important task. Lori, we use EVOO up like it is water as well, I swear we have to be bathing in it for it to disappear so fast.


p.s. Jessy I knew you said you sent your package FedEx and I thought maybe mine was sent that way as well. Shouold of seen me when the FedEx truck was on my street yesterday. Then the UPS guy deleivered a package to my house, I practiacally jumped the poor guy who had not even rung the doorbell. He was just going to leave it on my porch.

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Lori, what a great swap box. The cookbook looks awesome, all 6 pounds of it! I bet the CA EVOO is wonderful, too. Jessy, the pears look great. The fig preserves from home grown figs, has to be great. I'm not buying the "skeered" at all.



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I don't know what I did to get Lori's name under mine, that is pretty weird! Must be a Friday 13th hangover! Sorry, Lori!


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Oh wow Lori! What a GRAND package you got!! I love that book of Italian recipes. The Olive Oil is probably excellent too!

Enjoy your goodies!

Jessy, Oh Evil One, great job!

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Oh I'm so jealous that I couldn't go to canny camp. Your jars look and sound delicious, Jessy. Good reading for post surgery. But who's going to make them while you are salivating?

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Great gifts and good timing! Enjoy what you can before surgery Lori.

Jessy those preserves look beautiful!


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Nice package Jessy! I especially love that olive oil! The Italian cookbook looks like it's going to have some awesome recipes (look forward to seeing one on the new cookbook swap thread!). And homemade preserves, what can I say! Lucky you, Lori!


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That's a great package Lori! I love Italian cookbooks! I'm certain that olive oil is delicious. And the homemade goodies...well, I didn't know Jessica was doing all that canning! How exciting! Good for you!!

Jessica...great job! Skeered? Nope...not buying it either.

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I think this set of three ideas is terrific..A new cookbook is always fun.. something regional also..and home made..just says it all..

Very nice.
Plse do share some mussel recipes once you get into it..

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Wow, those preserves look delicious! And i can't wait to hear about the recipes in that cookbook. Tasty olive oil, too--all together a very tasty box of treats!

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Oh wow, your package is making me hungry! Maybe you can shut your eyes, open the book and point to figure out what to make first. It would be so hard with such a wonderful cookbook, and great EEVO to go with it. What a thrill to receive home canned fruit from the back yard garden. Good job, Jesse and congratulations, Lori.


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Lori, I'm so glad that your partner was a responsible individual. Chances are I would have still be in SAP (Swap Analysis Paralysis) when you got home from surgery.

Good going EJ.

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Lovely parcel Jessy, really nice. Lucky Lady Lori.....that would be LLL....LOL.

K bed time!

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Wowee that cookbook looks fabuloso! If you can't find a the Italian recipe you want in there, it doesn't exist. Be sure to save the pretty EVOO bottle when the contents re gone -- it would look great with a drippy candle and the Italian meal from your new cookbook.

Now I am totally intimidated by the home/hand made part. Jessy has set the bar very high!

Enjoy, Lori!


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Wow! What a cookbook and I can't decide which canned item I would want to try first. Pretty.

Enjoy, Lori and all the best with your surgery. I am cracking up at the Friday the 13th delivery. Jesse, you are a woman of many powers.

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Oh, yum ~ this package is making me very hungry! Great choices, Jessy. Lucky you, Lori! I am jealous of the delicious canned goodies!

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Jessica I'm hoping to try those pears, too. Would you do the same thing with apples? Anyway, what a great package - your canning, particularly looks gorgeous, and delicious.

And I am impressed with your speed!

Looking forward to some recipes from your book Lori!


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Jessy - it's hard to know where to start. Admiring your thoughtful and delicious gifts - or razzing you for your sneakiness. Actually, it's a no-brainer. Your gifts look wonderful. What a fabulous cookbook. I was looking at Italian cookbooks last week and didn't see this (I guess I had to look at oversize books - if the store even had it). Your preserves sound great. Pears and wine are a favorite combination. So is mango and blueberries. And I've never had such fresh figs. Are you sure that package wasn't for me? (Just kidding. It looks great.)

Lori - you're lucky to be the recipient of Jessy's thoughtfulness and craftiness. (Good luck on your surgery - I haven't been hanging around here long enough to know what it's for - but I'll be sending good thoughts.)


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What a nice package - and how efficient of you Jessy. Sorry to my partner, I haven't started yet -- sounds like the cookbook is perfect. Best wishes on a speedy recovery from your surgery.

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Fan-TAS-tic! I so wish that I could can, but alas, I have to go to the Farmer's Market and a local market to get my canned goodies. Which merely makes me jealous of you and of Jessica - you because you got some delightful looking jars and Jessica because she made them. The cookbook is very intriging and the olive oil - well what's not to love about that? It looks like a bottle of wine!

Have fun! I'm sure my partner has almost got that first item already...

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Great cookbook - it is out of print? Too bad you're allergic to mangoes - I would have loved that with mango. I like preserved pears also - that combination sounds wonderful.

Please give us a review of the olive oil after you've tasted it. I've seen EVOO at the farmers' markets, but not that brand. I wonder where Jessica bought it.

It looks like you will enjoy the cookbook for quite some time!


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Superb package! Jessy, you are so generous. If I could can things that lovely, I wouldn't let them out of my house! (I'm currently reading Fannie Flagg's "Can't Wait to Get to Heaven," and the main character falls off a ladder while picking figs for preserves. Jessy, be careful.)

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"My newest cookbook is The Big Book of Italian Cooking"

Wow, this sounds like a great cookbook. I think I need it. :-)) Lucky you, Lisa.

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I've not been checking the forums for the past several days and this is the first thread I've read in a while!!

All I can say is, another great package from Jessy - who could expect anything less!? Looks like a great cookbook, EVOO is always wonderful, and the canned items, well, I'd say, they look "to die for"!

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What a wondferful package! Those preserves look absoultely divine, especially those pears with cardamom.

Nice job, Jessy; I know you and your family will enjoy the gifts and the continuing gift of the cookbook!

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Wonderful gifts! Jessy, I love your selection of canned goods - lucky you to have a fig tree in your backyard! Lori, enjoy cooking from the wonderful cookbook (with a splash or two of the EVOO) and feasting on the canned goodies! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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See? She was paying attention at canny camp after all.

Great package neighbor! I'm sure you'll enjoy everything Lori.

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I'm proud of you, Jessica, sending your own canned goods. Those fig preserves look perfect, incidentally. I remember getting your persimmon preserves a couple of years ago, right on Christmas Eve, my whole family had a ball with those since none of us had ever tasted persimmons.

I hope Lori has as much fun tasting all her goodies. Poor girl, though, a 6 pound cookbook. She'll put her back out lifting it and slow her recovery!


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Lucky you, Lori! Homemade canned goods! Any left? And that is some BIG book. Ya done real good, Evil One!

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Be-yooo-tiful preserves Jessy! I'll be searching for that pear recipe for sure! I don't think you can ever go wrong with an Italian cookbook. That one should definitely keep Lori busy for awhile while she recuperates. Then she can whip up a real feast!

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Finally, I posted instructions on the Discussions side. Have at it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pear recipes

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Isn't it great to get such homemade goodies in the mail. I think that is part of what I am going to mail my partner... maybe some homemade cornichon pickles....


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Enjoy, Lori. The canned goods look wonderful, the cookbook looks like a great read with lots of great recipes to boot and the EVOO is the icing on the cake! Good job, Jessy!

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Jessy, You are sneaky! Your canned goods are beautiful. I would love to try those pears.

Be careful carrying that book Lori it's huge. It will provide hours of reading though.

Enjoy Lori!


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What a nice package, that would make anyone happy.

I've never had figs, don't have a clue what they taste like, but Jessy your jars of the figs, pears and blueberry frangelico look so good.

What a very nice package!

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Awesome stuff Jessy. That is one big @ss cookbook. I know Lori is going to enjoy the homemade preserves and olive oil too. My mom used to make fig preserves every year and they were my favorite.

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You have been a canning fool since camp Jessy! Great package and I too am liking that BIG cookbook. I know you will enjoy it all Lori! Hope you are feeling better today too!


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