La Cornue vs. Lacanche question

kitchendetectiveNovember 1, 2008

I did some research into the La Cornue Chateau yesterday, specifically the one that is 59.1" wide. With one of the 16 standard colors, one of the 7 standard top configurations, one electric and one gas oven, and no additional customization, the price is $36,000. La Cornue requires a 50% deposit and it takes about 14 weeks from order date to receive delivery. The stove weighs 1750 lbs. Would someone tell me how a similar Lacanche would be priced and how long delivery would take? I know it wouldn't be exactly the same (I guess a Cluny would be approx. 55" and a Fontenay would be about 60" but with only one oven?)

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why don't you call lacanche and get a firm quote for what you want instead of hoping someone around here has exactly what you want or worse, wildly speculates?

We're at the time of year where we see price increases, shipping increases, or maybe decreases, currency resets ect. Price I'd likely to be significantly different than one that was order even 2 weeks ago.

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Because I'm not sure exactly what I want; because I'm accustomed to people here being helpful; because I do not want follow-up calls and emails until I have looked into various other options; and because I'm only asking for a ballpark comparison.

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Cluny 1400 (55 5/16", two small ovens, 1 warming cupboard, standard finish, including delivery) is about $12,350.

Sully (55 5/16", two larger ovens, standard finish, including delivery) is about $14,700.

Fontenay (59 3/8", one larger oven, 2 warming cupboards, standard finish, including delivery) is about $13,000.

These figures are from a brochure I received in September. I don't know what the lead time is, but you would need a similar deposit. Hope that helps.

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Cinamom, Thanks so much. That's exactly what I wanted to know.

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Chelsea at Art Culinaire is extremely helpful and not at all high pressure. It's worth checking in with her if you have other questions. Good luck with your range search!

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Lead time is also in same ballpark. pianocook just recently posted for the first time to the Lacanche thread (number 39):
Lacanche Ranges part 39.

She said she just ordered hers (her post was on Oct 28) and her Cluny is due for delivery in March.

I think that the prices that cinamom posted are "base prices" that don't include most extras. For example, any color other than Matte Black are an upcharge. I know that our Cluny 1400, which we ordered in May I believe, cost at least a thousand more than cinamom's price. That also included extras such as the island backsplash spacer, the French top stainless cover, the griddle, etc.

I think most Lacanche owners would salivate at the thought of a "real" La Cornue, but find that the price is just outside of most of our budgets. The Lacanches provide much of the same gorgeous looks, colors, and cooking configurations, though without the totally hand built construction of the La Cornue. Still we could justify a $13K range when a $36K range was just out of the question.

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Yes, indeed, the prices I listed are the absolute lowest base prices. Any upgrades in color, trim, extra accessories would add to the price. The only "extra" I included was delivery as I figured that isn't really an "extra".

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Art Culinaire's website has a listing of 'early arrivals' that show pricing and availability of a few ranges that may give you some idea of cost of other options. Some of these are available now, though you lose the ability to customize the configuration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lacanche Early Arrivals

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Thanks, pepper, I've been monitoring those. Problem is I saw a copper-trimmed La Cornue last night and had an absolutely irrationally emotional response to it. Now, I can't get it out of my mind! I feel like a jerk even thinking so much about it right now.

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