Buying new coffee Maker

char_lotteJuly 18, 2006

I'm looking to buy a new coffee maker, nothing special. Just something that brews a good cup of coffee.Price range ($30-75).

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My old $20 Braun worked great, but I was always forgetting to turn it off, and at that price, it doesn't have an automatic off.

I just got a Krups at Bed Bath and Beyond and used the 20% off coupon from the about $60 price.

Works well, auto shut-off.

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Try the free pot from Gevalia. You see their ads in magazines. They have great coffee pots!! Krups brand and you can cancel the coffe shipments after you get the first order with the free pot.

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Mr Coffee from Target is about $30 and has the cutoff timer. It has saved itself from burning dry a few times. I like it very much. If you can afford the Braun with the automatic timer, get it because I think it makes slightly better coffee.

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I got the single-serve Tassimo last fall for my birthday. It makes Gevalia coffee, lattes, tea, hot chocolate & decaf.

I now won't drink Starbucks lattes, preferring what I can make at home for a fraction of the cost. Bed, Bath & Beyond carries the disks and I save the 20% coupons for my coffee addiction :-) The machine is more $$ initially, but I've made it back in Starbucks savings (4 coffee drinkers at home who would be buying at least one Starbucks most days).

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I wouldn't have anything but the Bunn. Makes fast, as water is always hot in the water tank. I use it to make tea every day.

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The Krups Duotech (spelling?) with stainless steel carafes is probably my favorite coffee maker. However, the plastic top on the brewing apparatus eventually cracked. I have had many brands over the years. The coffee makers with hot plates tend to burn the coffee over time. The stainless carafes keep the coffee fresh. The Cuisinart Grind-n-Brew makes good coffee, but the model I used did not have a removable lid on the pot and that bothered me because I wasn't sure if I was getting the pot completely clean. There may be other models with which I am unfamiliar. The KitchenAid Pro-line is impressive because of the all metal construction, but both the maker and the pot have condensation-caused dripping problems which begin within a couple of months of purchase. (I have had two, the second of which was a replacement for the first. I have now given up.)

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I totally agree with MOTHERHUBBARD re: BUNN. I bought mine over 20yrs ago, and its still going strong. All the inner parts are either copper or stainless steel. last forever. Now you would prolly pay around 100.00 for one, but WELL WORTH the investment, IMHO.


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