Scanpan and smooth cooktop

Judyz7July 26, 2004

I just unpacked my scanpan order and they look wonderful - can hardly wait to use them. For those of you who also have the glass cooktop, the pans for use on this cooktop are supposed to be perfectly flat across the bottom. The scanpans have an indentation in the center. Is that ok for cooking on smoothtop?

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yes. It heats up perfect and quickly. Enjoy the pleasure of cooking with Scanpan.

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I have done everything as instructed. I have cooked on my ceramic hob for maybe 5 yrs - I know its heat etc. It's our 35th wedding anniversary tonight so I'm definitely no newbie cook - but I have had 2 brand new Scanpans 'buckle' in a week - what the heck is going on? Why don't these pans stay sitting flat on the hob? I have the large skillet style pan - I've used it maybe 3 times - tonight was fillet steak on a quite moderate heat - I heated the pan gently as instructed and just can't believe that, again, it is not sitting flat. The pan now tips towards the handle so there is almost 2mms of the pan not on the hob anymore. Please help as I love the look of these pans - I wan to buy the whole set but now I'm worried about that choice. What am I doing wrong please.

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