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JSGOJuly 17, 2005

I just attended the Orange County Fair in California and was entertained for an hour on the merits of Kitchen Craft, a waterless cooking system that is reputed to replace teflon. Has anyone used the fry pans or sauce pans and what is your reaction. I actually purchased one of each and am aware that the price is greater than All Clad and Caphalon One. This series is made by Westbend that is not known for their quality cookware. However, this line is supposed to be of gourment qulaity.

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All the brands that are sold at county/state fairs and the like via shows are well-made cookware. However, they are hideously overpriced. As you yourself said, they cost more than ALL-Clad, probably the finest line, overall, of cookware made.

What is so bad about cooking with water, anyway?

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I witnessed the same presentation today. I looks like very nice cookware, but at over $13oo for their basic set, I just couldn't do it. Anyway, I'm trying to cook less, not more.

I don't think it's really waterless anyway. I saw him cook a piece of chicken and a potato in the electric skillet (which is oil filled internally), but I don't think you could do that in a regular pan.

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I bought a frying pan years ago and it did not last. You can get almost the same pans at a good department store, Cosco, for about 1/2 the price. To me it is not worth it.

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It didn't last!!?? That's scary. What happened to it?

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I have a set of waterless cookware that I purchased a few years ago. The nice thing about it is that the pots create a "seal" almost like a pressure cooker. Foods create their own juices from steam I guess. I love mine! My mother has a set too that she got from a home party show 25 years ago. You have to kind of rethink your cooking habits though if you take full advantage of them.

I purchased mine thru a classified ad in Southern Living magazine for only about $300. The do not have a "name" on them but they perform as good or better than the ones my mother paid a small fortune for. I think they still run some ads for them in SL. Sandy

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