acehJuly 11, 2008

My sister purchased a "Cooks nonstick bakeware pan (9 X 13 in), J.C. Penny home collection". This pan is Gray with the number 0015-F also there's another identification number SUPP 19963-8. Pan has "Silicone handles for sure and comfortable grip". These handles appear to be removable. QUESTION: are you supposed to remove these handles BEFORE using pan in oven? ThereÂs nothing in the baking and cleaning instructions which mentions removing the handles before putting pan in oven.

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If they are silicone they will stand oven temperatures, but if you can remove them easily, why not do it if you have a question?
Linda C

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I have found the info I was asking since this post. The handles are indeed oven safe as I have used the bakeware and all is well.

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