Package is on its merry way!

deanna1949October 20, 2006

Heads up, pard'ner! Yer box is headin' yer way! My fingers are crossed--hope you like it. I'm fixin' to cry if you don't.

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Oh I am CERTAIN to LOVE it. I'm amazed that it's headed to me already as I am usually the LAST to get a swap box. But it's okay - I'll take 'em whenever I can get 'em. C'mere little boxy-woxy, here little box! Oh, perhaps it's a BIG box. Might even be a HUGE box... All for ME! Whee!

...can't wait!

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Excuse me, colo lady, but I believe that wonderful little box is coming MY way!

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hee hee Marcia, you're crackin me up.

I ran into a snag on my planning...why am I never early to mail???

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Pushing Sheshebop and Stacy out of my way************

It's MINE I tell ya!!! It's MINE!

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My package was delivered yesterday...i hope it arrived okay...I'm getting nervous that __________________ might have been crushed, and _________ could have leaked out and ruined the ______ and _________. Also worrying whether the recipient will like the ______ ____________. Oh well, guess i'll just have to wait! (must...wait...very...hard... to... wait...)

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