Fry Pro 2

gardenladJuly 24, 2007

Have y'all seen those advertorials for the Fry Pro 2? Been tempted to order one?

If you really feel like buying a Fry Pro 2, go lie down until the feeling passes.

I recently made the mistake of ordering one, and they have the worst customer service department in the world. I won't bore you with a full recitation of all the things that went wrong. If you want you can find them enumerated at

Suffice it to say, customer service did nothing to resolve any of the problems. Adding insult to injury, I later decided to write the company president. A second call to customer service, where I was told they could not give me the president's name.

Anyway, just wanted to share this so as to save others the headaches I've experienced.

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Thanks for the great review, gardenlad.

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So, in response to my letter addressed to the president of Fry Pro, comes a response.

The outside looks like junk mail, cuz there is a return address but no company name. The letter itself is not on letterhead, but on something that was obviously keyed-in for the purpose.

Purportedly, the letter came from T. Santiago, Customer Service Supervisor (which is, of course, a long way from president). However, Mr. (Miss? Ms? Mrs?) Santiago didn't bother signing it. I reckon that's how you avoid responsibility for anything you might say.

Which wasn't much. The gist of the letter was that if I had any questions I should call the customer service department---you know, the folks who were singularly unable or unwilling to help me in the first place.

This is obviously a less than reputable company. If anyone deals with them after this, shame on you.

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